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    I was a very empty and small 10AA due to breast feeding my 3 wonderful children and have had a BA by Dr Tim Brown and am very happy so far :) I have achieved a 10D-DD
    UPDATE: had to have my right replaced after getting CC at 2 years post-opp.
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    Dr Tim Brown. date 27th May 2013 !!!!!! size 365 Gel Textured XHP
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    162cm / 53kg /10AA Since my BA 10D
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    Studying PT 😊

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  1. thank you gorgeous Miss Bec! Definitely think i will struggle without coffee ahaha but it will be one maybe two days and totally worth it hahaha. Eeeek we board our flight in 13 hours and I am so excited!! I return on the 26th so 7 days after surgery :)

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