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  1. Don't be worried about the drains, they weren't a bother for me at all. I only had them in for a couple of days and they came out easily. After seeing what came out of them I was happy to have them rather than have the gunk in me.
  2. I am 4 months post op with Dr Tavakoli. I wrote a detailed account of my experience (end of Oct) if you want to read what to expect. He will do a brilliant job and the staff at the surgery were incredible.
  3. I am still adjusting 3 months post op. I went from a small b to a dd, and while I love them most of the time, I do get those moments of wishing for my little ones instead -usually when I am trying to do yoga, lay on my stomach etc. I am adjusting to the fact that I can't wear the same type of clothes now., and occasionally I bump them into things, the shower door, the car door... I am not used to them yet!
  4. Hi Girls! Dr T moved my appointment back a month so I will have a 4 month check instead. This was because the mondor's cord set me back and there wasn't the softening there should have been. Kazza I will be interested to hear what your PS says about chest exercises. I am just back to yoga and the sensation of pecs moving over implants feels so wrong! I am hoping I just have to get used to the sensation. libby I know how you feel about sleeping. I sleep on a triangle pillow with it under my head and between my boobs! I am sure it looks weird but they feel more supported and don't ache
  5. I have 375 UHP, and I am 60kg and 164cm. Loving the result! I was unlucky with a post op complication giving unexpected pain, but as the others have said, it is all manageable. Keep on top of your meds, the iPhone app was a Godsend for reminding me what was due when. I could wash my hair on day 2, arms to my head was fine, any higher was impossible!
  6. Hi Popsicle, I was lost when I started trying on clothes post op. Stuff I used to love wasn't flattering anymore, all my tops and dresses made me look fat. I have had to change my style, like Kazza said it has to be far more fitted. Don't make any rash decisions on clothes yet though, three months post op and some of the stuff I didn't think fit, now fits better than ever.
  7. The trip to the chemist. None of my drugs were included, nor any of the post op wound care.
  8. Hi Soph, don't worry I had the exact same. My skin was so painful for at least a month (in fact maybe closer to two months). The pain was like severe sunburn as the skin stretched. You will get there, just keep up the painkillers.
  9. Hey Annie, my curve is not extreme, you only notice my ribs on the left and shoulder blade on the right are ore prominent. I also have one leg shorter than the other, so it disguises the curve. 54 degrees is bad, your surgery sounds extreme!
  10. I have scoliosis and had a BA three months ago. I don't have back pain fortunately, but my PS had to give me different sized implants to allow for the ribs on my left jutting forward as they do. I am very happy with how they look, he did a great job!
  11. My PS had strict instructions to take it easy for two weeks. My recovery took a lot longer and it was a month before I felt 'normal'. No swimming for a month until incisions were fully healed. Enjoy!
  12. Hi Sweet, don't worry they will change a lot over the coming months. I was a small B and got 375 UHP round unders, I am now a 12DD. If you want to send me a FR you can see how they got bigger as they D&F'ed.
  13. I developed Mondor's cord, so I had to go back to see my PS and have him check it out. It was the only additional visit, and I was glad he wanted to take good care of me. I am sure that unless there's a complication down the track, I won't need to go back after the 3 month mark. My friend has had hers for over 10 years without any issues.
  14. I am a little shorter than you, and was a pear shape. I am 60kg and 164cm, my implants are 375cc UHP. Feel free to send me a FR.
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