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    Mike, please stop advertising your business on this forum. It won't be tolerated!

  2. We have a world class Cosmetic Surgery Center in India. We can help you with everything which is needed. We are planning to attract people from outside India as we already have foreigners coming in. Let me know and we can work something out - this is a decision that you will surely cherish throughout your life. Thanks Mike
  3. The best thing is pick up the phone and talk. Drop in for a consultation & then decide. If there are 1000 people, there will be 1000 opinions - adding to the confusion. We have Cosmetic surgery center in India with top 3 surgeons of the region. Let me know if I can help you with something.
  4. Getting it done in India may work out inexpensive. We have a plastic surgery center in India - maybe if you are looking for best treatment at best price - this may be the option for you. Let me know and we can take it forward. Mike
  5. Just checking with you - we have a Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery facility in India. Get back to me if you need the best options both in terms of price and results.
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