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    Breast Implant
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    Dr Poomee, 5th October 2011.
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    163cm, 56kgs, a cup

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  1. Hi Noods, you are right, the implant wouldn’t be as much as 2kg, I guess it is lack of excise as I wasn’t supposed to excise or return to normal activities til four weeks post op, am now seven weeks post op and the weight still hasn’t come off.
  2. bigbapsahoy! You so funny, but it not just you, I don’t think anyone will be happy to accommodate 2kg, I don’t remember inviting 2kg to the party either! haha
  3. Hello Ladies! I have put on two kilos after my BA, which makes me wonder if it is the weight of the implants or it pure weight gain? How much weight did any of you put on after BA?
  4. Hi nikbri Wow! Good on you for taking all the family with you, am sure the kids will love it. Yes we went and saw the sleeping budda but the kids weren’t very impress with that, although they enjoy putting the coins in the lucky pot haha. The mistake we made was not moving away from Sukumvit to the river or even to Phuket once I was well to travel, am still kicking myself for not doing that, yea well I guess we live and learn we found a very friendly taxi driver that spoke very good English and we hired him on a daily rate we took us to the big market north of Bangkok twice, dream world, safari world, and the sleeping budda so the kids had lots of fun. Let me know how it goes and of luck.
  5. Thanks bigbapsahoy! yes I know, it really great if you have the family there with you, at least that way they know you are okay yet still I love the shopping idea haha and you just got back from your family holiday so I guess you won’t feel bad just wanting some me time for yourself everyone is different so am sure you’ve made the best decision for the family. When and where is your surgery?
  6. It my pleasure chacha, yes it all went together very well. Am very happy with the result, I can’t really fault anything, Dr Poomee is really good at what he does, he's very friendly and I love his little jokes. Yes the aftercare was great, the hospital room was very very nice, I had nurses coming in and out to check on me, it really was a great experience. Yes I also need a TT so badly but I decided to go for my BA before and maybe later will look in the TT. Wow 4.7kg that’s a big baby! Well done, you sure need the TT then, mine were 2.7kg and 3.2kg. It great when our hubby's are in support of us, it really does help a lot. There are a lot of family friendly hotels in Bangkok, the hardest bit is choosing one as there are a lot to choose from, am sure the kids will love it! When are you having your TT done?
  7. Hi Cacha I don’t think there would be a problem taking your family with you. First of all your kids are not that very young. About 6 weeks ago, I went to Thailand for my breast implant with my two sons, age 4 and 3 and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it will be. My surgery was on the 5th of October so we flew on the third and was in Thailand on the 4th around 8am. I had an appointment with Dr Poomee at 2pm on the same day, so we organize for a baby sitter for a couple of hours and went out to get the kids heaps of toys so that made them very happy. After we came back from the consult, we took the kids to Siam Paragon ocean world for the rest of the day. My surgery was 6am so we organize for another baby sitter to come in around 5:30 am in order for my husband to accompany me to the hospital, we got to the hospital at 6am and off they took me for surgery, I said goodbye to my husband and at this point I was very nervous, I realise It wasn’t a joke now, the surgery went well and only took an hour and a half, I wake up around 1pm and I ask to see my husband, they had no idea where we was but all this while he was waiting at the front desk, stressing his brains out, he said it got to a point that he thought they "ve chop me up to sell my parts, haha all this while the kids were back at the hotel with the babysitter, all you need is a family friendly hotel with babysitting services and a very supportive husband. We spend two weeks in Bangkok, the first three days after my surgery dad and kids hang around the pool and the kids loved it, on the fourth day after surgery we went to the dream world with the kids, it was magic from then the holiday began it was fun fun fun. The kids are always asking to go back to Bangkok again. It was an adventure for the kid, they loved it.
  8. Hmmm it a million dollar question from A to D. I think young men are immature, players and certainly don’t have any clues as to how to treat and care for a lady. They will be great for a one night thing but I am not sure about having a long term relationship with them, there may be exceptions but that will be one in a million. The young men want to explore, have fun, and they will chase everything that moves as this is their way of experiencing what’s out there, but the older men have been there done that, and they have gain lots of experience on how to handle or take care of a lady. Now how about older men with younger women? Are they any better? To make matters worse I know of a situation where the man is 73 and the girl is 24, and they getting married in less than a month? How about that? Having said all this womanizers dont tend to change and play around.
  9. I was in the same boat as well, if not worse. I also had just areola lift with Implant, after having kids, my breast were very saggy and I barley fits an A cup bra, am now DD and am loving it. sizes depends on you, you need to consider whether you want a natural look or so on, your surgeon will also recommend the size that will best suit your frame.
  10. Diana

    Dr Poomee

    Thanks LChan! I had areola breast lifts with implants, I went for mentor 400cc, moderate profile, under the muscle. it took Dr Poomee one and half hours to perform the surgery, I was initially told it will take three hours so I guess that’s a plus for Dr Poomee. He performed the lifts around the nipple, so I escape having multiple incision or cuts:) I booked the surgery directly through him, and organize everything by myself. It is best to pay for the surgery with cash but shop around for the currency converter rate. What ever you do dont take two kids with you, haha.
  11. Diana

    Dr Poomee

    I would recommend him, he did my breast lift with implant 5 weeks ago, and they look great so far! He is a bit expensive as to compare with other surgeons in Bangkok but there were no complications with my surgery. Very happy with the result. Feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Wow!! congrat Princess! I still haven’t gotten mine fitted yet, I just uploaded some pictures it took me forever to be able to upload them. Yes we could do with some update, can’t wait to see how they are looking now. mybodybliss are you still wearing your straps?
  13. What do u expect? He's insecure and probably wondering why you are wanting to have big boobs, are you doing it for another man? Are you planning to leave him and is that why you are wanting a bigger boobs, all this stupid ideas goes through their brains. I also got that when I decided to have mine done but with me, once I set my mind on something, the chances of someone trying to talk me out of it is very very small, I had it done three weeks ago and he can’t keep his eyes off it. All you have to do is reassure him that, it is something you 've being wanting for yourself and always have, and tell him all you want is his full support, am sure a lot of ladies on here have experience or have been on this path. It all about communication, talk to him like you've never done before, put it all on the table, all that you feeling, and at the end of it all if he still can’t support you and be there for you, then and only then can you call him a "jerk
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