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    BL with lollipop incision - 10 July 2013
    BA 450cc HP Unders - 21 October 2014
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    Dr Eddy Dona
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    160cm / 70kg / 12C

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  1. Thanks ladies - I have been looking at other results and am set on 450cc! Don - yours are amazing! But I cant wait to see the upgrade! XX
  2. Gem Visa do a 6 month interest free with purchases over $250. Am using for my BA in two weeks xx
  3. I had a lift in July 2013 and am having a BA in 2 weeks. I have had 6 weeks to think, between my consult and surgery about size! I am 160cm, 70kg and a 12C at the moment. Surgeon suggested 450cc, HP, unders. I was happy with the sizers, but worried they'll be huge! My other option is 415cc! Help! I'm stuck!
  4. Apparently BL is a lot easier recovery than a BA. I had a BL in July 2013, and my recovery was so much easier than I expected. I thought I'd be a lot more restricted, but I managed fine. I'm going back for implants in October and I'm nervous. My surgeon said I'm going to be ALOT sorer. Good luck! Xx
  5. I had a BL in July 2013. Saw my surgeon on Friday and he was really happy with mine. You can see them, but I don't notice them often anymore! Going back in through the same scar to put in implants in October. Hope your surgery went well!! Xx
  6. I bought some crops from cotton on, a size smaller than I normally would, with clips, not just the pull on ones, and they were fine
  7. I had a lift with Dr Doña in July last year. I was originally planning on going o/s before I found out I needed a lift. It works out to be just as expensive overseas as it does with Dr D. I am having implants done in October this year, and altogether works out to be 14k. HarlowAudrey had both the lift and implants done at the same time and I think paid around the same? Maybe 13k. Can't recommend Dr D enough. Goodluck!
  8. 21st of October with Dr Doña! Had a BL in July 2013, now having BA with 450cc, high profile, unders! Xx
  9. I had BL - 9 mths post op now, have some post surgery pics but still have to update. And planned BA for August happy for FR
  10. Dr Dona said he would do implants with no lift for me, but that he could make them look good in a bra, but without a bra they wouldn't be great! My reasoning behind having surgery was the way they looked without a bra. Pricing worked ours the same for both ba and bl in same or separate surgeries xx
  11. Dr Dona recommended at least 6 months between. As Harlow said, I was a 12C and have quite a bit of breast tissue, which was the surgeons reasoning behind separate surgeries for best results! I am still undecided about implants but if I go ahead, it will be around my 12 month post op mark!
  12. I thought the exact same! I went to my dentist and said I wanted invisalign (the new plastic plate teeth straightening thing!), because my teeth had moved since having braces 10 years ago. I also said that after I would think about getting veneer's to fix the stains. And his question to me was, "Tell me, if you get invisaligns, will you still be happy seeing the stains?" and of corse my answer was No! He pretty much said he wasnt going to charge me ex amount of $$ to get invisalign and then $$ for veneers when he could mould the veneers to make my teeth look straighter! My top front werent even so he built them up to make them look as alike as he could, and the tooth that was sticking out a little is now just a little thicker then the others but you cant tell Maybe try another dentist and see what they say? xx
  13. At the moment I'm loving Offspring and Real Housewives of anything ! I'm reading Charlotte Dawson's book at the moment Air Kiss & Tell and I can't put it down! I honesty don't know what I did for my 2 weeks off though, it went so quickly I'm day 2 back at work today and am exhausted!!
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