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    Silicone round, smooth, unders, crease incision - Allergan Natrelle mod+ 397cc (implant diameter is 13.1cm, projection 4.2cm)
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    Dr John Diaz, Beverly Hills, California USA
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    162.5cm / medium-build /12A

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  1. You look hot Mama! Keep doing what you're doing .... but perhaps incorporate some light weight training to really tone - have you tried Les Mills' classes like BODY PUMP - it's a great class that uses lower range weights to really trim and tone. If you do your regular cardio routines alongside Body Pump 3 x a week, you'll reach your goal! BP is avail as a fitness class at some gyms.
  2. My advice is, because you want to go from a B to a full C, you might only need a smaller size implant - maybe even only 250cc-300cc. You're quite petite and slender, so perhaps don't be hesitant in getting a smaller implant than most others get - you might get influenced or pressured to "Go bigger", but listen to the advice of your PS and to what your heart wants. Your BWD will also play a large part in your decision. Best of Luck! x
  3. Luuuuuuuuv my mod+ !! Win, we have the same BWD, height and I used to be a small 12B too!!! I got Allergan Natrelle mod+ brand, my implants below are: Volume=397cc Width=13.1cm Projection=4.2cm The width of my 397cc "closed the gap" between my boobs and the projection of 4.2cm is fantastic. My boobs are va-va-voom but naturally so. If I wear a push-up bra then watch out!!!! However, whenever I wear a low v neck dress with no bra, they look insanely hot. Sorry for bragging, I just love them so much and was flat-chested all my life before I got my BA. My new bra size is 12D to 12DD. You are going to have an amazing set of boobs with 450cc !!!
  4. UPDATE: Hi everyone, haven't been on this site for ages, hope you're all great! Just wanted to update that going to Dr Diaz was the best choice ever! Dr Diaz was caring, friendly and a true professional. I LOVED what he did for my breasts and he was SUPER nice. His staff is also awesome and made me feel safe and comfortable about the procedure ... would HIGHLY recommend him. My friends and family cannot believe how gorgeous, natural and AMAZING my new breasts look. I'd trust my mum and sisters with Dr Diaz, that's how great he is. My boobs are so incredible - yes, they're as good as Emily R's (maybe better *wink*) - I couldn't friggin believe it!!!! Arghhhhhhh, had a friend I hadn't seen in ages literally motor-boat my cleavage the other night, she couldn't help herself!!! HAHAHAHAHAH.....
  5. Hi Gabby! I love your avatar pic! What's the dimensions and type of implant ? Cheers x

  6. I went from a full A cup to D cup and am loving them -- it took 397cc mod+ round silicone to get from A to D
  7. I was going to use strips but decided to go with silicone gel instead - the one I'm using is Biocorneum. My scar is looking pretty good 3 months out - I'm of Asian ethnicity though and my skin tends to heal more slowly, as do my scars!
  8. I'm 163cm and hadn't had kids before/after my BA - I went from a large A cup to D/DD with 397cc mod+ and my BWD was 13.5cm .... it depends on your BWD and what profile height you're getting ... is it mod / mod+ / high, etc. I had a choice between 371cc / 397cc / 421 cc and am glad I went with 397cc. Advice pre-op: don't drink alcohol a week before surgery, don't work out the pecs -- so that they won't be too tight for the surgery, also, start applying Palmers Coconut Butter to boobs now so that they don't get stretch marks! Hope this helps
  9. Hi Madison, the only friendly advice I can give is to go with your 'gut instinct'. As soon as I spoke with my PS and after seeing his results, I knew deep down in my guts that he was the one. Perhaps ask their assistant/receptionist to email you a detailed written quote about what each PS's procedure is and what brand/profile/size implant they're using, so that you can do some independent research on each specific technique. Also, the American justbreastimplants forum may have more ladies who have had procedures like the one both Craig & Mark use -- you can do some more research on their forum. Best of luck!
  10. It's a very competitive business ... perhaps they're drumming up business because TCI might be taking a lot of plastic surgeons' potential clients??? TCI are so cheap compared to a PS's fee.
  11. Hi Chewee, I traveled 7 days after my BA ... I did lots of ankle and leg stretches whilst sitting and walked around for 5 min every hour, which is a lot for a 16 hour flight heheheh! I also had 1 cheeky glass of red; my first booze in 2 weeks!!! Well, it's a special occasion, new boobies
  12. Hope you're feeling better soon - yes, I was in shocking pain the first few days, was popping those pain pills right on target - I'm a bit of a wuss too I'll admit .... but why be in pain if you don't need to? Hence the painkillers. All the best
  13. Hey thanks Don for the tip - will check it out! Cheers Sasha for the PM - also, have accepted your FR
  14. Hi Melbourne Ladies, I'm looking for a fabulous makeup artist - it's not for a wedding, it's more a red carpet thing and I'd love my face to look as fabulous as my new ta-tas, heheheh! Don't mind if the person specializes in wedding makeup, but am definitely looking for a super glamorous, modern look; red carpet references: Margot Robbie, Jessica Alba, etc. Any recommendations please? Many thanks :o
  15. I don't think you have to tell them - I traveled from LA to MELB without telling the cabin-crew. However, my best advice is, don't bring too much stuff, especially heavy hand-carry! Just bring a small handbag with essential items - all your pain pills & water bottle, wallet. A small bag that you can tuck under the seat in front of you for take-off/landing. Good Luck!
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