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  1. I would also love to know what a Dexa scan is Orange veggie but you may be getting your surgery?? x
  2. I would definitely wait longer. At 3.5 weeks PO you would still have swelling! Give it some time and see how you feel in another month if there have been no changes.
  3. Aw thank you all so much for your help. Money is a pretty big issue here. I think if I can wait the 11 months I will, I mean its not likely the doctor will get me in straight away... If he says you can have your op in December I will just wait the extra time. Really when it comes down to being able to save at least $6000 if I can just wait that year I think its a good idea. I will be able to try and lose a bit more weight, get back into my fitness slowly (the lupus flare killed my routine) and manage the lupus prior to surgery. I also can not be sure how much of the pain is caused by the lupus and how much is caused by the stomach seperation. I mean the tummy seperation causes problems but the extent of the pain is probably also due to unmanaged lupus. Not that the disease can necessarily be managed all too well anyway- It seems to be attacking my joints primarily at the moment and the exhaustion is a big issue for me. Thank you also Janet- you raise a good point, if there are complications with my surgery and I needed to stay longer I really could not afford that. Both financially and not being prepared. Thanks girls you have helped me out a lot. I think I will wait the 12 months to save the money and also make sure the lupus is under control. Thankfully its a TT not a BA as I have read a few horror stories of lupus patients bodies rejecting implants... eek!
  4. Hi everyone!, I have just got private health insurance (for just recently diagnosed lupus) and am wondering wether or not I should wait the 11 months to get my TT with MR or just jump in and get it now. There are many factors both for and against both. For example the lupus could rapidly progress and the surgeon may not want to do surgery in 1 years time. This could be my only chance to get this procedure done but we wont know until we get there. It would mean I was saving around $6000 in hospital fees though and to be honest we could do with saving that extra money... If I wait I can also lose the last 5kg I have been wanting to lose before I hurt my back from not having any core strength and the lupus flare... So my question is- If you were in this position of chronic back pain, pelvic instability with muscle seperation (no core strength) and skin overhang would you wait the 11 months (not really that long) or would you just do it now and get it over with? I am borrowing the money and that is already set up so its not an issue of not having it there, rather being able to save the money... Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I would not do it so soon after birth, your body has enough to recover from let alone adding surgery to that! I would still get it done but in a little while, like other ladies have said, wait until bubs is sleeping through the night, and your body has gotten over the initial shock of having a baby. Goodluck!
  6. I havent had my surgery yet, heck I haven't even found my surgeon yet but I think it would be a good idea to write down all the reasons you want this done. I have chronic back pain, hate my stomach and would really just like to improve my life for myself and my family. I want to be able to exercise and actually have the core strength to not be in severe pain after. The benefits are long term if you look after yourself (which I think most people do after out laying so much money). Ultimately you have to do what is right for you. A good support system will help you get through the bad days.
  7. Ah I was looking for this- couldn't log on for a while there so this is my first time back on here since the consult. It was actually pretty awful. lol I feel terrible saying that but she is not the surgeon for me. I felt like she had zero bedside manner and just wanted to push the numbers through. I was so upset, it really was just a case of this is what I do, do you want the procedure? I was interested in a high tension abdominoplasty and she basically said she doesnt do that. I was also told she doesn't do lipo at all during the procedure, nor does she shave the layer of fat off of the remaining skin.... I went in there confident that I would have my surgery with a good surgeon and left knowing that I needed to see another surgeon. This is not to say her work isn't good, it is, but I need a good bedside manner. My main gripe with her was when she told me I am very overweight (my BMI was 28 but I am also quite muscular) and need to get to 55kg as an ideal weight. I laughed... I have had 2 kids, been unable to exercise for 3 months (so have put on a few kilograms) and I have not been 55kg since I was 15. My goal weight is actually 62kg and that is only 5kg away (6 at the time of the consult). She said she would do the surgery though so I have to wonder why she felt the need to tell me I was very overweight.... Frustrating to say the least. I am seeing another surgeon in just under 3 weeks and he has been recommended to me by one of the mums at my sons school. Fingers crossed he actually helps me! Also thank you orangeveggie- I needed to hear that! I think the worst part is I parted with $85 for a consult with a surgeon I didn't click with. Lets hope this next surgeon is the one, this consult is $150 so if I don't like him I'm going to have to wait for a while to save the money again :/
  8. Hello, Im in Adelaide. Just wondering if anyone has had a TT with Dr Moore? I have a consult with him in 3 weeks and i'm a bit nervous as it's my second consult.
  9. I have a consult booked with Dr Moore. I did go to my first consult with Dr Lawrence but I found her to be dismissive and I decided that a good bedside manner with good communication between the surgeon and myself was more important than rushing to get surgery. I will come back and update my experience with Dr Moore after my consult. I have heard he is fantastic.
  10. I had a consult with Dr Lawrence. I would personally not recommend her as to me she has zero bed side manner. She was rude and dismissive so I have decided to consult with a different surgeon. I am now waiting to go see Dr Moore who does a lot of body lift work after weight loss. I am needing a tummy tuck with full muscle repair. HTH I have seen her work and while it is good I need bed side manner and an approachable doctor.
  11. I can not believe it is finally here! Tomorrow I am having my consultation with the Plastic Surgeon! Bit nervous but I have been looking on a site called tuck that tummy and it had some great suggestions for questions to ask the surgeon and general information on there too. Will let you know how it goes!
  12. Has anyone had lymphatic drainage massage done after surgery? Particularly after a tummy tuck. If so what was your experience with it like? did it help you recover quicker? Im looking into doing it after surgery.
  13. Hi ladies! I am slowly approaching my consultation date with my PS to organise a TT and muscle repair as soon as possible and I am a little concerned about the drugs they give you during surgery and recovery. Whilst I am aware that detoxing is not a good idea during the first few weeks of recovery (up to 6) Im wondering if there is any way to gently ease the drugs out of your body at around 3 weeks? Im a health nut and am worried about the effect of all those pain killers and the anaesthetic on my liver and organs. My regular diet is gluten free, processed sugar free, yeast free, low fat and vegan. Im pretty healthy- my only vice is hot chips once a week. lol. I mainly eat fruit, veg, some brown rice and drink green juice regularly. I am thinking that adding in lemon and warm water in the mornings from now will help my liver and I will do this post op too. Has anyone else done a plan of sorts to get the excess drugs out of their system? I am not going to go crazy and try to flush out the pain killers at day 3 or anything just trying to figure out what I can do in the month or so following my surgery. If anyone has had any experience with this I would love to hear it. Thanks
  14. I would also be doing a test but try not to panic! It could just be a response to the surgery
  15. Grippster you must be very excited! Louise- I have an almost 4 year old and a son who is 9. The treadmill used to kill me after my last pregnancy and often walking on an incline makes my my pelvis and back particularly angry. I would say take it easy- I know easier said than done I have been unable to exercise for the past 6 weeks. It is driving me insane. Im definately going to try and pre book a surgery date on monday. Wishing you the best of luck with your recovery sounds like you desperately needed some core strength too. Chacha Im glad it improved your back pain!
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