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  1. What makes me a troll Donatella? That I give my opinion? The reason why I registered was to research surgeons and I've commented in a couple of other topics... however if someone disagrees with you, you start attacking. You clearly don't know what DEBATING means. Anyway...
  2. Of course it covers plastic surgery complications, however that doesn't mean that you get to pick the most renowned doctor in the country. If you had severe complications after a plastic surgery and ended up in ER (in a public hospital) due to it, you wouldn't need to pay to be looked after.
  3. Archaic or more responsible? Seriously, think of the potential complications down the track for getting those ridiculous balloons in you. In America if you mess up your body, you have to face the financial consequences, here due to our universal care health system it's the tax payers that have to take the burden of your bad choices. I'm not an expert, but if you get implants that size, you're just looking for trouble... it can't be healthy... common sense.
  4. That is feral... not attractive at all! Big boobs are nice... but no need to go over the top.
  5. Don't say that! Boys throw rocks at girls in the Middle East and no one finds it funny!
  6. No chance... that is just plain disgusting. She needs a psychiatrist, not a plastic surgeon.
  7. I've made an appointment with Dr. Miroshnik Thanks for your help
  8. Live in Sydney, but yes, I went to school in Templestowe.
  9. No, I don't, it was an unfortunate one-off accident... I hope! Although it's not urgent I need to get it fixed soon, I've been snoring quite a bit and I can't breath perfectly, nothing too bad though.
  10. I'm a big fan of South Yarra, if you're into the busy inner city living. Otherwise, I also like Templestowe, I grew up there and most of the blocks are pretty big... nice suburban lifestyle.
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