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  1. Hi beautiful ladies. It has been a looong time since I have posted here. I had my breast augmentation in 2014 and am now wanting to do more of a whole body transformation. I apologise if I have placed this in the wrong forum space, please correct me if it needs to go elsewhere! Due to a series of unfortunate events, my life and weight has spiralled and I am now left very unhappy with how I look. I am wanting ladies opinions on doctors they've used for liposculpture/liposculpture and I'd be looking to re-do my breast augmentation as well. Preferably I'd like to do this with the one do
  2. As I am sure all of the ladies on this forum know, we all have parts of our bodies that we don't completely love. Mine is my now. I like my front profile, but side on (picture attached) my nose has quite a significant bump. I live in NSW but am willing to travel to Melbourne or QLD if someone has an amazing Dr to recommend. Any personal stories or recommendations would be so appreciated!! x
  3. Oh my goodness! You poor thing. That is terrible. I am so sorry that happened to you! I am pleased Dr Fox was sympathetic to your situation. Some Australian doctors are very judgemental when you go with overseas doctors, rather than being sympathetic to the situation at hand. If you're comfortable sharing, I would really like to see where this doctor went wrong so I am prepared for what I should and shouldn't expect. I really hope that the US repair helps you!
  4. Hi Caterpillar - thank you for that advice! I have had a look at Dr Fox's website and his work looks good. Did you have lipo with him?? I definitely will be going quality over cost Donatella. Most certainly would rather be chubby than have a poor lipo result!
  5. Hello beautiful ladies! It has been a very long time since I've been on PSF since I had my BA at TCI last year. I am now considering liposuction and have no idea where to start! I loved my experience at TCI with my BA, has anyone had liposuction by TCI? If not, can anyone recommend reasonably priced surgeons who perform liposuction in either NSW, QLD or Melbourne? Any pictures, information, pricing etc. would be so very much appreciated!! -Tegan
  6. Yep worth every dollar!
  7. Glad you found the pictures Mary Thanks Zogee!! I live about 5 hours north of Parramatta and my partner and I drove down the day before surgery and drove home two days after surgery. TCI, and in particular, Dr Val, is well worth the travelling. Their after care is fantastic for patients who live away and they give you everything you need plus constant availability to be contacted. Couldn't recommend them enough. Obviously everyone's post-op experience is very different but I barely felt pain and feel I've recovered pretty easily with my biggest pain only getting to a 4/10 at most. I was ba
  8. For ladies who are interested in Dr Val from TCI feel free to take a peek
  9. Thanks ladies I have seen the Carefix bras but they are $55 and I'd hate to buy the wrong size!! I am a little taller then you but also weigh more and am getting 390cc HP. So unsure on post-op sizing! I don't want to purchase the wrong thing. Is there anything you girls find a must have to take with your for surgery? So far I have pillows and heat and cold packs - what else?
  10. Thank you I'm excited to see how you go.
  11. I've been looking at the Bras N Things website at the wire free bras, and have seen the recommendation for the $12 crops - what was everyone's preference and what were you recommended? I remember reading somewhere so long as the bra supports and pushes them together but doesn't push them up it's okay??
  12. Hi chiwee, I always stay at the South Sydney Waldorf and love it there. 5 minute walk to Broadway.
  13. Hi beautiful ladies. I've been absent from the forum for awhile now due to personal issues but as my BA draws closer I've been back browsing around. As my surgery date draws closer I am really wondering what to pack and purchase beforehand and am trying to write up a little list. I already know that I'll be needing extra pillows and some cold packs as February is still summer and I have read lots of girls have burning boobs after BA (definitely not excited for this side effect!!) Any suggestions??
  14. I've had my consult with Dr Val and am having surgery in February on Valentines Day! Dr Val has glasses and I'm not sure on his heritage, Spanish or something? But he's lovely looking. And his personality matches. I loved Dr Val the minute I met with him. He knows what he's talking about and I am sure that you will be very happy
  15. Thank you ladies! I think I'll probably have concerns till its done. But I went in trusting Dr Val and I know he only puts his name to good work so I think I should trust him. This lead up to BA is stressful haha.
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