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    Dr Harwood 5th of july
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    173cm 60kgs 10b hoping for a Dcup
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    mum of 2
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    love fitness and gym

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  1. I went with Dr Kim Harwood, he will give you one, and lets you choose between white or black. I lived in it for the whole 5 days as you wont do much. I had my 5 day check up and got the all clear to wear crops so from day 5 I started wearing lorna jane crops and never wore my post op bra again , as its big and ugly lol
  2. I have gone crazy and have already bought 5 new crops I found that the new Hi speed one is very loose in the band, I recommend the new green move sports bra, same back as a pammy but has a very tight band, out of all the new crops I bought the move sports bra fits the best! and its quite cute I had 17 XS crops lol I ended up selling half and giving half to my sister. I found that they didn't hold my boobs enough so had to buy the smalls
  3. Dr Kim Harwood is who I ended up doing with I knew a few girls that went with him and their boobs are amazing! and so are mine
  4. I only went up to the small, I was a extra small with padding. I went and tried the small and medium , the small fits well (with out padding), my boobs are on show but still fits lol where the medium fitted the boob area but was too loose and lost support so went with the small. I started wearing them 5 days post, I'm now 18 days post and still fitting the small fine. I wear them all day and night. I found the pammy crops the best
  5. Your very lucky you can go that big!! I'm 173 cm 60 kgs and I could only go to 375 XHP they don't look huge at all, I wish I could have been able to fit in bigger , feel free to add me to see my pics good luck with it all I'm sure you will be saying I could have went bigger
  6. I'm 18 days post and mine hurt when I sleep on my side and in the mornings. during the day they don't hurt but do have a strange sensation that I don't like and my nipples are sensitive. hope the pain goes away for you soon
  7. I'd go with Dr Harwood! if you asked him for natural that's prob why he has came up with that. I asked for the round fake perky look and got XHP rounds. I found hardwood does take more time , I seen a few surgeons and he was the one who took the most time and asked me what I wanted and what my lifestyle was like. In the end its your decision, good luck
  8. I was back ay gym 7 days post, started off just walking on the treadmill and would incline it so I could start working my legs. 8 days post I started cycle class as I was told I could cycle if it was on a stationary bike. 16 days post I'm now doing body step class but only light options no running or jumping. I'm waiting for the 6 week mark so I can do all my lesmills group fitness classes and weights. I was told I can clean but no reaching above my head. my hubby works away so its just me and 2 kids so I need to do the house work, I just have to use the dryer and leave the shower and window cleaning til 6 weeks. I find I can vac and mop fine
  9. Jay D


    I hope mine fluff soon as I want bigger boobies , I noticed a change from day 1 til day 7 but they haven't changed much since. I just wear Lorna Jane crops as the bras aren't fitting me yet.
  10. I think just go as big as you can!! I was only able to go 375 and wish I could have gone bigger . ppl cant even tell they are fake as they don't look big in clothes! and I had friends not even notice that I had my boobs done lol. even though I would love them bigger they still look better then what they did as I had nothing to start with. I have pics if you wanted to add me and check them out good luck x
  11. I would love to come!! will just depend on what day it will be
  12. I think just go with what your surgeon thinks would be best. I had to go under as I had no boobs what so ever. I was also thinking it would be painful but I was off painkillers by day 2
  13. all us naughty newbies lol , I just worked it out then. You cant send a message with a friend request you would need to send message first then go back and add them. Can someone please tell me how to get all the writing on the bottom of your post's and the ticker? thanks guys
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