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    Nagor impleo,
    360cc XHP unders
    Hopefully will end up a D or DD
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    Dr Harwood 2/12/15
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    164cm 56kg 10/12 small B
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    farm hand
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    Animals, fitness and outdoors

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  1. I havent had a day of regret ☺☺. Recovery was a breeze. I have no worries riding at all.I wasn't to bad at four and a half weeks riding but I wouldn't of liked to do it any earlier though. Good luck
  2. Hi. I am interested in starting bikram yoga but not sure if it is to early to start yet or not. I am 8 weeks post op now. Really keen to crank up my fitness and health this year. ??? i know there has been heaps of post about it but struggling to find out when it is safe to start after BA. Appreciate any feed back. TIA
  3. I'm a little over 7 weeks now. I tried to ride at about 4 1/2 to 5 weeks and I struggled but as of last week I am copping fine, walk trot canter no worries with the new bra. I had to much bounce with all the other bras riding but I was fine jogging in them. Haven't had any pain really. Occasionally a bit of nerve pain but I don't I think it is normal. My recovery has been a breeze really. I am in love with this new bra though. As soon as I was finished riding though this morning I changed into something else as it is quite firm.
  4. Hi overthinkingit. I've been riding for about one week now. ( on the quite ones though ?? ). I was struggling with the bounce thing with double bra and all so I went in to Myers yesterday and purchased a Berlei ultimate performance bra. OMG this is the mother of all sports bras !!!!! I didn't double bra with it as it is really firm. No bounce at all. If you decide to buy one you should get fitted because my estimated sizing online was way out. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks heaps ladies. I'm so excited to start. Can't wait to get the go ahead off my surgeon. It's frustrating waiting, but I'm paranoid about stuffing up my boobies ?. Thanks again xx
  6. Hi ladies. I am 6 weeks post op now and seriously considering about becoming a runner. I've always been relatively fit and running has always felt really easy to me but have never got into running for fitness. Am really keen to try something new and maybe even compete in the future. I've noticed there are some ladies on here that are runners and I would really love some advice, training routine for someone starting out, support bras, shoes etc. I haven't had my 6 week check up yet as I had to cancel this week and now go in next week so becoming really impatient to find out if I can start now. TIA xx ??
  7. Hi meg. Yes I got the textured Nagor impleo implants. They are already softening quite nicely already. When I went in for my last consult with Dr Harwood I showed him some pictures of what I would like and also about not wanting a bolt on look lol ?. I have nothing against them but just not on my body ?. He pulled out the Brazilians and also Nagor implants and we decided on the Nagor. The Nagor's are so much squishier than the Brazilians.
  8. Hi meg, I am currently 4 weeks and 2 days post op with Dr Harwood. I had 360 Nagor Impleo XHP. So far I couldn't be happier. Dr Harwood and his staff are so lovely and professional. Surgery and recovery was a breeze for me. Originally I was going to have Brazilian implants but settled on the Nagor implant instead as I wanted a more softer natural result. I was a B cup, 164 cm tall and weigh roughly 56kg and also have no kiddies yet. I was fitted with a 12DD bra this week from bnt ?. So exciting. I know they still have a lot of changing to do yet but I am really loving them. Will try to get some photos up soon of my new boobies ??
  9. They look great!!!! I'm day 4 post op and hoping mine look this good.
  10. Hi Klee. I'm day 4 post op. I wore a larger button up top and comfy pants that I could easily pull up and down. Since day one I have been able to wear loose singlets ( much cooler ). Good luck with your surgery.
  11. My recovery has been going quite good really. The frozen peas are great too!!!! I can't wait until they settle and look like real boobies ?.
  12. good luck with surgery today chloes1122.
  13. Day 2 post op for BA today. Pain isn't as bad as expected. A little more swollen and sore today but still bearable (drugs go good ?). Good luck and speedy recovery to all other December girls. Xx
  14. Two days until my BA. Feeling sooo excited ????. I haven't gotten nervous at any stage yet, just super excited!!!!!
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