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  1. Hi Loz89, not yet but i definitely will be, he is on my list!
  2. thanks Perkier Louise, it makes me feel better knowing that
  3. Hi Perkier Louise I'm leaning towards DR R only because i have viewed the most amount of blog photo's on this site from him, most the ladies had a similar frame to me, but i'm hoping to view more blog photos and then decide. the ones you see on this site are far better than the ones the he doctor's site..I'm just concerned with DR. R because he is cosmetic not plastic. thanks Diamonds.
  4. thanks Loz89, Dr. Rostagi's without a doubt has the best patient gallery (however he has been criticised for being a cosmetic surgeon no plastic surgeon). I have read many benefits re 'Furry Brazilians' however some have criticised it as well (e.g. here is a bigger scar and a big incision is necessary to insert the implant & It degenerates with time and its by-products and the process of degeneration is chronic inflammation. There have been serious worries about the by-products of the implant in the past and whether it could have been carcinogenic or not. After the implant foam has degenerated, the body is exposed then to a plain underlying gel implant, etc.) hence my confusion. Cost is not important. I'm ideally looking for a natural shape (and touch). I really appreciate your notes, please keep me posted on your results
  5. Hello, Searching for the best places in Sydney for botox & fillers? many thanks, Jasmine
  6. Hello, Any recommendations for the best place for fillers/botox in sydney? Specifically for lip and cheek bone injections? thank you, Jasmin
  7. Hello, Researching for the best BA surgeon in Sydney e.g. Dr Dr. Rastogi / Miroshnik / Tavakoli / Liew? Also, Silicon v furry brazilian? do both feel & look natural? Tear drop / Round? Any help would be greatly appreciated cheers, Jasmine
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