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  1. Hi, im needing my silimed textured implants removed. Looking for recommendations on surgeons in QLD that specialize in enbloc plus a lift. Thank you
  2. Feel free to send me a FR. I had bad sagging and didnt get a lift
  3. Hi, I went with Dr H, and I showed him a couple of pics from another Dr. He didnt ask and I didn't tell. I'm sure they don't mind anyway.
  4. Sheridyn fisher swimwear (online) is good as you can buy the sets but choose different top and bottom sizes
  5. Ok he got back to me after trying to call me a couple times and my stupid phone playing up. He said its normal to feel abit tender and achy there and lump I can feel is the deeper inner stitches. As all my swelling is gone and everything has soften up, which is why I can feel it.
  6. I live 8hrs away from my surgeon so I just email him updates, but if he thinks something is wrong and he wants to have a look then I will have to look into getting some time off to see him. Thanks ladies, now that you say the scar tissue that's prob right as the tissue next to this 'lump' underneath feel like its getting harder and different to the rest of the area. I guess I just panic. Found out today I also have to get my wisdom teeth out when possible more money I have to find lol oh well it's gotta happen.
  7. Thank you How are you liking your results? They are looking great! I'm hoping its nothing so I will just wait and see what Dr H says.
  8. Hi ladies, i have been abit quiet lately but I have a question. A few days ago when I was rubbing bio oil on my scar, I felt a tiny lump. Over the days I think it has slightly changed and it also moves slightly ( which is a funny feeling like clicking?) when running my finger over it. It's not painful but aches, today it is sore/achey more then it has been and in that general area or when bending over ect. I have emailed my surgeon so just waiting on a reply. Just wondering if anyone else has had this? I think my bra is irritating it at the moment so may have to go without. Thank you
  9. This would of been great but I miss out by a week lol. Visiting Melbourne from Queensland the following weekend! Haha oh well.
  10. I'm 24 and have one child ( would like another 2). I got my boobs done a couple months ago. I was told to wait till I finish having kids before getting a BA but I disliked my chest so much I hated seeing them. I would like to have another child in a yr or so. My thoughts are the same as yours in that by the time I have finished a family I will need a revision.
  11. You are in great hands ladies. How exciting! I had my BA with Dr Harwood just over 2 months ago.
  12. Maybe I need this ! I hav never had the big O through sex, which makes me not interested in having it. I really want to Improve our sex life not just for me but for my partner.
  13. I slept upright for almost 2 weeks and then was able to sleep lying flat on my back.
  14. My surgeon told me at 2-3 weeks I should be fine to lift my 2 year old (12kg). My partner had 2 weeks off to help. I was worried about lifting her after that time but I found I was able to lift her in and out of her car seat at 2 weeks with no pain or discomfort. Everyone is different with healing and you will know your restrictions. Good luck and Im sure you will manage just fine. Just don't over do things, your body will let you know what you can and can't do.
  15. Hi sissy. I'm a Dr Harwood girl, send me a FR if you like. My stats are 160cm and 57kg was 10B now 10D. I was borderline lift though. I went with 315cc this got me to a D cup, we also talked about 270 which he said would get me a C cup. I only decided on the bigger size as most people said you regret not going bigger. I'm glad i did as I'm so happy with my results.
  16. Hi, my partner and I got it about a month ago. Some people say it really works for them. My partner doesn't think it worked for him. I noticed a slight change (half a kg - a kg) but because we have a lot going on lately, I never changed my eating habits and wasn't really excercising. I think if you a willing to stick to eating healthy it would work great but that's with most products. Once the holidays are over, I'm going to try it again but it will be in conjunction with a healthier diet and a more strict exercise plan.
  17. So happy for you! Dr H is great, I had my BA with him 5 weeks ago and also done everything by email as I live up north. The bloating sucks but is gone in 1-2weeks.
  18. I had the choice of 270 and 315. I'm glad I went 315cc they are just right now they have settled. I would of been disappointed if I went the smaller option
  19. Your surgeon is most likely right but its always good to get a second opinion
  20. In saying that 440cc is only a little more but will get you to an E cup this may suit your frame if you have wide shoulders and larger rib cage. It's really up to you. Let your surgeon know what results your after, they usually know best.
  21. I am happy with my results, although I was borderline lift but I am going back for one after I finish having kids. 395cc should give you DD
  22. Hi, I'm 5,3 and 56kgs. I started as a small B. I got nuance anotomicals 315cc which gave me a D cup. They say that 150cc is equivalent to one cup size.
  23. Same thing happens with mine also Maynegirl. When I lean forward or lay down. I'm loving how soft they have gotten though and only after a month.
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