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  1. Hi Alice, I would suggest you speak to your PS and also ask to speak to your anaesthetist, who will be able to clarify things for you and hopefully lay your fears to rest. All the best for your procedure.
  2. What I wore/took for overnight: Zip thru hoodie, track pants and trainers (wore the same thing home as I only wore it for 2 hours on admission day) Clean underwear, toothbrush and paste, perfume, mascara and Chapstick Arnica pills Food (I have stayed at my hospital before and have already experienced the awful food so took my own paleo cacao nut granola which meant I had something I actually wanted to eat by the time I felt like eating!) iPad Magazines and a book (didn't look at either) Phone charger. I didn't really bother with hair dryer, makeup etc - I washed my hair on the day and I didn't really give a toss about putting on a face before I went home. Good luck with your surgery!
  3. I'm in the same boat - I had mine done on Wednesday and had 250cc moderate plus profiles removed (Mentor) under the muscle, replaced with 465cc extra high profile over the muscle. I'm hoping for a nice E, but they just don't look that big, and most of it is sitting toward the armpit!! I'm a little underwhelmed also :-( but trying to stay patient as I know they change a lot, and I do trust my surgeon. Gigi86 I'm around your build too, I'm 174cm and athletic 66kg, with a BWD of 16.
  4. Hi girls, Hope everyone is recovering well and good luck for tomorrow's girls! I am home now, had mine yesterday but was a rather full on op as in addition to having a bilateral removal and replacement of implants I also had a touch of lipo to my flanks and lower abdomen, a belly button reconstruction and a full revision of my abdo scar (he cut the entire scar out and re stitched it). I too was a little underwhelmed when I took a peek laying down, but saw them standing up when I showered this morning and can see they're going to be great. My surgeon said I'll be a good DD/E and that is perfect for me. My tummy incision is a bit sting-y and my right boob aches underneath and near the armpit. But I'm coping, I just hate being a layabout as I am normally operating at 100 miles an hour but am going to rest completely as I believe and have been told by the nurses the more you rest in the beginning the better the long term recovery is. Hope everyone has a pain free night :-)
  5. Thanks JMac! That ice sounds like a good idea. I am quietly crap*ing myself about tomorrow...I always have a fear when I go under a GA that I am going to die. Ridiculous as I have had GA's before so I know I'm not allergic and I'm very comfortable with my surgical team but I always think of the worst (having 2 small children probably exacerbates this.) Anyway I go in at 9am......on the upside it wont be nearly as full on as the abdo I had last year.... Best wishes to everyone else going in this week.
  6. I'm getting mine done by Dr Tim Brown in Berwick also. He does A LOT of boobs and has done a LOT of research, publishing of his research etc into size satisfaction. My friend got hers done (her 3rd BA re-do) last year and is super happy, I had surgery with him last year and he is great, brilliant level of after-care.
  7. I haven't had it done so can't comment personally, but there was a great series on Foxtel a while back called "How to Not Get Old" where they covered anything and everything relating to this topic. On one of the episodes the host of he show had cool sculpting done on her thighs, and at the 6 week mark said that she could see absolutely no difference whatsoever and that she wouldn't waste her money on it (as it is a fairly pricey procedure.) All through the episodes her evaluations on different procedures were very honest and no-holds-barred.....so caveat emptor I guess... I have no idea of your body shape but perhaps the first step could be to start on a strict 8 week nutrition/exercise regime and see if that helps? Personally I've just finished 3 weeks of only lower body training (due to a scapular displacement) and whilst it's been tough I have noticed the difference in my legs in those 3 weeks. Hope thats of some help!
  8. One thing that nobody has mentioned here is alcohol. If you're going to cut out sugar, make sure you don't drink alcohol because that's pretty much all sugar. If you must drink, have a vodka with soda or a gin and diet tonic (regular tonic water has about the same amount of sugar as lemonade. Paleo diet is great.... but again it's all about calories in vs calories out. I've known people who have gone all paleo and they're all like "yay nuts I can eat loads of nuts" not realising nuts are full of fat and whilst it is "good" fat it's still fat and as such should only be consumed in limited quantities.
  9. Oh, and get started on the Movicol straight after the op as soon as you can!! Eat prunes, All Bran, whatever it takes to get things moving because those pain killers block up your system real good!
  10. I wish I had MENTALLY prepared for a long recovery. It is MAJOR surgery and as such, so is the recovery. I didn't really buy any loose clothing apart from a few nightshirts so that there was no waist band to irritate the area. I took some trackie pants and hoodies to hospital (I was in hospital 4 nights) but just wore my nightshirts the entire time. I spent the first week at home pretty much in bed (not laying still the whole time but as my bedroom is on the 2nd level going up and down stairs all day is not a good idea.) I did nothing. Probably for about 2-3 weeks. I was fortunate enough to have my mother here to do everything for me. I don't think I drove for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Make sure you have 2 compression garments so that one can be washed whilst you are wearing one. And when it's time for the drains to come out, ask for 2 nurses to do them both at the same time. Believe me, you will not want to experience that twice. It's a long recovery, don't try and speed things up as it won't work. I'm still happy I had it done though. Good luck!
  11. Hi girls, just thought I would jump in to this line up.... I'm going in on 16th July to have my 250cc taken out and replaced with 465cc EHP over the muscle with Dr Tim Brown. Looking forward to a bit more volume
  12. Your PS will be the only one you should listen to regarding this...everyone is different and everyone heals differently, but certainly nothing AT ALL for 2 weeks is a pretty standard rule. At the 2 week visit they will be able to give you an all clear I imagine, for lower body only.
  13. Thanks everyone for your replies, and thanks R_Will! I have gone with the 465 - and yes I totally agree to look at your entire body rather than just the chest as it brings everything together proportion-wise. I absolutely trust my surgeon buuuuuuut.....I have to live with the results! And someone else's medium sized boobs is another person's big boobs - we all see things differently! 3 weeks to go - I've had to stop myself from shopping as I don;t want to buy things and then not have them fit! Good luck to everyone about to have their ops!
  14. I had my first BA when my eldest was 10 months old, I was lifting her after about 2 1/2 weeks. I am having a BA re-do in July (and will have a 20 month old as well) - my surgeon said after about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks I should be fine. I think common sense comes into play a bit here as well. We know our own bodies and their limitations, if it doesn't feel right then don't do it.
  15. I run all the time and do Cross Fit and have no issues with my implants. Also - there is a theory that women with implants have a lower rate of breast cancer - they think this is due to the fact that the breast tissue sits further away from the body but there hasn't been enough extensive research to prove it.
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