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  1. Subglandular vs submuscular which is the best option?
  2. Thanks for yr help and advice ladies, i have made a note of all names mentioned and will be goggling them 2moro ( i think as i have spent most of the day looking at boobies, i need to get my eyes a rest lol ) On another note does anyone know why we cant see our friends photos or albums anymore, Really need to see peoples before and afters
  3. Thanks Jessk217 how did you find all their stats if yr not friends with them did you just pick people off threads. A lot of the ladies on here are a lot less in weight than i am x
  4. Cheers katems22 i will have a look at hers too i have googled so much already but will keep going x
  5. Hi Ladies everyone advises to search for the look you want to achieve with yr BA. so i have been searching for the perfect look Never seen so many boobies in my life, felt a bit weird to start with i must say. Hope my 14 yr son doesnt check out my history like i check out his lol what i would like to ask is where did you ladies find your pictures of your "dream boobies" ?
  6. HI Fox i have type in the top left hand corner, but it dont seem to get any results. i have been putting in surgeons names and stuff like that to see if i can get any threads to read maybe thats the problem "what" im am looking for lol xx
  7. Hi I would love to join your perth FB group, what do i have to do x
  8. Hi Hun Just a quick question where did yr mum have her eye lids done? Also wanted to wish you all the best for friday hope all goes well sent you a fr if thats ok to track yr progress take care xx
  9. Afternoon Ladies, having a bit of difficulty trying to search for past threads. trying to search for passed comments about specific topics And not having any luck in fact dont have a bloody clue what i'm doing please can anyone advise me cheers xxx
  10. Hi Mrs B have sent you a fr. would love to look at yr befores and afters as my recommendation is for teardrop implants and havent a clue like all new ladies
  11. Thanks cupcake85 where in perth are these two based. how much do they charge for consultations and BA's was thinking of going to Thailand cos thats where a friend of a friend went. but since joining this forum wanted to check out perth surgeons as well. xx
  12. Hi ladies would like any recommendations for Perth surgeons and consultants for a BA. want to check out local Drs here in WA
  13. Hi Huni hope yr well and happy birthday for yesterday. have sent you a FR if thts ok x

  14. Hi Mumoffive great to read yr BA story and glad you are doing so well you say you booked direct with hospital, how did you chose Dr Boonchai? Also i didnt know you had to massage Textured implants, i have read a few Articles that say not too. Morning boob must ask what is this never heard the term before lol. take care huni xx
  15. Hi Fox how do i find Brisseymum still learning my way around this site. And by the way your boobies look fabulous. where did you have yr BA
  16. thanks TheFox yep i guess they are a little saggy and he does say i have low nipples. He doesn't say what type of profile teardrop though I am inbetween a B/C cup at the moment and only want a D. ( i think). i said i wanted a Natural look maybe thats why he chose the teardrop implant for me. I am sending you a FR and would love to check out yr before and afters. xxx
  17. Received my surgical recommendation today from PIAC - Dr Boonchai. he has recommended teardrop implants as i have a low nipple position, not sure about these always thought i would have the round. Also not sure about textured have read a few reviews that say they can give rippling on breasts. he also suggests dual plane positioning. Anyone got any advise or info please let me know
  18. just got a recommendation back from PIAC surgeon Dr Boonchai. He thinks i should have teardrop Implants ( not sure if this is because i asked for a more natural look ) and dual plane placement. I am not sure about the teardrop, i would of preferred round implants. Also the implants that PIAC use are textured and i have read that they are not as good as smooth implants. Please let me know if you have any advise of yr own surgery that could help me

  19. Hi I just want breasts to be proud of. Had three gorgeous kids and have paid the price for breast feeding ect. want to do something special for me xx

  20. Hi Kelfo thats very helpful have sent you a FR if thats ok when are you due to have yr surgery? and where is TCI very new to all this xx
  21. Hi Hun will send FR I'm in Perth too Port Kennedy 6172 never heard of them, but will note that down got a note book to write n e thing i think is useful on here, find it helps me xx
  22. Hi Hun i too am new to this forum and need info on a BA i have read so much info my brain is boggling, didn't know there was so many types of implants and ways of having them placed ( as they say) I am thinking of going to phuket and had a consultation with Rejuvenation Getaways this morning. lovely lady . can i send you a friend request and we can investigate together lol xx
  23. Hi ladies i am new to the forum and interested in finding out if anyone has used Rejuvenation Getaways as an agent for having surgery in Thailand ( BA And eyes top and bottom and maybe neck ). They use Phuket International Hospital and Phuket Intertnational Aesthetic Center. I have done a bit of research but the mind is boggling with all the different types of implants and different types.
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