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  1. That's great you're happy with your results! I reckon mine definitely increased in size after the fluffing process, went from a C/small D to a comfortable D! X

  2. Hi Kaytee, got your PM - your mailbox is full :) Here is my reply: Hi Kaytee, no bother at all! Apologies for the delayed reply, I don't visit the forum as frequently as I used to :) I got 315cc, high profile implants and I am extremely happy with my results. A lot of people will tell you to go bigger but to be honest if I could do it over I would probably go a tad smaller, maybe around 245cc. Reason being sometimes it's hard to fit them into clothing (like shift dresses) - I really don't know how size 6 women with F sized breasts cope! Lol. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions x

  3. Hey Tash, thanks, I'm pretty happy with them :) Of course you can show my pics, no worries at all! I got 315cc HP teardrop under the muscle. The plus side to waiting is you have heaps of time to do research and look at boobie pics hehe :)

  4. Hi Tash, FR accepted :) my album pics aren't showing up on the forum anymore so I've uploaded a few to dropbox - the link is in my signature. When is your op scheduled?

  5. Hi! You're inbox is full :) Thanks so much for the compliment, I asked Dr H for as natural as possible and am so happy with how they've turned out. Keep in touch! X

  6. Hi! Yes, we're very similar! FR accepted :) not long to go now - you must be sooo excited! X

  7. Hey Nic! Thanks for accepting my FR :) I'll head over and read your BA story. Dr H said the mods would have been way too wide for me too. I love my 315 HPs but often wonder whether mods look even more natural lol. Glad to war your recovery is going well! X

  8. Hi Nic! I see you are a fellow Dr H lady - I've sent you a FR :) how are you going post op? I'm really curious to see how the mod braz look! If I could do it again I'd go mod :)

  9. Hi AbleNaty, have accepted your FR :)

  10. Oh thank you Fox - I think they are just good pics (and you can't see my entire self!) :p x

  11. Hi Cupcake, FR accepted :) sorry my mailbox was full earlier, I'll clear it out!

  12. Hi Palolo! Hope you don't mind I've sent you a FR as I'd really live to see how your low profile brazilians look - I'm thinking about low or mod profile for when I need a revision (after babies) :)

  13. Hey TheFox, thanks for accepting my FR :) your surgery date is so soon now! How are you going with your decision-making on sizes etc? I just checked out your albums and I think you're going to get a fantastic result as your current breasts have such a great shape to them! X

  14. Thank you Eutychia! I was actually going to search on e-bay tonight :) will read up on your thread, thanks heaps for the info! Your boobies are looking fantastic by the way (not sure if I've told you that already it not) - looks like they're already starting to settle nicely you lucky thing! Mine took ages! Xx

  15. Hi Amelia, have accepted your FR :) your boobies are looking fantastic already! X

  16. Hi Mils, have accepted your FR :) I'm happy to answer any questions x

  17. Hi RedHeadMatch, have accepted your FR :) I got under the muscle and am now more than 12 months post op. They're feeling awesome now, they've softened a lot and are sitting quite naturally :)

  18. Hi Gloria, no probs - have accepted your FR :)

  19. Hi mummy of 3, have accepted your FR :)

  20. Hi Donatella, thanks for accepting my FR :) I was interested in seeing what to look out for when an implant ruptures - good info to know! Thanks for sharing X

  21. Hi Freidabc, thank you :) I got 315cc high profile tear drop under the muscle. I really love the look of your mods actually - they look soo natural! When do you go in for your next surgery?

  22. Hi Hails, FR accepted :) I really need to clean out my private messages lol. I'm not sure what the technical name is for my implant style. Dr H just said they are the "older style" tear drops with more fullness at the top. Checked out your before pics and you've got such great shape and tissue to begin with - your results are going to be amazing!

  23. Hi there! Size is such a hard choice isn't it!? Yes, if I could do it again I would go smaller, maybe even to 230cc so I would've definitely been a C and not a D :) I don't 'dislike' my current size but sometimes I find they are a tad inconvenient in the style of clothing I like etc... Like a few times when I've tried on dresses they have fit everywhere except the boob region (too small)! But I am super fussy... :o. Which size are you leaning towards? P.s. Thank you for the compliment :)

  24. Hi NicNac, have accepted your FR :)

  25. Hi Raquel, have accepted your FR :)

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