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    Brisbane, Queensland
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    Dr Kim Harwood, 8 Aug 2011
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    172cm, 58kg, was 10A now 10C/D
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    A few progress photos of my breasts: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydx25pneid1wbja/AABEq3PnoiQXH6G7Rsf1yjVYa?dl=0

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  1. Hey Breaststobe, My name is Sheridan and I was hoping you'd accept my friend request as I'm looking at getting implants coming from being a 10AA/A and wanting no bigger than a C or D. We've got almost exactly the same stats so it would be so amazing if I could see how yours turned out. I've only joined last night so I don't have any friends on here at the moment but if you'd accept I'd be so grateful! Looking forward to hearing from you :) Sheridan

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