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  1. Hi Jen, if you join the BII Group on FB you’ll find a list of recommended explant surgeons for your state. These surgeons are all experienced and recognise the importance in removing the entire capsule, appropriate pathology testing etc. x
  2. What a relief they tested negative I’ll do the same as you after explant and wait and see how they turn out/whether I’m happy with the size
  3. Hi @TheFox curious as to whether your Nagor implants were textured? Also whether your capsules were tested for BIA-ALCL (as the swelling you describe is a possible symptom)? Did you end up getting new implants?
  4. Hi @joyfulgirl99, apologies it had been a while since I’ve logged on, and I didn’t get any notifications in my emails! Yes I’ve had mine checked out via ultrasound and there is apparently no indication of ALCL. Please be aware that this cancer generally develops after 7 years post implant however. There have so far been over 80 reported cases Australia wide resulting in a few deaths. While the risk is minimal, it is also very real, and I feel the numbers will only increase as time passes for ladies with textured implants. I will be having mine removed this year (8 years post implant) as the risk is not worth it to me. Had I known all those years ago I would have certainly chosen to implant with smooth implants, or not at all! On a tangent and as @Elle Anderson mentioned above, Breast Implant Illness (BII) is another concern and I do have some symptoms of this which I hope explant will alleviate, however they could be totally unrelated to the implants. The PS I consulted with for explant agreed that the Silimends should be removed and also said I have capsular contracture in one breast. @Mona76 if you haven’t had your explant yet, please be aware that in some circumstances (when deemed medically necessary) you can access your superannuation to fund the surgery. I will be doing this for my surgery. Also ladies, if you weren’t already aware Similed implants have been banned for use in Australia since late 2017. Those who implanted with Plastic Surgeons should have been notified pursuant to APS guidelines. As I implanted with a Cosmetic Surgeon I was not informed of the ban/proven ALCL risks.
  5. Hi, asking for a friend (really though). Has anyone been overseas for a hair transplant? Only just beginning the research process and there is A LOT of info online but we know no one who can provide personal experiences and recommendations. So... would love your recommendations on places to look into, places to avoid?? TIA :)
  6. Are there any other ladies on this forum having their Silimed furry Brazilian implants removed due to the ALCL risks?
  7. Hi Imogen, I have Silimed textured implants and REALLY want mine out due to the cancer risk. I wanted them out a year ago before I’d heard of the cancer risk but fell pregnant before I could have the surgery. Like you, I’m now more motivated to act. I have two beautiful children also and although the risk seems low to some, it’s not one I’m personally willing to take! I wonder if private health will cover any because of the risks..? Probably not. Which implants do you have? Have you scheduled your explant surgery?
  8. Do you mean like height/weight etc? Sorry I'm out of practice on the forums! I'm not sure what my BWD was but I'm 172cm and was 55kg at the time of surgery.
  9. I went 315cc. Was an a-cup before surgery and ended up a full c to small d, exactly what I wanted
  10. No problem Lauren! I can definitely notice the changes (particularly the size increase) haha. I plan to breastfeed for a while longer so we'll see what they're like when I stop and the milk is gone. My BA was August 2011 and I fell pregnant in May 2014 so 2 years 9 months. I did go with Dr H, he is fantastic! Are you going through him? Mine are Brazilians yes
  11. Hi Em, I've just uploaded some post-baby photos to my Dropbox. You can view them here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ydx25pneid1wbja/AABEq3PnoiQXH6G7Rsf1yjVYa?dl=0 So the current ones are 7 months post baby, exclusive breastfeeding. Every woman is different as you know but hope these pics give you a bit of an idea of how breasts/implants can be affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding
  12. I had mine done 4 years ago knowing I'd want children, and to breastfeed in a few years. I had my first baby in February, he is now 7 months old and exclusively breastfed. I'm happy to send you some pics of before and of them now after pregnancy and 7 months of breastfeeding if you're interested? These are the changes I've noticed: - they grew SO big during pregnancy and are still pretty huge. Pre baby my breasts were a nice full C to small D. They're now DD to E with one breast being significantly larger as it's the one bub feeds from mostly so makes more milk. - they are covered in stretch marks because of how rapidly they grew when my milk came in. Some women don't experience this issue, depends on your skin. I hope they'll fade in time. - they actually look even more natural now. Despite all the changes I'm still happy I got them done pre baby, although I probably would've gone smaller implants if I'd have known I'd be breastfeeding for so long (before having a baby I thought I wouldn't breastfeed but did a complete 180 when bub arrived). I got 3.5 years of enjoyment from them I just hope they go down back to their pre baby size once I'm done feeding. If not I'll save for a revision to decrease size. Due to medical reasons there may not be any more babies in our future, and if there is, there will only be one more. I say go for it now! So long as you're willing to accept any potential changes x
  13. After commenting on this thread last night I emailed Dr Harwood who called me immediately. He addressed all of my concerns and in a nutshell said there is no need for alarm as: - the issue is to do with surface particles, all implants are sterilised prior to insertion anyway so the implants are cleansed of any potential contaminants - the concerns apply only to implants manufactured post March 2014 (mine were a previous batch) - if there were surface contaminants on the implants, there would have been symptoms soon after surgery (infection etc) - the investigating body is not even sure at this stage whether the contaminants affect breast implants as the particular factory under investigation also manufactures other Silimed products - the implants have not been recalled, it is a temporary suspension while investigations are underway - the concerns are not related to the quality of the implants or the materials used, it's purely a surface contamination concern Furthrt to my conversation with Dr Harwood, I found this article http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2015-09-25/tga-advise-surgeons-risk-from-silimed-implants-extremely-low/6805802 stating that the contaminants were found to be silica and cotton fibres and that any risk to patients is extremely low.
  14. Following this thread! I haven't logged into the forum for an eternity but saw a news story on the Silimed Braz tonight. Very keen to know more about the situation as I got these implants back in 2011. I am now breastfeeding my 6mo son and I am concerned there may be a risk to him
  15. Hi Laura, I got Brazilians and I think mine look pretty natural... There is a link to some of my pics in my signature below. Good luck with your decision making!
  16. Thanks for the advice hanniepie and PrincessCairns! I'll get started on the zinc supplements and will look into accupuncturists and therapists who do red light treatments the light treatment sounds really interesting, just google searched it and found you can buy your own red light device for home use for around $120... is this what you use PrincessCairns or do you go to a therapist?
  17. Hey Pumpkin! Have you found anything that seems to be working for your skin as yet? I'm in the same depressing boat at the moment. I was on Dianne/Estelle for about 8 years and had perfect skin throughout - I'd probably get a pimple once a year if that! But after going off the pill in December my skin has been horrendous, with continuous breakouts on my forehead, chin and back My regular skin care just doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore, I had no idea how much of a positive effect the pill had on my skin until I stopped taking it. I wash my face every morning and night with Estée Lauder foaming facial wash and use their thermal facial scrub twice a week. I've now introduced a new scrub containing coal (supposedly draws out the pimple bacteria) and I bought CLEARASIL spot treatment too - I felt like a teenager again!! Neither of these products seem to have a lasting effect, although the Clearasil does reduce swelling/redness temporarily. I'm just praying that my hormones calm down after being off the pill a little longer... Would love to hear if there a miracle skin product out there?!?
  18. Hi Jena, I've had my brazilians for almost 2.5 years now and love them. They're soft and squishy and (in my opinion) look rather natural. There's a link to some pics in my signature of you're interested
  19. That's great you're happy with your results! I reckon mine definitely increased in size after the fluffing process, went from a C/small D to a comfortable D! X

  20. Hi Kaytee, got your PM - your mailbox is full :) Here is my reply: Hi Kaytee, no bother at all! Apologies for the delayed reply, I don't visit the forum as frequently as I used to :) I got 315cc, high profile implants and I am extremely happy with my results. A lot of people will tell you to go bigger but to be honest if I could do it over I would probably go a tad smaller, maybe around 245cc. Reason being sometimes it's hard to fit them into clothing (like shift dresses) - I really don't know how size 6 women with F sized breasts cope! Lol. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions x

  21. Oh Inde, I've just caught up with what's happened... I am so very sorry for your and your husband's loss. Stay strong, take care of yourselves, be sure to take the time to grieve, and take comfort in knowing you will come out of this stronger than ever. Sending you virtual love and hugs at this difficult time xox
  22. Hey Tash, thanks, I'm pretty happy with them :) Of course you can show my pics, no worries at all! I got 315cc HP teardrop under the muscle. The plus side to waiting is you have heaps of time to do research and look at boobie pics hehe :)

  23. Hi Tash, FR accepted :) my album pics aren't showing up on the forum anymore so I've uploaded a few to dropbox - the link is in my signature. When is your op scheduled?

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