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    Brisbane QLD
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    BA on 13th of January. Went with 435cc instead of 380cc.
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    Dr Kim Harwood. Friday 13th of January 2012

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  1. Hi there I've sent you a FR hope you don't mind. We have similar stats and it would be great to see your post op results :-) cheers

  2. Hey BBWB, I see that you had your surgery with Dr H and had Braz round unders. This is what he's also recommended for me but I wasn't sure about rounds as I'd wanted anatomicals. We have similarish stats and I was wondering how yours turned out and if you were happy with them?

  3. nearly 4 months now chicka!!! I had my checkup with Dr H yesterday and I asked how you were going... he said you are due for your checkup and he hopes to see you soon! Better make an appointment girly! lol :p He said he is so busy doing boobs these days, that he only does boobs and the occasional lipo. He's so wonderful, it isn't any wonder he's so busy! So happy to be a "Harwood girl" lol. Hope all is well hun... take care :D

  4. Hi Bigbootywantsbalance! I've just had brazillians done & was hoping to chat to others who have them already, hope u don't mind thought I would send u a FR. Hope all is going well for you.

  5. Hey chicka!!! So great to hear from you :) My navy bikini is from a swim store on Hastings Street Noosa... not sure the name of the store I went into, but the kini is a JETS (about $250 for the set - but gorgeous!). Your girls are looking awesome! WOW!!! I haven't yet used anything on my incisions... I really want to get some of the silicone sheeting, but we are so far out of town I haven't been in to get any yet. Yeah, my scars are pinker/browner than I'd like, but I think it's more because I haven't put anything on them yet (occasionally I use BioOil when I remember to lol). I also get the occasional twinge along my stitch line, not painful, just more like a reminder that I have my new girls lol. I STILL LOVE THEM SO MUCH! hehe so glad I did it! Shoulda done it sooner :) Take care hun xo

  6. Hi jlsup, I see you're booked in with Dr H in just over a month. Super exciting! You certainly won't regret it. Good luck. Let us know how it all goes.

  7. Hope all is well. Take Mrs B's advice - contact Dr H ads much as possible. I drove myself nuts worrying about stuff but I didn't want to contact him and bother him. Mrs B knows where it's at though and convinced me that it's his job and he genuinely wants to put us at ease cause he knows his stuff. How are you travelling?

  8. WOOOHOOO! Hooray for boobies. The post op recovery is still fresh in my mind... you'll get through it all and they'll be fantastic. Keep your eye on the prize it is SO worth it. YAY!
  9. Hey beka87 I've also got these. Only three months post op and they have begun to soften. If you don't support them over time i.e. wear a bra, they will still drop because even though they are 'stuck' the weight will drag them down over time. But no they don't drop like other implants.
  10. Hey Mrs B. 13/4 today - going by the date rather than the days it's our three month anniversary. Yay! Apart from the rippling which is only noticeable to me when I lean forward everything is great. Still some areas without sensation and I can feel the stitches slowly disappearing (thanks for pointing out that's what that was - i thought I had killer scar tissue). Slowly softening and dropping a little. Scars flat but still pink of course. How are you travelling?

  11. Hey Beck19 mine are exactly the same. Dr also said dont loose any weight but I want to get the kilos I gained after the op off. Will see how it all goes I guess.

  12. Hey babe, just read your post I hope all is well. I have rippling but its only noticeable when I bend over however I can feel it while standing up. I was told the only way I can hide it is to put on weight only if it was that easy lol

  13. Hi mybodybliss, I'm feeling you with the why can't they just be perfect struggle. That's so great there's a strong possibilty you can fix things. Being acutely aware of your body may cause unnecessary panic but it also means you can get on top of things. I personally have rippling but it's only noticeable when I bend over at the waist... And as you know I was worried it was something more serious. So thankfully you can get on top of this. Good luck and let us know how it all goes.
  14. I love that Dr has the same lines he says to everyone... It's really cute that it's his material. My comment was that I'd be worried if this is what one glass of wine feels like and then that's the last thing I remember saying lol. After the twightlight sedation I was so excited that I was up and out of there before Mrs B even arrived (as we had surgery the same day). So glad I didn't have to lie in a bed recovering from being put under.
  15. Well as u can all probably tell i received a call back from Dr H at the beginning of the wk n he felt that I didn't need to come in unless I was peaking. I decided to wait and I've just come out of my appointment. And thank heavens everything is alright. For anyone else ever going through this u might be one of the lucky 5% who get rippling. Because there's no muscle on the outside of the breast and in my case very little fat there this is why I can feel it when I lean forward. He expects I'll feel it on the other side when it softens a bit more. Luckily aesthetically you can't see it only when I lean over as I said. As the implants continue to soften I'll probably feel more cist-like lumps as the implant will keep changing for the next couple of months. So thank you ladies for all your thoughts and support. I'm learning that I'm the queen of small abnormalities when it comes to surgery; like swelling, nerve pain, pangs, twangs and ripples. And hey they look great so I'm still very happy despite being part of a very elite 5% club. Thank you all again xo
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