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  1. What a ridiculous thing to say - of course there is risk involved, a tummy tuck is major surgery. A tummy tuck is generally safe but is important people are aware of the possible risks and side effects that can occur, saying there is ‘no risk’ is incredibly misleading.
  2. Exercise is not always effective - I did extensive physiothery for years and my gap improved but was still quite large. My separation was extreme - it’s the only reason I had the tt (which I regret and ironically I still have a muscle separation so I total waste of time/money and I agree, a massive trauma to the body). where can one get a muscle repair via laparoscopy? I searched for something like this to avoid needing a tummy tuck but I was constantly told only plastic surgeons will do muscle repairs and only via a tummy tuck. If there is another way i’d Love the details
  3. I don’t know - it feels obvious to me. Maybe that is just because I am so used my belly button being in a different position that it is hard to adapt to its new location. I do think it is very unnaturally positioned though and wished I had been warned that it would be moved - makes no sense to me to move a belly button higher but my mistake for not being adequately informed I suppose.
  4. It is never on display but that is only because it looks ridiculous - if it was in the right spot I wouldn’t feel the need to have it completely covered all the time. Not that I would ever walk around with my belly out on a regular day but going swimming it would be nice to not have to wear a one piece every time, it would nice to have a shower and be able to look down with seeing this ridiculous belly button so close to my chest. I agree it probably isn’t worth bothering with given it is easily hidden - it is just very frustrating. Makes my whole torso look shorter than it is and unnatur
  5. Horrible isn’t it kas - thankfully mine still looks like my belly button but the higher location is really awful and unnatural. I try to accept it but the more time that passes the more I feel ripped off. i don’t know what I will do NoemiHart - I am trying to just ignore it as getting more surgery is expensive and I am scared of it being stuffed up worse. I was told the belly button stays in its original position so no idea what happened but mine was most definitely moved higher. If you’re worried I would just be sure to confirm with the surgeon that your belly button is not relocated.
  6. This is a bit of an odd question but I had a tummy tuck last year - for some reason my surgeon decided to move my belly button about an inch higher than it's original location and it has always bothered me a lot. I wonder if this happened to anyone else and if it is something fixable - is it possible to move it back down to where it is supposed be? I understand it would leave a scar but I would prefer a scar and a normally placed belly button vs the abnormally high one I have now. Or should I just accept it...
  7. Sorry to hear that. I understand how you feel. The tightness definitely goes away and it starts to feel more 'normal'.
  8. Hi. I had a tummy last year, i was 50kg at the time. My scar is higher, as I didn't have enough skin - my skin also did not heal the best, it has stretched out along most of the incision and my belly button stretched out a bit too. I think with tummy tucks the more loose skin the better the results - it can a hit tough when you only have minimal loose skin. I had the surgery purely due yo sever muscle separation that could not be fixed without surgery. i could probably use a scar revision but not sure I will bother.
  9. I was walking around within a couple of days but I was very hunched over - I think it took 6 weeks or so before I could stand completely upright. For hospital I just took comfy clothes, an abdominal binder to wear after surgery (as requested by surgeon) and toiletries. I also brought books to pass the time but I never felt up to reading. I wouldn't have been able to work before 6 weeks but everyone is different. good luck with your surgery.
  10. Honest answer - I am not happy and wish I had either not done it at all or went with a different surgeon. My scar is horrendous - but I think most people heal nicely and also have a scar that is easy hidden if it doesn't. I, unfortunately, have a super high scar that is can't be hidden by underwear or even pants (unless super high waisted) and my scar turned into a keloid and is very thick and horrid. It is unlikely you will end up with a scar like mine - most heal to a thin, white line - some fade so much they are barely noticeable. If you are prone to keloid I would make sure you
  11. I would stop and rest - it's annoying but you just had major surgery and your body needs to recover. Even though you feel fine your body is still healing. I stopped painkillers after 3 days, pain wise I felt fine (although I couldn't walk far for many weeks as the pressure on my back from being hunched over was too sore). I had a hard time not being able to do much - but why risk issues by pushing too much too soon? The standard recovery time is 6 weeks for a reason. I'd give it 3-4 weeks at least.
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