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  1. I had a rhinoplasty procedure done by P. Burstin in 2013 and now my nose is too short, so now I need revision rhino..
  2. Not worth it. I miss my old nose! I had a septorhinoplasty by Perry Burstin (ENT) at end of 2013. At first I was fairly happy for about 1.5 years, even though it seemed a bit shorter, but in the last 2 years my nose has shrunk even more and now turns up at the tip, making my nostrils more visible. I feel like my nose looks too short for face now, because the distance between my top lip and my nose is too far and also I now have a small bump on the nasal side wall (he didn't remove enough bone), which i try to cover with makeup everyday. I would recommend going to doctor who can create a digital image of what your nose might possible look like and not rely on someone showing you photos of their work. Otherwise your just leaving it up to them to do what they think is best and then hoping it turns out OK. Also, by not creating an image it's like their covering themselves in case it turns out completely different, so it's like they are not promising you anything. I am now considering having revision rhinoplasty to try to lengthen my nose again and get rid of the small bump on the side of my nose. I have even been researching and getting some quotes South Korean Plastic Surgeons in Seoul lately, since it seems to be the plastic surgery capital of the world and some of them have very luxurious facilities. If anyone is interested, some of the popular plastic surgery centers over there are JK plastic surgery, GNG Hospital, Grand Plastic surgery, JW beauty and VIP. I found that GNG Hospital seems to have operated on a lot of Caucasians. They have free English translators and they create a digital image of what it might look like in the future.They quoted around $8500 (tax refund might be available in Korea), which includes overnight stay, LED light treatment and said that hyperbaric oxygen therapy will begin from immediately after surgery and will be done during each post-op visit to ensure a quick, smooth recovery. Also, they give each patient two 30-minute complimentary nutritional supplement IV drips during the first night. They said I would only need to stay a minimum of 8 days in Seoul. So this option could cost around $10,000 if you add flight, accommodation etc. I'm not sure if i will have it done in South Korea or in Melbourne yet, but if I have it done here I am considering Patrick Walsh (ENT) or Richard Rahdon (PS). I heard that R.Rahdon might charge around or just under $10,000, but doesn't normally keep you hospital overnight, maybe to keep the cost down, but I think you do need to stay overnight. I'm not sure how much P. Walsh charges for revision rhino, but I have a feeling it would be about the same or more.. Does anyone else have any experience with these surgeons or have had surgery in South Korea?
  3. Hi Monaro, I had open septorhinoplasty (revision) performed by Perry Burstin. He actually does both methods depending on what he thinks is best for the person. I told him that i preferred to have closed, but he insisted on doing the open method in order to achieve what i wanted. I needed a few things done during my procedure as I mentioned in the above post and also sinus surgery at the same time. I would say just expect to have have bruising around the eye area (panda eyes) after having the open method, especially after hump removal...Surprisingly I didn't really have hardly any pain, i just felt a bit sore when I woke up in the recovery room, but then the next day when i was discharged from the hospital the pain was about 2 out of 10.... I didn't even really need to take paracetamol that often after leaving the hospital.... All the best! Shine:D
  4. Hi Mollie, Yes i got a referral from my GP because i had sinus problems too, but I'm not sure if you need one for rhinoplasty only. I would just phone his office in South Yarra (9804 8855) and ask. All the best! Shine:D
  5. Hi BellaBelle, I had a septorhinoplasty by Perry Burstin 6 months ago (in October), so i am now seeing the final result as it takes 6-12 months for the cartilage to settle into it's new shape. I really happy with it and i think it looks natural (so does everyone else), so i now have a nice cute nose:) He removed my slight hump and narrowed the sides of the bridge slightly and also reduced my bulbous tip. Plastic surgeons cost a lot more money, so that is why i went for a ENT so it wouldn't have to pay as much. My out of pocket costs ( not including hospital fees) was around $4900, which included surgeons fee+ anesthetist and also included sinus surgery, so his fees would be cheaper normally. Yeah he doesn't have a website, so at first i was not sure about him until read good comments about him on this forum. He said having a website is not really his thing and I think he relies more on word of mouth. I think you might have to wait a couple of months for your first appointment and then for surgery possibly 3-6 months. I had to wait 3 months for my surgery date, but that was because he has time off during the school holidays, so he fits in his surgeries around them. He is really experienced septo/rhino surgeon and he told me that performs around 200 a year... He has a photo album with before and after pics so you will feel more confident about his surgery ability after seeing it...i reckon. It is worth paying to see a few surgeons in the short term because it could save you heaps of money in the long term. I saved about $1000 by going to a different ENT for a second opinion/quote. I hope that helps. Shine:D
  6. The reason i had my surgery was due to having a bad Septoplasty (straightening of the septum) by an ENT in the UK. The procedure over there was free, so i was only allowed to see the local ENT. The doctor at that time reassured me that my nose wouldn't change but it totally did....i ended up with a hump + the tip became more bulbous. I also spent nearly 3 years hating my nose, but I was determined to get my nose fixed and be happy again. So i did my research, saved up, visited a couple of surgeons and found P. Burstin. I straight away felt confident in his ability, since he was very informative about the procedure, the risks and realistic expectations of Rhinoplasty. All surgeons should tell you that everyone's tissues heal differently and the nose cartilage is not like play dough, so there is never a 100% guarantee that it will turn out perfect, which is unattainable. That is why having the Rhinoplasty procedure done by any surgeon isn't guaranteed that it will turn out like you expect, because it depends your body's healing process. I think choosing a surgeon that has performed tons of operations is the way to go, since they will have loads more experience and know how to address any issues + how get around them. I think it is important for them to show you lots of evidence/photos of their work and for you to feel comfortable with them (gut feeling). Well i am finally happy with my nose. As i mentioned before i just had small changes and no one has really noticed yet. All the best. Shine:D
  7. Hi ronaldo9, I had a septorhinoplasty by Perry Burstin in October. My nose looks great now and I'm very happy with the results. There are more details about my surgery experience & his fees in the thread: ENT with cosmetic rhino experience in Melb. Shine:D
  8. Hi there, I had a Septorhinoplasty 7 weeks ago by ENT Perry Burstin in Melbourne. Before i had the operation i told him that i only wanted subtle changes to my nose, because i didn't want to look like a different person and I didn't want people to notice a big difference. He agreed with me and said that my nose only needed a few slight changes/refinement. He told me that his main aim is to make the nose look natural and in harmony with the other facial features. He showed me before and after photos of other client's to give me an idea of what he could possible do and gave me brochures about that procedure and risks etc. I must say that i am really pleased, since the changes are very subtle and not very noticeable (looks kinda like Angelina Jolie's nose now). He managed to get rid of my slight hump, narrowed the upper lateral cartilage and reduced my bulbous tip (slightly more pinched now). So i would recommend you visit him. His fees are much lower than plastic surgeons and you might even get a better result. Shine:D
  9. Hi all, Just letting you know that I decided to visit Perry Burstin and get a second quote/opinion. He gave me a lot more information (brochures) about the different procedures and showed me his photo album with tons of before and after Rhinoplasty pics. I felt more informed about the procedure and more comfortable with him. I think he’s a really nice guy and he also does volunteer work in third world countries. So I decided to go ahead with the procedure by P. Burstin. I had a Septorhinoplasty, which was combined with sinus surgery (took 3 hours) a few weeks ago. He also performed a couple of other Rhino procedures that day. Everything went ok I didn’t really have that much pain. He got rid of my hump, narrowed the sides (very slightly) and reduced my bulbous tip (sides are slightly more pinched now). It's already looking great, since the tip swelling is starting to go down more now and I’m starting to see more definition. I think eating super healthy foods before and after the procedure have helped me recover fairly quickly too. I had health insurance so they covered the hospital fees ($3500) + some of the surgeon’s fees. The out of pocket costs for the septorhinoplasty (without sinus fees) would be about $3,600 + approx $500 for anesthetist after rebates. I highly recommend him! Go for it! Shine
  10. Hi Nora, I have investigated the ENT avenue, since i don't want to pay the high fees of a plastic surgeon. I have seen Dr. Glen Burgess recently about removing a slight hump and tip reduction. He has some before and after rhinoplasty pics on his website, so i thought they looked fairly good. He said that he performs about 70-100 rhino operations a year. I haven't found any rhinoplasty reviews about him yet but there are good reviews about his other surgeries and how deals with people. I think he is very friendly and he explained in detail what he would do during the procedure.He said that he doesn't use computer images, but from what i have read about 50% of rhinoplasty surgeons don't use them, but he is a member of AAFPS so i am hoping he will be ok..? At the moment i am thinking about going ahead with having a septorhinoplasty operation by him...The fees might workout to be cheaper if you have some breathing issues (sinus or deviated septum), as rhinoplasty can be performed at the same time, so then you will get a medicare rebate for some of the surgery. I think maybe a ENT surgeon might be better then a Plastic surgeon because they deal with that area every day... I hope that helps you out.... Shine
  11. Hi! Has anyone had Rhinoplasty by ENT Glen Burgess? Are you happy with the results? Thanks.
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