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    325cc smooth unders, armpit incision
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    Dr Chan, 13th October 2011
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    5'9 53kgs was a 10B now a 8DD

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  1. Hi Princess Jasmine looks like we had surgery on the same day as I was one week post op yesterday as well!! How are you feeling? You have the shooting pain and I have had tingling arms ha ha. It has gone away now which I am happy about. Don't worry too much about the shooting pains. I think these are all the little things we have to deal with now. All the best in your recovery Lu x
  2. Thanks girls I did have the armpit incision so I guess that could be a reason why I had them down my arms. Anyway they seem to have passed now which is great. I think I may have strained myself driving so I have been taking it easier and they seem to have vanished Sleeping was hard for a few days but I made this cocoon with pillows which helped and haven't had any back pain x
  3. Hi girls, I am one week post op (BA) tomorrow and have started to get a tingling sensation from my armpit to the tip of my fingers . My right arm is the worst. It's really not that bad but just annoying. It actually makes me laugh every time because it is like a little shock! Otherwise I have had no pain really since my surgery and my boobs look great!!I know this tingling is nerves and part of the healing process but wanted to know if other girls have had the same feeling and for how long? When will this tingling stop? Thanks Lu x
  4. Hi Kathy I am not sure what you should do about your surgery as I don't have children so my situation is a bit different to yours. Everyone reacts to pain in a different way so it is hard to tell.Lifting may be a problem. My healing process has been amazing so I hope it goes as good for you as it has for me. I am amazed that I have had hardly any pain as usually I am a weak person and faint at the sight of blood ha ha. The whole journey has been incredible. I go back to work on Sunday (10days off) and feel fine. It is natural to be nervous before the surgery. This was my first time under and I was so stressed about the whole process. Lucky it happened so quick, they wheeled me in and out like a light. When I woke in recovery I was laughing so much. Nurses told me I yelled out "I have boobs" and they told me to be quite as men in the ward ha ha. Usually I am a quite person. Must have been the drugs! The whole thing has been so a great experience. You will be very happy with 325cc. I was a B cup before and now a full C. The surgeon wouldn't go any higher then 325cc HP for my frame. To be honest any bigger would have looked stupid. They look huge and swollen after surgery but after a few days they soften up. Just massage to keep them soft. Well I wish you all the best. Let me know how you go and what you decide to do. Lu x
  5. Thanks so much for your advice Lu
  6. Hi Girls. I am only 3 days post op and have been advised to wear this attractive bra for the next 3 weeks straight and then I think it is for another 3 weeks but I can take it off at night.The only thing is the weather is getting warmer. When did you all start wearing bikini again? Is it ok to have a break from the bra every now and then? It sounds stupid but I am scared to do the wrong thing as I love the new boobs and really want to look after them ( I am caring for them like they are made of glass). Any advice? Thanks
  7. Hi, I wouldn't worry about taking too much stuff to the hospital. I packed this big bag and ended up staying in the hospital gown the whole time. It was much more easier as you can't really move much at first. They give you the stockings in hospital which you wear and take off when you get discharged (keep them as they are good for when you fly). I agree with fill em back up - Rivers have loads of them button tops. I got a cheap one from Target but the rest of the time I have been wearing singlets which I just step into from below rather then pulling over my head. Really you just need comfy easy access clothing. Most of my old tops still fit me actually they just look better. Baby wipes are handy for the hospital as well. Good luck with the surgery.
  8. Hi everyone, Well I finally had my BA done with Dr Chan on Thursday & I am so happy with the results. The whole experience was amazing! The only thing I didn't like was coming out of the anesthetic. I was in la la land for most of the day. Was glad when that feeling went away! As for my boobs they look amazing.!! I ended up going 325cc, smooth under the muscle and they look fantastic. I was really worried about the size as I am 5ft 9 and have a small frame but they look great, very natural. I have been amazed by the whole healing process. I am 2 days post op and have had hardly any pain. The only pain I have had is from the stitches in the underarm but the scar area there looks very tiny. I do have a bit of pain when I massage too but I don't need to rush for the pain meds. Have been a bit tired too but I think that is normal. Overall it has been a great experience and I would recommend it to all of you thinking about getting a BA. This forum has been a great help to me so I thank all you girls for sharing your stories and advice Lu X
  9. Hi, I finally went to see Dr Chan about two weeks ago and have booked my surgery in for October. I'm super excited and feel like I made the right choice! Its so hard with so many options out there! I got a bit confused with sizes but go there in the end! I wish you the best of luck on your decision!! The surgery is expensive but I think it will be worth every penny!!
  10. Hi, I am new on here and would love to hear from girls who have had BA surgery with Dr Chan in Perth. I have finally saved all my money and decided to take the plunge after many years of wishing for bigger boobs!! Something is drawing me to Dr Chan as his work looks really natural!! Also can someone please tell me how long you think I would need to take off work, and what is the average cost for BA surgery in Perth? Thanks
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