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  1. So I'm now 3 mths PO,and my boobs seem to have stayed the same for the past few weeks. My surgeon said that in the first 12 mths is when any changes will happen. What other changes are expected to happen?. The swelling went down ages ago,they dropped nicely into place and they look really natural. If they fluffed a bit bigger and came a bit closer together in the middle I would be wrapped,but somehow I don't think that will happen. For those of you who have had their BA for 12mths,what other changes happened for you after the 3 mth Mark? (If you can remember!) thanks xx
  2. Wow congrats Inde!. What amazing news!. When are you due?,around August?. At least you will be big in the cooler months...it's much more comfortable being pregnant then (I have done both summer and winter pregnancies... Winter ones are heaps better) I was always starving when I was preg,even in the early days. Take care of yourself xx
  3. I love the le tan mousse rather than in a can. But... Hubby can't stand the smell of it. I'm now using palmers moisturiser with a gradual tan in it. It works quite quickly and has a really nice smell to it. For the face,I just do one less application on my face than what I do to my body.
  4. Oh good...thankyou both of you!. I had a feeling it might have something to do with me not having much breast tissue to start with. Thanks for putting my mind at ease xx
  5. I'm 7 weeks post op,and have only noticed the other day that on my left boob near the end of my incision,if I press lightly just above my incision I can feel a little popping sensation,and an edge of my implant (I'm assuming?). It's slightly on my right as well,but I notice it more on my left. To look at,you can't see anything different. Though I can now see a slight angle at the bottom of my boob,only because I know what I'm looking at. One of the pics has my finger where I can see the little angle,but it's a crap iPad pic so I don't think it's that clear. is this normal or am I being paran
  6. Well I hit the 6 week post op Mark yesterday...how time flies!.i discovered I have mondors cords a couple of days ago,they aren't giving me any hassle or pain,just one of those things I have to wait out I guess. I'm pain free now,still wearing micropore tape on my incisions until I get the all clear next Tuesday from my surgeon. I'm looking forward to getting sized up for bras and to wear something other than crops. I went bra less today...was awesome wearing a dress without a strapless bra,that didn't actually fit me anyway
  7. Thanks Inde xx I have an appt with Mark coming up soon so will get him to check on it
  8. So this morning I discovered this. It's on both sides but more so under my left boob. You can't see it unless I'm sucking in my tummy and pulling the skin tight under my boobs. My initial thought was mondors cords,but thought I would check in here first. I will be 6 weeks post op tomorrow. It is tender when the skin has been tightened,but not massively painful. Normally it doesn't hurt at all. Any ideas?
  9. Haha I had farting boobs too!. It didn't last for long but was very strange at the time!.
  10. Glad it all went well...rest up and I hope the nausea settles for you soon!
  11. Best of luck Mayne Girl...can't wait to hear all about it!
  12. Yep I have dual plane,lots of girls on here have that placement. Woohoo on 500cc!. Can't wait to see your results!. 6 days is going to fly by!.
  13. So sorry you are feeling like this. I'm now 1 mth PO,but when I first got my BA,I was worried for the first few days that I had gone too big. I felt fat and frumpy,and wasn't really liking clothes on me.I was stressing out so much. I was happy that I had boobs,but I so in love with them straight away. But then I kept on telling myself that I'm just not used to having boobs so anything is going to look big in comparison to before. Plus from reading everyone's experiences on here,I knew deep down that there were lots of changes happening,even though deep down you hope to just wake up with beauti
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