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  1. So I am considering getting some temporary chin filler injections to make my chin look more pronounced. As it is I think its just simply too weak and I want to try temporary ones first then if I really like them I can move onto permanent after a year or so. So basically the 2 images are 1 of me normally (side view) on the left and one of me on the right with what I hope the chin fillers could produce. I am just after a subtle effect to move it out a little. I just wondered on what your thoughts here would be and if this is realistic. Maybe some who has had chin fillers could tell me if this could be possible. Anyway here are the pics and I edited the chin going out a little more on a surgery simulator. Your feedback please
  2. well yeh that would be possible with the chin and upper lip but its not much use for shrinking the nose.
  3. ah ok. Well in this post I was more interested in how the surgeons work rather than getting opinions on my nose but ok I can show it again if anyone wants to give me their opinion. I am a guy by the way. Both the images are side view so you can see what I mean with the length of it. From the front I think it looks fine. I am either considering a nosejob or chin enhancement to make my face more proportional with my nose/face preferbly not both but anyway here the pics: http://www.imagebam.com/image/a1c660263562016 http://www.imagebam.com/image/8c3755263562014
  4. I am asking this because I am going to talk to a professional surgeon sometime this month and I really am not sure how they work. So my nose I am not fond of and perhaps looking to get it shortened. I seem to be in dispute with my family and best friend as they say I do not need it but I know I do. What I am really looking for is an un bias medical opinion on whether its scientifically proportional to the rest of my face. Do cosmetic surgeons generally offer this advice? Do they generally advise you or not advise you to have something done surgically based on if they think its worth doing? I also worry they would just say yes to whatever I would want done just so they can get richer but for anyone who is experienced in dealing with surgeons how do they generally work in relation to what you want?
  5. Like generally do they ever go wrong a lot? even if you have a well reputed surgeon who is good is the chances of it going wrong still high?
  6. When you see a surgeon are you ever given the opportunity to see your face in a before and after surgery computer graphical image? if they got your pic they could edit it with how it could look after a nose reshaping for example or a chin implant. Do plastic or cosmetic surgeons ever give you the chance to see this? I am thinking being in the high tech age we are in they would perhaps be able to do this somehow but I may be wrong just asking. I have also heard of ones online that can be used. Has anyone here used one? do they know where to get it? please say where if so.
  7. ah I get it. You think a very mild dose of injection would do my top lip justice?
  8. what you mean you need to inject down? you mean inject the lower lip to affect the upper lip?! sorry I lost here lol
  9. Well I don't think it matters as the procedures are generally the same universally.
  10. No not in a state I in the UK. Also I should mention I would like it permanent although I would consider having a temporary injection just to see how it looks first.
  11. I am a male of 32 and am considering a lip injection to increase the size of my top lip a TIIINNNY bit (view pics) I am fine with the bottom lip but the top lip just seems too thin and I have always thought this. With a lip enhancement injection would it either be a full injection or no injection at all? I really only want a very tiny amount in my top lip to make it a little bit plumper. I want to "tweak" my top lip. Is this possible? can anyone recommend anything? could a plastic surgeon just add a little to the top lip? thx.
  12. Thanks ladies for your honesty. Yes I think I need to ask some pro's see what they think can be done. I need to try and find one first but there are so many I really don't know how to begin finding the right one but I will try. I am in England also. Also is there any sort of "virtual" plastic surgery face editor thing online?
  13. I am a 32 year old male. Check my pic pls. I have always hated my chin it just sticks "in" too much rather than out and just looks weak and I think my nose is a little too big. I really would like to perhaps do one of 2 things but I am not sure which to do or which would make my face look a little better. I would like perhaps a chin implant to move it out a quarter or half inch or something and with my nose perhaps someway to shorten or change the shape so it looks less pronounced. I am thinking also maybe if I had the chin implant I may not need the nose operation as it may make it look more in proportion to the rest of my face but I am not sure and am really kind of wary of asking a surgeon as they may just say I need everything done so they can get richer. Preferbly I would perhaps rather have a chin op than a nose op as the scarring risk is less and the procedure does not seem as complex nd am hoping the chin op would be enough to even out my face and maybe not make my nose look out of proportion but am not sure. So any thoughts on what you should think I should have done? I mean what would be best the chin implant and/or nose surgery? I am just after some random feedback and realise you are not medical experts. Thanks people!
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