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  1. I had mine in for 8 years, at age 33 to 41. I had, and again have, an A Cup, bordering on a B. I had 250 cc in but he pockets where made too small so the implants were squeezed and I had quite some projection and therefore stretching out of my breast and skin tissue, especially on the left side. - so to your question, do they sag? No mine dont. No stretchmarks either. I am back to what I had before the implants pretty much. Directly after removing the implants the breasts will be looking deflated, but that will improve over the course of the next few months up to a years. They fluff up
  2. Okay here goes, I had implants in the past, but had them removed 5 years ago due to capsular whatever it is called but also the fact that the surgery was a disaster from day 1 with me having two completely different breasts that were embarassing to say the least. I had those implants for 10 years, 220 and 250 cc low profile ones, 2.9cm projection and they gotten me from a flat A to a large B sorta small C. Anyway out they went 5 years ago, through the public system here, and me ending up again with a disaster, as they took too much from my right breast (capsule removed and removed some t
  3. Hi Ladies I used to have implants for 10 years but had them explanted 5 years ago due to complications from the get go.... Anyhow I am considering implants again as they're just little and deflated and meh..... However, there has been a mistake made when I had the implants removed, meaning I have two different breasts now because they removed a tad too much from my right breast. So if I was to go under the knife again I would want someone thats experienced with that they doing and probably knows a bit about reconstruction. So I wonder any suggestions / recommend
  4. Hey- there's a few places you can go, Injex Clinic at Capalaba (Dr. Binanca or Nurse Hannah for Lips), they use perlane $ 370 / ml. If you want Juvaderm Laser Clinics Shannon at Queens Plaza or North Lakes Rennee Leith $ 389/ ml. Those are the places I go Oh adding on, I personally like Juvaderm better as it lasts longer and if you feel they are a little deflated just drink water and they sell up again. - Injex also uses Emervel, I had Emervel Lip once and I actually like that filler too - Perlane is just very rigid
  5. Thank you girls I shall look into those! This time I really want to get it right as good as it can be. Having gone from nice but small boobs to a ok right and distorted left to now ok left but distorted right one and small again there seems no winning.
  6. Hey Im looking at augmenting my breasts again. I used to have implants for 10 years but developed a capsular thingy and they where never nice so I had them removed 3 years ago. However they did something wrong then too now my other breast that was fine is distorted. Not that they can be called boobs anyway being an A Cup. Soooo, I'm looking at finding a surgeon that also knows reconstruction, can deal with asymmetry in Brisbane. I don't want huge breasts just a smaller C Cup be ok. Anyone having recommendations and ideas on pricing? Ta ?
  7. I have it, nothing to freak out about Lasting 2 years though I can say for me that is NOT true, first time I had Volbella, with a price tag of $ 700 - oh its going to last 2 years- 5 months later- gone! I now have Perlane in the tear troughs, that is a bit a thicker product, so will see how long that lasts. Saying that, 1 ml $ 370 is ok even if it is NOT lasting a year Will need to go again but, as I have quite some hollows (probably more likely a surgery candidate start of next year ;))
  8. Laser Clinics Shannon or Injex Clinic at Capalaba, also fantastic pricing
  9. Yep Been seeing Sue from Cottontree Injectables for quite a while before I discovered LCA. Fantastic lady, very down to earth with great experience. Not as cost effective as LCA but worth it as always great and long lasting results. In fact I go and see her soon for some Sculptra Alternatively Laser Clinics at the Plaza, Shannon but also have seen Janette, both lovely girls who take their time and give you advise, not just "walk in, jab jab, and out"
  10. I've seen that a few of your girls have mentioned "after health insurance refund" in regards to braces and veneers, wondering what are your recommendations of which provider? I have gone through a few but don't seem to find too much about Veneers? Thank you
  11. Hi Girls Just wondering if anyone here has used Sculptra? And if so how satisfied are you? Also any recommendations on where- eg. I am looking at Brisbane / Sunshine Coast Area Thinking about Sculptra to generally voluminise my face, especially Temples, Cheeks, preauricular area ... Cheers Mannie
  12. Thanks for the Thailand Tip ? I've already dirt off decided I'll do the veneers overseas, it's ridiculous expensive here ? Now just to decide when ? Pfft regarding that guy you been seeing a few times and his comment- f$&@ him off alright, that's already negative and pushy to start with ! You want a guy that's supporting you in your decisions, no matter what ?
  13. Thank you, still not quite where I want them but, wanting veneers now for the first 6 upper ones, as we expanded the jaw and had to reshape some teeth in width to fill gaps ;/ Now to find someone that doesnt charge and arm and a leg for 6 porcelain veneers (just doing the uppers).
  14. I second the opalescence, 35%, I bought mine of Amazon (the gel). I do have custom trays but, from the dentist, that are actually my after braces retainers lol - I just abuse them for teeth whitening trays as well. It takes a few applications as its a gradual process but yes they become nice and white :)))
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