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  1. I went with a shopping list of procedures and before going over many of the agents and hopsitals said no problem can do in one surgery. I sent the same info to PIAC and got a medically responsible response of two surgeries to be confirmed when there and he could touch and feel. At the consult he wanted to only to lipo this time and the belt lipectomy in 12 months but we came to a combined decision of inner thigh lipo, abdo lip and the MAJOR abdo surgery. NOT at all sorry about the outcome as boobies are ok - and the PS's in Australia and my PS in Thailand agree. Hope that helps. AND my best advice is get a medically responsible PS! Mine didn't want to do the thigh because of the risk of deep vein thrombosis .. I'm still alive but took all advice and suggestions and followed them.
  2. I had my Extended TT with PIAC and two rooms up is the Dental area. I found out later that the Dental area is not linked to the hospital rather they rent the space - so I think the prices were jacked up a bit compared to 'street shop front' prices. Having said that I paid about $1300 for two permanent crowns (molars) then another $70 for clean and filling. My original quote for whitening (ZOOM) was 20 000Bht but when I went to get it done I was requoted as 10 000Bht. The dental lady looked and said it couldn't be done because of the cleaning and filling and to return 5 days after the filling to have them whitened. I was flying in two days time and it didn't bother me too much to have it done and when they realised I was flying they said they could do it that morning. I chose to visit a friend on Bon Island, drink Pina Colada's, have a scrummy lunch before flying. Hope this helps.
  3. Hello ladies (and any men online too) I'm almost 5 weeks post op and fly home soon and have beautiful caring treatment from Dr Rushapol through PIAC. I ummed and aghed about who to go through and considering my surgery meant a minimum 3weeks post op I settled for Phuket over Bangkok. I am a independent traveller so balked at the concept of staying in a resort and going on a group tour and so connected with PIAC. Apart from a few little things which don't weigh too heavy (slight language barrier) I will recommend the centre. It is well known for gender reassignment (by Australians) and I figured if they do that delicate work sorting out my post baby and weight tummy hangover would be a sinch! Dr Rushapol is sweet and gave me answers which were MEDICALLY RESPONSIBLE. I wanted a shopping list of work and the makeover agency's Dr's responses were, YES, YES, YES. Dr Rushapol's responses were no, too much at one time, too dangerous, would require a blood transfusion. At my consult he gave a suggestion of certain procedures now and come back in 12 months after the body has settled to determine the tummy operation. I told him I wanted the tummy sorted out on this trip and what I could live with until 'next time'. So together we came to a plan - 9hr surgery and 12hrs under and man I look hawt now compared to the massive belly bulge and overhang! I decided to remain here a little longer to ensure best service and as such I've done about four extra 'drop in's to the clinic with minor concerns ... and it's all included - as it should. I have my last check up on Monday and should fly home Wednesday. Where did I stay - far far away from tourist ville - OK, far far away by Phuket means. I stayed in a relatively untainted village of Rawai in a two bedroom villa with my own private pool (which I've not been able to use ) I've hired a car and gone on adventures, met frang locals and gone out with them forging networks where I now have a house on a beach to use when I come over next (babysitting her place when she is doing overseas tours or living in Europe). Girls if you're strong enough to head overseas to have surgery, you're strong enough to organise it through the the hospital itself. Jump and you will sail and soar to greater heights. Go well and if you want to have an extended TT or Belt Lipectomy send me a message and I'll give you before and after pix! I am so hawt!
  4. Thanks ... procedure all done and complete before this reply was accessed.
  5. There's pseudo compression garments available in Myers and DJ's and a Dr Rey line in Target. I'm having an extended TT and was advised to get it through http://www.raineywear.com/ or http://designveronique.com/ After lots of tooing and frooing I went through ebay and researched the gear there and got a few different ones. Have surgery nest week (Oct 24 and 27) so will know how they go and which is better. P.S> I was in Perth just over two weeks ago and both DJ's and Myers have a good range. I'd go Spanex first off I think.
  6. I was booked with Dr Boonchai with a makeover company but after research of companies and hospitals went direct with PIAC. I fly out Thursday for a consult with Dr Rushapol on Saturday and surgery on Monday ... going with a shopping list and will see what is decided on Saturday. Talk to Helen at PIAC and get information that way. Go well.
  7. Hi princess from WA! Organised you are, I'm trying to organise my compression suit via android! Pain in the arse that is! Back next week, will touch base before you head out. xoxo C
  8. Can anyone tell me if this site is still selling? I have limited internet access and can't determine it with the phone access I'm currently using Thanks C
  9. Thanks for the info Desertdoe ... I"m just looking now for insurance ... Looked at GPS but it doesn't cover my hospital so I've asked for a quote ...
  10. I'm going with Dr Rushapol and once I get there will determine final procedures. I figure the hospital that does gender reassignment has to be good, but interested in responses all the same.
  11. I'm considering them checking out my sensitivity whilst the others jobs are healing. I'm going through the Phuket International Hospital so trusting them. I've got prices but will at least have a look see then I'm there.
  12. If you haven't told them already it's for a good reason so follow your heart and go with that. I've only told one sister and brother and all the rest will find out whenever ... I don't care! Once I've made my decision it's made. Besides you could have complications here in Australia too. Go, trust, believe and enjoy!
  13. Did you go through PIAC or an agent? Sorry to hear the stuff ups ... and good to hear going well with BIH. You there during my stay? Going by yourself or with someone? I have a spare room at a villa if you know of anyone wanting decent accommodation for a small fee from Oct 30 - Nov 23.
  14. After researching and appointments in Australia I've decided to head to Phuket for my surgeries. I'm going to Phuket International Hospital and having (at this stage): Breast Lift - no implants Belt Lipectomy Dental Bladder Repair Just remembered my Pterygiums too - must look into that! Now to find travel insurance ... any suggestions? Staying in Rawai (away from tourist central) in a 2 bedroom villa with private pool and garden and helper for as long as I need. Booked through the hospital over an agent. Just felt better talking to the hospital admin staff. As PIH is known for gender reassignment I may come back with a new set of ... BUT all things considered I thought if they do that it must have a decent reputation.
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