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    All procedures with Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket were booked directly through the hospital. Directly message me for info & add as a friend for access to my photos x

    •13/10/11 • BA 12A-12DD • Mentor smooth round mod-plus dual plane • Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket

    • 1/8/12 • Lower blepherplasry/eye tuck • Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket

    • 12/4/2013 • Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty • Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket

    • 21/12/2014 • Fractiona co2 + Pearl laser + dramastamp face neck & chest • Dr Alia Nasser Verve Cosmetic Edgecliff • Fractional & Pearl Co2 laser + 4 threads (2 each nasofold)

    • 31/8/15 • Vaser liposculpture upper & lower abdomen + inner & outer Thighs • Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket

    • 31/8/15 • Neck & lower face lift • Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery
    Dr Piyapas • Bangkok Hospital Phuket • 2011-2015
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    5'6 135ibs was 12A now 12E
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    Model/Personal Trainer

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  1. You're better prepared than I was. I think massaging is 1 week after but check with ur PS. I heal pretty fast. I'm 4 weeks post op Monday! So I can get Botox again now ? good luck with it all x
  2. Yeah exactly! Just make sure the abdomen covers the entire area you're doing coz it'll heal with a crease if not. Like I did upper & lower abdomen so got long one but I've got a long torso also. If you've got enough time order one if its not long enough you can get another shorter one to cover the rest. I recommend measuring the length of the area u need to cover to match with the length of the product. Or contact the surgeon & ask to what length needs to be covered first otherwise yep spot on x
  3. I would get a bra & a waist strap. Coz u may not need the bra like this. Everyone's different. R u having implants or a lift? Get a compression bra & a strap if ur getting implants to go much larger but the surgeon will tell u afterwards if u need this. Think of when u need to use the restroom & when u first do them u have a catheter inside u, they remove it the next day plus a drip and u can drink so u need to pee & it's not ideal to remove the whole garment every time u need to use the restroom. This was my exact thinking, get a one piece, but nope, it's more annoying post op & i got a merena stomach strap I've seen them online about $70 but u can get the compression underwear that come up high u can wear those over too for extra support but they may not come high enough in the torso & a separate compression bra so when u need to use the toilet u can keep ur bra on plus not remove ur whole dress then take the whole suit off just the waist down. Am I making sense? If I realised this before I bought a suit before I went & then bought separates again I would of saved $450.
  4. Hmmm Im a PT & nutritional medicine student. Although spot reduction is impossible in fat loss, try l-carnitine (supplement) with 45 mins fasted (no food in ur system) cardio each morning before breakfast after u wake up. Along with a diet planned for u & weight training program. See a PT & nutritionist or dietician. Im 3.5 weeks post op & came back to the gym last Friday as I'm concerned about fat depositing in other areas now. Best of luck.
  5. Hey So I made a mistake with my compressions. I purchased a suit as I got thigh lipo also one that's on the waist has straps over ur shoulders & comes to the knee. So, I have a long torso, so when it's on it was about 7cm short from my bustline which would of made a crease in my results. So I needed to buy a merena elastic Velcro strap around one which in Thailand is quite pricey. If I had got it before leaving Australia it would of been less than 1/4 the price of what I paid for it there. But you can't not get it as then you've wasted the money on the lipo. Second, if you're having thighs & abdomen, get separate compression pieces such as shorts and abdomen not a onesie as even though it has a hole (I guess so u can use the restroom) try doing that in 90% humidity outside & sleeping & the number of times u use the restroom in a day it's impossible so I ended up having to remove everything then put everything back on. As soon as I was able to I bought shorts & kept the merena I didn't use the one piece anymore. Also get 2 of each if u can as you need to wear it full time for a while in still in mine full time so when you're washing one get the other. Black is good coz u don't see sweat & body marks but nude is better if u wear light colours. Take maxi dresses with u or long t shirt style dresses that don't crease pretty loose airy. The looser the better u can just throw over ur head or step into.
  6. Hey girl PIAC has just been bought by Bangkok Hospital Phuket. When I did my BA I was 62kg & I'm almost 170cm tall & an A cup very flat. Was recommended to go under the muscle but I wanted over & decided to come to the middle of dual plane. I also got 550cc's. Had no rippling & they look natural. Ive got pix on my albums. Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket
  7. I think this would be the preferred time for any surgery but if you choose to do surgery in Thailand for whatever reason that may be, it doesn't get cold like winter but theres so many great things you can do while recovering on vacation that also makes the healing time more pleasant.
  8. Hey I had baser lipo 2 weeks ago dr piyapas bangkok hospital Phuket. So far it's great! Just need to now start exercising & dieting to get back into shape while I'm healing still Definitely recommend my surgeon & hospital, had great results from my last procedures I keep coming back
  9. ? Thailand is a lot warmer climate to Australia. Not sure if you're having shaving or breakage but if you are you'll have a cast on for a week or so which I found to be uncomfortable if I went out during the day while on as it sweats underneath the cast in the heat. If you're in aircon it's fine though just outside. Night time was ok & every night in Thailand is late night shopping & shows & restaurants anyway. There's indoor things to do if you get bored like shopping centres & movie cinemas & some shows but take ur laptop or mac with a usb of movies to watch unless your hotel has DVDs for the daytime while u have the cast on. Best of luck
  10. Oh girl! I only paid about $6,000AUD for Dr Piyapas to do my rhino & septo & that included everything with 2 nights in hospital except my flights & hotel. Don't pay $18,000
  11. Hi all Anyone here had experience waist trainer? I know training with abdominal muscle control stops those muscles from working while you train therefore after prolonged use of training other areas the waist will become smaller but it won't work without the proper nutrition with it. Im actually thinking of getting one to supplement my abdominal lipo compression once I can get rid of my current compression & wondering before I order if anyone knows the quality & feel of both elastic & latex. Pros/Cons each Thanks for sharing
  12. My friend found a lady who did an amazing job in the Gold Coast. She flew up from Sydney just for her. She's on Instagram @amyjeaneyecontour www.amyjean.com.au
  13. Hey I had rhino & septo done early 2013 Dr Piyapas Bangkok Hospital Phuket. There are photos in my profile but it's on private I think u need to add me as a friend. I had a bump & tip shortened.
  14. Pack baby wipes, hand sanitizer, your compression garments, loose comfortable clothes, Imodium or sachets of gastrolyte (just in case), waterproof dressings & a roll off cling wrap. I sometimes can't eat much with all the post op meda which u need to take with food so a small container of sugar free whey protein isolate (supermarkets have but sports stores have better ones)
  15. Next on my list is upper & lower Invisalign Seen good & bad results Any recommended orthodontists in Sydney's CBD or Eastern Suburbs Also if anyone claimed on health insurance what they got back? Thanks All x
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