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  1. Congrats Rhiannon! That is awesome news. I had mine done with Dr Tavakoli in 2009 and couldn't be happier. And don't worry, I didn't do the 3 surgeons rule either, i was so happy with KT that I booked him without seeing any others, but I too did a lot of research @Miss_Abbie - Good luck for your upcoming surgery, and get well soon!
  2. Thanks for all the replies, I'm still on the hunt for a surgeon. I'm thinking of having a consult with my PS who did my Boobs (Dr Tavakoli) as everything went amazing with him. Very exxy at $250 for a consult but i'll we shall see how it goes!
  3. Congrats! Dr T was my surgeon as well and he's great. I remember everything about my surgery exactly as you explained it... haha. And when you wake up it's like you've been asleep for 5 minutes!
  4. I have also got messages from 'Sophia' saying things like "You look great hun", 'Love the avatar pic"....He/She also gave me their mobile number.... Don't know if it's real or not. I was also suspicious but now I totally beleive it! I also never share nude pics either, there' just too many weirdo's out there! It's such a shame that some sick person would go to the effort on this forum for girls who genuinely want to know information about surgery. *shakes head* Just can't trust anyone! From now on I wont be accepting any friend requests or reply to messages from people who don't have a profile or avatar pic and a few decent posts!
  5. It is totally normal, they'll take weeks if not months to drop and start to feel softer. Don't worry too much, it's supposed to happen! Mine were exactly the same, I had swelling on my chest right up to my clavical bone because I was so small pre op. But I didn't see really good results until about 6-9 months out. That's when they really start to look and feel like real boobs.
  6. I had mine done with Dr Tavakoli and can't say enough good things. Yes he is a bit on the pricey side but he is the best! If money isn't as issue I would definately go with him.
  7. Hi L.Jayne, That sounds absolutely horrible, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. That is my biggest concern with Overseas Surgery, if something seems wrong who do you ask?! Dr Tavakoli did my BA in 2009 and he is amazing, so professional and friendly! You were definately in good hands with him. Wishing you a speedy recovery from Surgery #2 and hope you end up with the boobs that you had originally hoped for!
  8. Hi All, I will be commencing 12 Hypoxi treatments on Wednesday and was wondering if anyone else has done it before? I'm a bit excited to see if it works, if it doesn't then I guess I will be just wasting my money LOL. But any exercise is good exercise! I am pear shaped and am hoping it will help me shed the extra centimeters from hips, thighs and butt. Pleeeaaassseee work!
  9. Hi People, Long time no post! Just wondering what your opinions are on choosing a different surgeon for your second procedure if you were to have one? Even if your first surgeon was amazing and you have nothing to say but good things about them, but they have raised their prices quite significantly in recent months? This is my situation! I don't know if I should just suck it up and pay the extra $$$ for a rhinoplasty because I he did an amazing job on my boobs, or shop around?? As all of you would know it's so hard to find someone you can trust, so I don't know if I should shop around! What do you guys think?? Also, if anyone is happy to disclose the full price of their Rhinoplasty surgery this would be extremely helpful as I don't really know what the ballpark figure is for other Aussie surgeons. Not keen on overseas surgery. Thanks!
  10. Good luck to all the ladies who are having their surgery done by Dr Tavakoli! I had mine done in August 2009 by him and everything was great. His staff are great, he is great, they are very professional and have tonnes of experience... I can't say enough good things about them.
  11. Good luck with you surgeries! I went with Dr Tavakoli and can't say enough good things about him. Yeah he is a bit expensive but it's worth it. I would do it all over again if I could. all the best!
  12. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has used or heard anything (good or bad) about Dr Michael Zachariah in Sydney?? I am on the prowl for a surgeon to do Rhinoplasty! If anyone has any info about him, or any other surgeons in Sydney that have done Rhinoplasty with good results I would appreciate it. Thanks
  13. The time beteen my first consult and surgery was about 9 months. I had the consultation in December of 2008 and my surgery in August 2009. The reason for the massive gap is because I am in the Military and was due to go on a 4 month overseas deployment in 2009, so would rather have had the surgery done afterwards incase of any complications. I liaised with my Surgeons staff through email while I was away and booked my surgery for a week after I returned to Australia... although I did have a quick follow up visit the day before surgery just to ensure we were still on the same page with the recipe for my surgery! And lucky I did because I ended up getting bigger implants and having them placed above the muscle.
  14. Hey there, i guess everyone has their own opinions but I went with Dr Tavakoli and love everything about it. I will definetly be going back to him for more surgery later. Good luck though!
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