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    Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, 12 Aug 2009
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  1. Congrats Rhiannon! That is awesome news. I had mine done with Dr Tavakoli in 2009 and couldn't be happier. And don't worry, I didn't do the 3 surgeons rule either, i was so happy with KT that I booked him without seeing any others, but I too did a lot of research @Miss_Abbie - Good luck for your upcoming surgery, and get well soon!
  2. Hi blondie425 I've sent you a friend request ,I am considering over also as I am now in the gym quite a lot ,ywould you mind sharing yr photos please ,.the closer my ba comes the more I am questioning which way to go Thanks

  3. Thanks for all the replies, I'm still on the hunt for a surgeon. I'm thinking of having a consult with my PS who did my Boobs (Dr Tavakoli) as everything went amazing with him. Very exxy at $250 for a consult but i'll we shall see how it goes!
  4. Hey darl, how is your recovery going? Hope the new boobs are doing very well! xx

  5. Congrats! Dr T was my surgeon as well and he's great. I remember everything about my surgery exactly as you explained it... haha. And when you wake up it's like you've been asleep for 5 minutes!
  6. I have also got messages from 'Sophia' saying things like "You look great hun", 'Love the avatar pic"....He/She also gave me their mobile number.... Don't know if it's real or not. I was also suspicious but now I totally beleive it! I also never share nude pics either, there' just too many weirdo's out there! It's such a shame that some sick person would go to the effort on this forum for girls who genuinely want to know information about surgery. *shakes head* Just can't trust anyone! From now on I wont be accepting any friend requests or reply to messages from people who don't have a profile or avatar pic and a few decent posts!
  7. It is totally normal, they'll take weeks if not months to drop and start to feel softer. Don't worry too much, it's supposed to happen! Mine were exactly the same, I had swelling on my chest right up to my clavical bone because I was so small pre op. But I didn't see really good results until about 6-9 months out. That's when they really start to look and feel like real boobs.
  8. I started massaging mine after about 3 weeks, when all of the stitches were out and the wounds were closed up. Dont worry too much, It makes sense that one is more swollen than the other. One of mine dropped a bit quicker then the other I was worried about that but they're good now. Oh don't worry about stress, I was in tears one day because i was massaging and heard this popping noise, I freaked out and rang the nurse in tears and she said not to worry cos it was only fluid reabsorbing into my body haha whoops!! I remember feeling soooo sleepy after the surgery and my boyfriend drove me home and i was propped up in the car (sleeping) with pillow and blanket, then for the rest of the week i just bummed around the house and in bed in my pjs and took those amazing drugs which made me feel like i was on cloud 9! hahaha, I wish I could do it again! On my 3 day post op visit I was falling asleep in Dr T's waiting room cos i'de taken a pill about 30 minutes prior...lol, good times!

  9. ohh.. I see, yea the tuberous talk makes sense to me now.. lol My mum at something like that but worse, one of her muscles didnt form so she only grew one breast and had to get multiple surgeries growing up.. She wants to see Dr Tavakoli now lol.. haha yeah lucky man.. my boyfriend cant wait till he gets to start massaging them, the nurse said not to do too much to them in the first few weeks, once i go to see Dr T again on friday he will tell me what i should do.. but i am soooo sooo paranoid that ***** is going to go wrong.. im the biggest stress head ever.. im still freaking out big time that the left is still more swallen then the right!!! yeah His nose jobs are very good.. and subtle! :) i went to the private hospital.. closer to my grandma, because i live in Newcastle so i wanted to stay overnight... Yes very lucky that you waited.. no need to rush it :)from what i can see they look great . x

  10. (My message was too long, so here's part 2) Tuberous breast haven't developed properly and dont sit like normal boobs do, and they're kind of tube or cone shaped. Dr Tavakoli has a before and after gallery on his website for tuberous breast deformity if i'm making no sense, lol. Lucky mine were only very mildly tuberous and really small so all he needed to do was put implants in. Some girls can have severe tuberousness and really big boobs which can be a huge problem for surgery cos most of the time they have to get a lift and implants. I'm going to book another consult with Dr T soon cos i want to get a Rhinoplasty. Did you go to North Shore Specialist Day Surgery or To the Private hospital?

  11. So glad you're happy with them now! :) Hopefully you'll recover really well. I can't beleive that first doctor butchered you like that! I'm so hesitant about overseas surgery, I rang Dr Tavakoli's nurse a few times in my first few weeks cos i was so paranoid! I even thought I had CC developing around one of the incisions, turs out i was just crazy and it was scar tissue developing. Just had to massage it out. Although my boyfriend did all of the massaging Hahaha! It was so tiring, and I could just lay there and watch TV when he did it :) I got mine done in August 2009, although my first consultation was in December 2008. I'm in the military so I had to go overseas for work for 4 months and didn't want them done before incase anything went wrong. So, booked the surgery for one week after I flew back to Aus and had another consult the day before my surgery (lucky I did, cos that's when we changed our minds to put above the muscle and go bigger implants).

  12. Hi :) No worries.. Yeah i have always herd people say if your tossing up between two sizes.. go the bigger one lol Well first when i went overseas i got 400cc.. cohesive gel, high profile I started at an A cup if that haha..about a week later i was dissapointed when the swelling went down lol Dr Tavakoli he used the Brizilan implants to help stay in place with my mucsle to prevent the implant falling out like it did in the left breast the first time and to prevent capsular contractions which also happend last time... i had to get permanent stitches in the left muscle also.. but he went 560cc high profile under the muscle .. i love the size now.. exactly what i wanted althought there is still alot of swelling in the left breast because he had to do alot more work to that one.. im finally happy .. yay lol How long have you had yours done for?? and what is tuberous?? x

  13. Hi L.Jayne, Thanks for the friend request. My implants are high profile cohesive gel 425cc, and I got them above the muscle because i was tuberous. In my very first consult I was going to get 380cc but soooo glad i didn't! Very happy with mine, although sometimes I do get a bit of booby greed wishing they were a teeny bit bigger. But then again they are easy to disguise if need be and I can always wear a good push up bra! Originally I was and A cup, not even. And now i'm a D cup, sometimes fitting into a double d, depending on the bra. What did you get? Are you happy with them so far? :)

  14. Sounds good! Take heaps of photo's cos they change so much over the next 12 months. I was just looking at my pics yesterday of 1 day post op and SHEESH! I look like I had these scary alien boobs which were up to my neck! lol Have you been bra shopping yet? lol, I spent sooooo much money on bras after the surgery haha

  15. I had mine done with Dr Tavakoli and can't say enough good things. Yes he is a bit on the pricey side but he is the best! If money isn't as issue I would definately go with him.
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