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    dr preeyaphas thailand,november-feburary
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  1. Hey! I just saw your post.... Wow, change of plans, but at the same time that is cool that you will be able to go locally. Being a hard core bargain hunter myseldf I can understand the dissapointment!!! So when will you have your surgey with Dr Richardson? $10 000- ouch, but I guess at least you dont have to fly back to Thailand if there are any complications. I did't tell ANYbody that I knew because I knew they would give me the "Oh, no, Thailand is dangerous and you will get a 2nd rate result etc" but I felt that most of them just dont know the facts and that the hospitals and surgeons are incredibly specialised and state of the art in Bangkok. However all that said, I think having your surgery locally will have its advantages, no long flight, no risk if you have probs and you wont have to leave the kids. At least he is willing to spend the extra money to keep you safe (in his mind!)so that is a sweet gesture! So have you had a consult with Dr R?