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  1. Yeah, I remember Rachel lending me a front opening top on day 2 but I didn't need it because I could move my arms just fine and get dressed. I was as sore as when I have done a really hard work out with weights on the arms. The next day it feels like your arm muscles are a bit achey and dead but not enough to stop me from moving them. In fact I found that the more I did little movement excersices (gently swinging my arms doing circles etc) the better and less achey my boobs felt. I found that the 'morning boob' hit if I sat or lay around for any length of time. If I got up on the first day and went for a brief little walk around the room my boobs did not ache any more. So I have side tracked. Oh that is right.... hoodies, yes they probably are good so that you can take them on and off easily in this weather but I wouldn't get too worried about buying anything especially.... save your money for the awesome post boob shopping :) Seriously- you will want to show those bad girls off :)