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    Dr Tavakoli 5/3/15
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  1. Thank you Dee envy! Xxx IBR Thank you so much, I keep forgetting how stiff they are, my husband says my skin is like a compression band at the moment and once it relaxes they'll relax haha I'm hoping on that, but hearing it from you girls helps so much thank you angels xxx hi nics! Oo your so sweet there not min they were my dream boobies hehe! Good luck with evrything! X xxxxxx
  2. Thank you allybos x I was fine up until last night I noticed how different and small they looked, hopefully they'll look different in a good way soon I really liked them before! I went with teardrops because I loved the look on the after pictures but I guess everyone's different so it makes it hard to choose sometimes but fingers crossed! Dee envy, thank you so much, your reply actually made me feel better and hopeful again, I literally wanted to cry it was so weird, I'm definately pmsing haha, it just took my by suprise I guess the sudden swelling disappearing and yeah not dropping fully, hopefully it starts to show a little bit soon I thought about rounds but I'm quite lean so I went with tear drops your breasts look amazing!!!!!!!! They have no gap and there so full wow! Did you get mod plus aswell? Thank you so much beautiful xxxxxxxx
  3. Hi lovelies! So I'm almost four weeks post op, my breast are dropping nicely, however I feel like I've lost volume especially from the cleavage area and top, but it hasn't "dropped" into lower pole if that makes sense? So there the same at the bottom at the moment but the top is smaller, I was hoping the bottom would become fuller once they started dropping, I went with 350 teardrop mod plus, and I wish they had more shape In The cleavage area, my gap is still sitting at around 2cm, they looked really good five days ago and now they've just shrunk and look funny so much so it's making me really upset has anyone else experienced this? And has it gotten better? I wish I went bigger or maybe even rounds
  4. Ahh it's so hard isn't it! There's so many things, but then at the end of it they just say be patient! Haha my right is harder and bigger than my left, but my left hasn't filled out properly at the bottom, it's all about waiting but it's so hard hahaa! I'm getting back to normal and it's day 18 for me tomorrow, if day wait at least 10 days to start doing anything and I stopped pain meds around day 8
  5. Sarah and Herbebaymummy thank you! I was freaking out a little bit, it's the weirdest feeling! I hope it goes soon IBR I know! So many doctors say different things, do you have a compression band? I had to wear mine with the harder part on my right side because it was sitting higher and it helped mine drop, also they taught me a massage to help it push down into the pocket you kind of have to put your palm on top of your breast and feel the edge of the implant and press down on it, it'll be uncomfortable and then you hold for a few and let go and repeat
  6. Hi lovely! I know this sounds weird, but how about this, could you wear concealer? Like that Kat Von D concealer that covers scars and tattoos? Haha only an idea if you really do like him and it happens
  7. Hi beautiful ladies! So I am now Day 13 almost two weeks The pain is getting better, morning boob is actually really manageable- nothing compared to the pain of day 3 and 4. My right implant is a bit firmer, the muscles tighter because that's my dominant hand, has that been the same for anyone? My scar on the left however is bumpy and feels ropey and the right has no bumps, started to use Strataderm so hopefully it goes away! When I do my massages (squeeze them together- my cleavage is a little bit wide) the left breast it's like I feel fluid or maybe the implant, it's the strangest feeling, when I bend over I can feel it too, has anyone experienced this? I was told it's totally normal and will go away I am not wearing my bra anymore, just the compression band for a couple of hours so they can drop, apparently the compression bra keeps them up, so not wearing the bra let's then fall into place freely Thank you all so much for all your help! Just thought id write a little update, I will take photos tomorrow to post /) Xxxxxxxxxx
  8. We did discuss it but he never said it wasn't possible, he tried the 350 first and said if it didn't sit where he wanted them to then he would change them to the 330, as he always takes two sizes in There coming along, I have to basically palm each side and push in and hold three times a day a few minutes each time, I think this trains your muscle to release and let the implant sit closer, usually that's why girls have gaps, their chest muscles pull out if that makes sense and other girls it's the bone structure I'm going to just wait and see I guess Thanks so much girlies! Makes me feel better knowing it gets better! Xx
  9. Hi my lovelies! So I'm one week post op, pain is going away and I'm able to do things! But I have a little bit of a gap in between my breasts, my breasts are filled on the outside if that makes sense. I'm really hoping it's the swelling and my muscles pushing them out, my doctor said I need to massage everyday 3 times (squeeze them together almost) to bring them closer, has anyone had this? And has it worked? Ahh I hope they settle! I've seen some pictures of similar girls and they do come closer, sressing a little bit!
  10. Hi newboobs and SubtleC! I am now 5 days after my operation and am starting to feel better, in regards to size I went the bigger one and am glad I did! I'm 169cm, weighed 52 kilos on day of surgery and was a very small A. I went 350cc teardrops under the muscle mod profile plus. They are just big enough! If I had gone bigger I think it would've been too obvious for me as I wanted them natural looking, with you newboobs because you already have breast tissue 350 may look even bigger, I would go with his opinion based on the look your after, sometimes you have to go bigger to fill out the breast tissue you have
  11. Thanks so much beautiful girls! I am home now I went in and saw Dr Tavakoli and the girls today, they are honestly so amazing! Even though they were crazy busy they make sure everyone gets looked after! He explained to me that because I had virtually no breast tissue and because we went under muscle it would hurt more for someone like me because my muscles are getting adjusted which makes total sense. The pain this morning again wasn't too bad but still painful, my advice to anyone similar to me would be sleep as upright as you canwhere your arms are relaxed and not acting as support. I think because I was 45 degree angle while you sleep your arms are supporting you aswell as your back and that's why it affects your chest So yeah I'm going to continue sleeping as close to upright until morning boob pain gets less and less! I've stopped the endone and Valium, as they made me nauseas after day 3, I just have Panamax (paracetamol) when it starts to hurt and it goes away, also walking around helps and moving not staying stiff! I bought arnica tablets for my muscle pain and it's also helping Don't be scared at all! The pain may be strong for some of us but it honestly passes before you know it, just make sure you have someone with you first couple of days in case you need help getting up or anything My boobies are looking much better! Going to post some pictures again soon I highly recommend Dr Tavakoli and his team, it was so effortless and they are so understanding! I literal called them 50 times and even was able to speak to the nurse over the weekend Let me know if you guys have any questions and I wish you all the best for your Boobie journey! I already feel so much more confident and wish I had done it sooner Love T xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx
  12. Hi missy moo! Thank you so much for writing back, it makes me feel better knowing it's nothing serious I've been having to sleep on the ottoman with my legs up as that is the only way I don't wake up in excruciating pain. Today was the first day I felt okay until around 10-1030 and I realised my drain site started to bleed a little, I think I walked too much today and put stress on my body! I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow so hopefully they can tell me exactly, his nurse said for me to not wear my stabiliser or bra if it's making it hurt more I'm flying home too tomorrow so fingers crossed I wake up fine! How are you going so far? I can't wait for mine to settle and no more pain ahh! Xxxx
  13. Okay so my surgery was on Thursday and now it's Sunday, the last two nights I have woken up with the worst pain Esepcially in my right breast, so bad I cried and had to phone my mum to come help me get up! Has this happened to anyone? I have a feeling that my post op bra is a size too small and that it puts extra pressure on my new boobs, because when I take it off it feels much better but I haven't been able to reduce pain killers or endone because of the pain, it hurts on the side of my breast near my underarm and it's the worst pain I've ever felt! Everyone says day 3 and 4 are bad so hopefully tomorrow I won't wake up like this, I dread going to bed! I've emailed my surgeons nurse to see if I have to wear the bra because I think it's the culprit!
  14. Hi Beesboobs, I'm so sorry that happened to you, it's not right at all! I just had my ba with dr tavakoli and in his brochure he gave me I saw some cases of tubular breasts that came out amazing. You should definately give them a call, you should go to someone experienced to so you don't have to do it again. It could be a blessing in disguise, imagine you went with someone who didn't know and made it worse as I've heard happen, I hope everything works out for you! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxkx
  15. Hi Susie, I kind of had a littl gap, I saw Dr Tabakoli and am two days post op, have you seen him yet? His really good!
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