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  1. I'd love to know too. I have booked my surgery with a GC PS. I'm now getting second thoughts and thinking I should have shopped around more. Eeekkk
  2. Oh really caraevelyn thats not a good thing. I decided against going overseas when the cost of flights etc was going to make it the same as here in Oz. Such a scary thing to do. I look at youtube etc always checking out peoples rhino surgeries. Im booked in for end of November. Really nervous and getting cold feet lol but I've paid the total and I've wanted a new nose for so long but I'm still scared i didn't research my ps enough.
  3. Hi ladies how are the new noses and experience overseas?
  4. I personally think your nose is fine as it is. I have similar thoughts about my own nose though and some people say don't bother changing it. I'm going to see a PS and see what he says. I've been researching Brisbane, gold coast and Thailand for rhino.
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