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  1. Hi Harveybaymumm How did you pay for your surgery, did you get a loan or did you save for the liposuction, can i ask what dress size you where prior to the op and what you are now, i have been considering going to Thailand for the liposuction but it seems that from you have said its about the same price - maybe slightly more expensive. What method does he use for liposuction? Anyway congrats on your results, i may have to investigate further...
  2. Hi Maz Cheers for your reply, what size clothing where you when you went over and what size are you now? - Im a size 12 but if i keep eating like i have today i will be back to a size 18 in no time. hahah ok so maybe back to a size 14 but i wanted to loose another 10kg before i go over. I cant wait to have my arms done, i will have to post some pictures, you have no idea, they are just uck, all the females in the family have chunky arms and my are literally sagging and im 29 for god sake. im also getting my back and my stomach and my flanks and inner thighs and was also considering my knees only cause they are thick... i swear i was meant to be a boy. Do you feel really happy with your vaser? Like its probably going to cost me 20000 so i want there to be a difference... And i think you have already told me the cc amount that you got but i have forgotten, what bra size where you and what are you now? Do you have to massage them all the time, or is it just like every now and then, i will have to get a loan for that amount so i really want to make sure that i get the best outcome. I have never had a nice body, like never and if im going to live with this body for the rest of my life i want to like it, although for some reason my body just likes being fat, i have lost over 40kgs since i was 18 but i get to like 73kgs and i cant get any more off, it just wont budge so i will get the stuff sucked out instead i suppose. Anyway let me know your thoughts on your vaser and the other questions i asked. Thanks again for all your info your a gem xx
  3. Hi Maz DR P has quoted me about that as well, and he is practically giving me Vasor for my whole body, lol, did you just get a personal loan for the surgery? Are you happy with your vasor? Going by your Ticker Factory you went over in March - and it was hot then? I am planning probably going over in June next year and i am wondering what the weather will be like. Just wondering if the whole experience will be worth it. I think it will be - but still very nervous and im no where near going over. hahahaha - Can i ask how you explained to people the immediate slimmer look you had, or did it happen gradually because of the swelling. i am having a month off work so i will be going over in my first two weeks off and then having another two weeks off in Australia before returning to work - do you think that will be enough time? Im practically having exactly what you did - and Dr P has said that i have THICK skin?? lol, im pretty sure that means that i will take longer to heal but that my results will be smoother because of the thick skin. please let me know when you have your vaser results up, and let me know what your thoughts where on the outcome of them, really eager to see some people that have had all the places done that i am getting done, um so literally the whole body, lol... Thanks maz xxxxx
  4. Hi KLE and MAZ I would love to see your before and afters if possible. Maz how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking for your breasts and your vasor? Are you happy with the result, would love to hear more, pain? Did you stay for 2 weeks? Could you move after the surgery, how painfull was it? OMG so nervous.!!!!
  5. oh jessThanks for the hint on the bra i will be doing that, buying a couple of everything that is compulsary - oh and did you have drains in your boobs? if so how long where they in? and did your mum sleep on your couch, cause my mum wants too? AFter she has lipo mind you? That doesnt sound too comfortable.!!!! lol
  6. Hi Jess,Yes i am a smoker too, and although i want to give up anyway i know how fat i get when i give up, lol, like i get really fat... its like i end up asking myself, obesity or lung cancer? anyway i will have to give up to go under and i suppose its a good incentive. Did you just quit cold turkey or did you have help?I hope that your nipple has healed some and that you are on the mend, when i told my doctor what i planned on doing in Thailand her eyes nearly fell out of her head, she said its not the surgeons you have to worry about its the infections in the water... It does make me worry but with all the infections going around in the hospitals in Australia at the moment im not sure it makes a difference, i think if its going to happen it will happen. My breasts dont sag - they are too small lol but the distance between the nipple and the bottom of my breast is less then from the top of my breast, hence low lying nipple. Also have been told i have thick skin ??? Ok how rude, lol, im not sure what that means really... i have got one breast that is slightly larger then the other but i think that is pretty standard, the difference isnt massive but i suppose i havent got a doctors eye they may have to add alot more to one then the other. I really just want some tits, l dont want tear shape inplants either... just normal boobs, is that too much to ask, lol, i suppose so - cause apparently i wasnt born with them... hahah...Thanks for your message and trust me i will be doing pictures and follows up all the way through so hopefully people can learn from my experience too.
  7. Hi Kristen,Cheers for the message, i have asked R Piyapas for some feed back on some of the quotes he has sent through and its been 2 weeks since he replied i hope that he send me a message soon, did you book through the hospital directly or go through an agency... Where did you stay in Phuket Kristen?
  8. Hi KLE008,How exciting 13 days to go - i bet you cant wait if you look at my time line i have alot of time before i can go for mine, so i think you would say im over pre-paring, i bet i still dont get it all right!! lol, please let me know how you go with Dr Pipayas and what the hotel is like, i like that DEWA have a kitchen in there, so you can go and get some food and come back and prepare it yourself, they look like small beautiful apartments. I cant wait, your brother is very supportive, lol, my brother wouldnt come with me. lol, he wouldnt look after me either. Can i ask what you have decided to go with for your implants?Good luck and let me know how you go!!!!
  9. Hi there, I would love some photos as well as DR P is also going to be my surgeon !!!! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Jessiee, Thanks so much for your reply - Can i ask what type of implant you got, and how many CC's? One of my doctors suggested Tear Drop for me, but i have heard that they can move and make your boobs look all warped and stuff, and i want to get the implant that is going to have the least amount of issues, if that makes sense. Also how long did you have to wear the strap thing over your boobs, or did you have a special bra to wear, and did you buy your own in Australia or did you get one over there from Dr Pipayas. Do you smoke? Sorry bout all the questions, i have so many everytime you reply i think oh i should have asked that.... lol so i am Dude i hope that your boob gets better!!!!! Im not sure how i would react if i came home with an infection, did the doctor tell you that it was their fault over in Phuket, or did you just read that it was the infection on the skin. You see all those picture of warped boobs and plastic surgery gone wrong and it makes me wonder if im just been way to vien, but then why do i feel so happy when i think about it? Anyway let me know how you are going and i hope that everything turns out ok for you!!!
  11. Wow Jessee, That sounds great!!!! - Congrats, im so glad that you came out ok, i really wont to be close to everything but have our own kitchen - in case i wont to cook my own food etc, do any of there rooms have kitchens? I looked at the website it looks beautiful. Im so glad things went well for you, i know that i will be in pain with all the vaser im getting done, but i hope that its worth it!!! Im so nervous, Im think i will go in July - its the Rainy season then isnt it - i mean i dont really care as long as its not too hot i dont want to be sweating in a full garment. lol - not cool. Ok well thankyou so much for you information - i always have thought no i cant do that - it seems so dramatic to fly to a different country and have major surgery - but like everyone else i have worked so hard to get like 40kgs off and im still not happy - oh and my pan cakes - hahah - i cant wait to feel like a real woman.... it will be amazing... My mum is comming over with me and initially thought i was an absolute maniac but now wants to get some lipo too!!! I hope all goes well for her as well or i would feel guilty... but i probably shouldn't... Oh i did want to ask if you went through a company or did you go direct to the hospital - that is what i have done, and i have thought this might be a mistake, i might miss my surgery or something, hahaha but i couldnt be that stupid could i??
  12. Hi KLE008, Wow how exciting - are you going alone, and where are you staying, you do realise that is less than a month away now??? HOW EXCITING!!! You will have to let me know what the weather is like in July over there, its suppose to be the rainy season, but apparently the rain isnt that bad, make sure you keep us up to date...
  13. Thanks for the reply, I'm incredible nervous about the whole thing - did you go alone? and where did you stay? - I choose Dr Pipayas because i have heard so many great things about him and the only reason i didnt choose PIAC is because they have not got the Cool Lipo machine at present - apparently its being fixed. But i thought that i should probably go with Vaser anyway - I was a little worried about the hospital, i hadn't heard as much good stuff about it as PIAC and PIAC seems to be more popular, but after reading what you wrote im feeling better about it. So thankyou. How sore where you after you had the BA - and how long did you stay in Phuket did you have time to see the sights... Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi all Ok so i have decided to go with DR Pipayas at the Bangkok Hospital Phuket - I will be having Breast Augmentation And Vasor - to my inner thigh, back, flanks, lower/upper stomach and upper arms. I have been quoted just over $18 000 for the operation, and have booked directly through the hospital So now i have to book accommodation and flights. I plan on doing a before and after blog for any one that is hoping to get the same done. Im also happy for any one that has done this surgery to comment on my choice of doctor and hospital - here is to hoping it all goes well.
  15. hi there, Im not sure how to see pictures, im interested in the liposuction also, and so would love if people could share there experiences with which lipo they prefer.
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