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  1. Hi did you ever find anyone in Aus doing lip implants? I'm consider flying to the states to have the procedure done. I have the same problem as you, injections last few days.
  2. Hi can you post photos of your tummy tuck please before and afters. Much appreciated
  3. Hi, I had liposuction with dr Lanzer and was delighted with the results. I too chose him based on the reviews I read and have no regrets. Regarding the sydney doctors I don't have any experience with them and cannot comment. Good luck with your choice hope all goes well for you xx
  4. Hi girls wondering if anyone has had juverderm ultra and the Juverderm ultra plus? My injector tells me the plus looks rubbery and prefers not to use it though I am finding the ultra has a great appearance for he first few days then disappears. I have had it done five times now 5mls at a time in a space of 5 months. Getting expensive. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks
  5. Hi busy mum, apologies for the delay in replying. Went with dr lanzer and am extremely happy with the result. Cant recall how much fat was removed however the results are obvious. I had my legs, hips, stomach abdomen done and everyone has commented on how good I look. However I must admit I was in a bit of pain for a couple of days and uncomfortable when sleeping for a few weeks, could only sleep on my back but hey, no pain no gain. How did you go with Dr Chan,a re you happy with your result also?
  6. Hi I would love to see photos of your lips. Can someone tell me how to do this please? Also Amelia can you give me the nurses name who injected you please?
  7. Hi newbie, just wondering whether you went with dr Lanzer. I'm having mine done in a couple of weeks and am very excited. Did you proceeded and are you happy with your results? looking forward to your response.
  8. I'm curious now busy mum I will google Dr Chan however I'm booked to go and have paid a non refundable deposit. Certainly will let you know the outcome though. Good luck with it all. To be honest I couldn't really find any reviews that recommended a surgeon here in Melbourne so I went with Lanzer. Fingers crossed. Thanks
  9. Hi busy mum I haven't heard of dr chan I'm booked with dr Lanzer because I saw great reviews let me know if you proceed. Inhaling it done in a few weeks. Good luck
  10. Hi newbey, I'm looking at having lipo done can I ask who you saw in Melbourne and were you happy with the result? You sound very positive and happy. Thanks
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