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  1. I hope you have a change of heart about leaving. You're a valued and loved member by many and that's what counts.
  2. Klumpzy

    Rice Sizers

    Rice sizers are a great way of getting an idea of what look and size you want. Just remember it's only a guide. The actual implants sizers will differ, and also try to imagine part of the implant in your upper pole. I remember reading a post from TheFox explaining this but I can't remember word for word. She explained it best.
  3. Klumpzy

    Rice Sizers

    Agreed. Also depends on the individuals height and weight. Smaller ccs go a long way for petite frames. I had almost non-existent breast tissues to begin with, but being a short skinny asian, I'm loving the look of 360 on me. If you love the look of the 400+ pics here of the girls, make sure you bring those boobspiration pics with you to your consult to convey your desired result.
  4. Klumpzy

    Rice Sizers

    Well 450 it is then! Katems22 had 450s and they look fabulous!
  5. Klumpzy

    Rice Sizers

    From what I've read here from the girls, 50cc is the way to go. My surgeon only added 40cc extra to my implants to compensate for going under, and I'm perfectly content with the result so far. So adding 50cc should definitely be more than enough to compensate. So what size are you thinking/liking? I hope time flies for you Teegsb. You'll be in Boobieland soon enough!
  6. Hi Elle. I had to log on and wish you well today and for a smooth speedy recovery. Thinking of you. xx

  7. I'm 10 days post op and my right boob is much sorer than the left boob, but it's my left boob that is bigger and more rounded. This is normal. In my case, my right muscle (being my dominant side) is more stronger and therefore holding on more tightly to the implant than my weaker left side. I'm told to be patient, the right one will eventually catch up once the muscle relaxes.
  8. It's a good idea to bring more than a few pics. I also brought pics of what I didn't want to end up looking. My surgeon said that was a big help in determining the surgery plan most suited to me. 300cc for your desired size and current stats seems insufficient. From what I've seen on the forum with other girls similar stats 400cc and upwards is the norm. I think around those numbers would look nice with your stats. Just my uneducated guess, of course. You sound like you have booby greed already. Haha welcome to the forum! I never had booby greed until I joined the forum. Now that I have big boobs and perfectly content with the size I chose, my days on the forum are numbered because I would hate for booby greed to affect me in a negative way. Oh you are gonna experience a myriad of emotions throughout this entire process! I've wanted big boobs since puberty. After the birth of my (second child) almost 3 years old, I'd saved my money for the procedure since. I would have done it much much sooner with no hesitation if I'd had the money. Doubts and fears and guilt and shame crept up on me once in a while, but I knew in my heart, this was something I deserved to do for myself. For 9 years my life has revolved around being a working mother. I feel no shame or guilt at all now whatsoever. Just pure joy that I FINALLY have big boobs!
  9. Oooh I love half halfs! My little boy and little girl are half halfs and everyone I know and strangers I come across comment on my kids exotic looks. I'm just a boring full filo LoL.

  10. Just the boobs, all over it. It's the skin stretching because I was a very flat 10A. I can't figure out how to post pics. Grrr.

  11. Ah yes I know what you mean with wanting big boobies and also wanting to be in proportion with the rest of your body. I went back and forth between a natural look to an obviously fake look. My desired result is somewhere in between. I'm no expert with implant sizes either but many girls here know lots about it. My stats is 154cm/51kg/10A pre op. I'm now measuring a 12D post op and while the band is comfy, the cup JUST fits me. Once the bloating goes down I'll be back to a size 10 which will make me a 10DD. I got 360cc. A DD might sound big but it isn't. But in saying that, to me, D cup is huge, considering how flat chested I was and how small my frame is. They look big naked, but they look smaller in clothes it's deceptive. So if you wanna "look" like a C cup, aim for a D cup or even a DD (permitting that your BWD allows). FR accepted. I'll be posting my pics soon as this site lets me! Keeps saying my file is too big.
  12. Oh I know the feeling! The night before I stayed up watching Season 1 of Prison Break and literally passed out on the couch, it was the only way I could have gotten to sleep. My partner is back to work now. I'm doing most things on my own with only minor discomfort. I tried to peel potatoes, gave up after one peel and yelled out, "maccas for dinner!" I have issues with itchiness, over sensitised sore nipples, morning boobs, and laying on my back feels like a ton of weight on my chest making it hard to sleep. The worst part is the sleeping on my back. Hate it. I'm a side sleeper. You'll be in Boobyland soon enough! For now, enjoy the use of your arms and chest muscle! The pain hit me surprisingly hard, but here's hoping yours will go smoothly. You might be one of those lucky ones walking around sight seeing/going out for lunch day 1 post op LoL I find that incredibly AMAZING. How anyone can keep the food down or stay upright is beyond me. It really does affect everyone so differently.

  13. Yes! The detail, I felt as though I was there with you haha Congratulations! Here's hoping for a smooth recovery all the way. xx
  14. "Understated and a hint rather than bam in your face" - Amen to that sister!
  15. I'll pm you instead of writing a long reply here.
  16. I'm speechless at your kind words. I'm formerly a Central Coast girl, I have friends and relatives I can stay with, that's only an hour to Newcastle. I see a day out for us in the near future. xx
  17. Hi Danijade. Saw your stats on your profile and that you've been advised 300cc. What look are you aiming for? Good thing you're getting a second opinion. I can't stress enough the importance of finding the right surgeon for you.
  18. Omg... Not long to go for you!! xx

  19. Sending you love and hugz xx

  20. YaY, how exciting! How long will you be in Sydney after your op? To my BA I wore a long sleeve buttoned up shirt and a zip up hooded jacket with loose fitting pants. Don't worry about the post op bra, no one will see that. Easily hidden under any jackets in Sydney's fairly cold weather.
  21. Had my BA last Thursday 25th July at approximately 2pm. My plastic surgeon is Dr Mark Kohout, and though he is not as well known and as popular here on the forum as other surgeons, I would trust my life and desired outcome in his hands over again. I have the greatest peace of mind knowing I chose the best surgeon for myself. For me, it was perfect harmony between patient and surgeon. And I have to mention Dr Kohout's personal assistant, Susie. She became my rock pre surgery while I was overcome with nerves in the waiting room (even with a good dose of Valium). I don't recall waking up in recovery and dozing on and off. For me it was like being in the dark and having the light switched on and taking momentarily to figure out what was happening. One moment I was talking to a fellow post op in recovery (completely unaware, like on autopilot which is so bizarre to me) and the next I have no recollection of the conversation I'm having. I had no idea where I was or anything about having had surgery. I had a very loud, very embarrassing, freak out episode. I take comfort in that my reaction of memory loss, paranoia and trying to escape while accusing them of being racist because I'm Filo was the reason they were holding me captive... while extreme is at least unique LoL. The long peak hour drive home from the city seemed instantaneous to me. I commented, "Oh wow home already!" and my partner retorts, "I want what you're on." The first night was mostly a blur of being woken up for medication. I had very little to no discomfort and slept peacefully. My partner kept me perfectly drugged up for the next 3 days and experienced very little discomfort only. Then came day 4 and Day 5. * BAM! * The pain and the swelling and the bruising and the bloating and the nausea and the emotions all hit me at once simultaneously like unrelenting tsunami wave after wave after wave. I was completely and utterly helpless, powerless, and hopeless to its force and power of the most incredible magnitude of pain. It was at this point, I was completely broken, physically and emotionally. I thought that one emergency Caesarian section, one natural birth, passing gall stones and gall bladder removal, all those unspeakable pain combined I had previously experienced had prepared me for this BA. WRONG! Pre op girls: Do not make the mistake of underestimating the pain and the recovery process of this major surgery. No matter how high and impressive your pain tolerance may be. There is just no way of knowing how your body will react and respond. Expect the worst and be as prepared as possibly possible. Having a mobile number to reach Dr Kohout through this process has been an absolute bonus. I had convinced myself that something was seriously wrong and we called the number after 8pm on Tuesday night and there he was on the other end of the line, reassuring me, calming me, ceasing my fears and worst case scenarios, gave my partner instructions on what to do. Ending the phone call that Susie would contact me to check up on me in the morning and arrange for a day earlier appointment for me. Exceptional and wonderful service for $10,900... worth every damn penny. Day 6 was a day of relief. The pain had subsided by morning to only a dull aches and pains mostly in the affected region, and soreness in the lower back, neck and shoulders. I was not required to wear a strap or post op bra until the first follow up appointment. Got measured and fitted for an underwire free comfort contoured bra at 12D. Normally a size 10 but I still have bloating. Day 6 was my first post op follow up appointment with Dr Kohout. Vomited once on the way there and that has been the last sign of nausea since. Will now have to wear supportive bras up to week 6 or as directed at following upcoming appointments. To wrap this up, I am stoked with my choice of surgeon and quality of care and commitment for me so far. Even though it's early days (only 1 week post up), I am stoked with the result so far. I am loving having boobs. Still many changes to come ahead and I'll be there to greet my boobs with love and joy for all our days to come haha. 360cc, Rounds, Textured, HP, Unders. To the girls in the forum, for all your entertaining chatter and personal experiences and feedbacks and wisdom, a big THANK YOU from me. I'm proud to share in the rollercoaster ride that is Boobyland with my booby sisters! xx
  22. Oh Katems thank you for making this thread! Count me in ladies!! I'm overly eager for a meet and greet over coffee or lunch or drinks or whatever lol. Any excuse to get dressed up and show off the new boobies! I'm hoping I'll have my boobies by the time this meet is organised! If not, I'm with Elle, chicken fillet and paddings for me! xx
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