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    BA on 19 September 2013.

    325cc Mentor round textured high profile.
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    Dr Jake Lim 19 September 2013
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  1. Yes I went to Westmead Private. I also had my 2 kids there, they have always been fantastic, and the recovery nurses were amazing!
  2. Hi there I haven't had a reduction with Dr Lim, but he did my implants in September and I can't speak highly enough of him & his team! I had a great experience and am really happy with my results. :-)
  3. What an amazingly inspirational post Kazza!!
  4. So good to hear you had a fantastic experience with Dr Lim. I had my surgery with him too in September and am so happy with my recovery & results!
  5. We weren't actively trying, but we weren't being careful ;-) I guess my body just got it's sh!t together after my first lol
  6. inde I think I took it one step further and laid on my back with both feet up in the air for 5 minutes lol!! My second pregnancy came as a complete shock, I figured as it took so long first time around that it would take a while again... we were planning on trying once our first was 2, but I found out I was a month pregnant at his first birthday!!!
  7. It took me 2 years after stopping the pill to get pregnant with my first, but it was only about 2 months after I started "charting". I bought a basal body temp thermometer and downloaded a charting app on my iphone and took my temp every morning to get a pretty accurate indicator of when I was ovulating (you have to use the special basal thermometers as it is only a tiny fraction of a degree that your body temp rises during ovulation). I wasn't ovulating at the "standard" time in my cycle which is why it had taken so long! I knew I was pregnant from about 3.5 weeks. I got these weird sort of crampy feelings, but I just knew they were different to my normal period paid, it felt like a strange tugging sensation down really low... weird but happened with both my pregnancies!
  8. I am 146cm & 46kgs. I wore a 32b but only needed the b for width, my actual boobs didn't even fill an A cup. I went 325cc high profile dual plane and am now a 10e. Any bigger would have been too big for me I think. Even with the high profiles I have plenty of side boob :-)
  9. I am yet to meet a man who prefers scrawny rat over luscious curves...
  10. I am 7 weeks post op. I went for my first run since surgery on Monday. I wore a high support underwire sports bra with a sports crop over the top. It felt a little weird at first but overall was ok. I have been doing low impact cardio (walking, bike & x-trainer) from 1 week post op, was doing leg weights sessions from 3 weeks post op & did my first upper body weights session on Thursday. I did bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, dips, lat pulldowns, machine rows, overhead press & lateral raises. I just increased the weight a little on each set to work out my limits. As soon as I got to a weight that felt any sort of pulling or pain I decreased the weight. So now I have my baseline to start building from again.
  11. I was on permanent high beam for at least the first 4 weeks lol! My hubby loved it ;-) The past 3 weeks it seems to come and go randomly, definitely still more on than off, but it seems to be getting better. I have seen heaps of other people mention it too, I think it's just part of the whole process.
  12. Personally I think as long as there is some sort of communication beforehand (whether it be in a thread or via private message) it is fine. There have been issues previously with some trolls on here :-)
  13. I caved and bought the lacy one this arvo lol!! It's really pretty & fits very nicely.
  14. I started getting a really sore back from sleeping elevated, so from somewhere around the 7-10 day post op mark I started sleeping flat on my back (was previously mostly a tummy/side sleeper). Sleeping flat on my back was WAY better than propped up! I never really suffered from morning boob though. Somewhere around 3 weeks I started sleeping on my side, which was awesome! I am 6 weeks now, last night at one point I woke up & was on my tummy, it wasn't particularly comfortable though (probably why I woke up) so I rolled back on to my side.
  15. Very happy tw2506! I just wish they would hurry up & d&f lol. I know it can be a long process, but patience is not one of my virtues :-) They are still pretty firm too, which is what makes me think they haven't fluffed, I assume that part of the fluffing process is them getting softer/squishier. My husband is still scared to touch them haha (can't blame him though, they still get a bit tender by the end of the day).
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