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  1. Yes I went to Westmead Private. I also had my 2 kids there, they have always been fantastic, and the recovery nurses were amazing!
  2. Hi there I haven't had a reduction with Dr Lim, but he did my implants in September and I can't speak highly enough of him & his team! I had a great experience and am really happy with my results. :-)
  3. What an amazingly inspirational post Kazza!!
  4. So good to hear you had a fantastic experience with Dr Lim. I had my surgery with him too in September and am so happy with my recovery & results!
  5. We weren't actively trying, but we weren't being careful ;-) I guess my body just got it's sh!t together after my first lol
  6. inde I think I took it one step further and laid on my back with both feet up in the air for 5 minutes lol!! My second pregnancy came as a complete shock, I figured as it took so long first time around that it would take a while again... we were planning on trying once our first was 2, but I found out I was a month pregnant at his first birthday!!!
  7. It took me 2 years after stopping the pill to get pregnant with my first, but it was only about 2 months after I started "charting". I bought a basal body temp thermometer and downloaded a charting app on my iphone and took my temp every morning to get a pretty accurate indicator of when I was ovulating (you have to use the special basal thermometers as it is only a tiny fraction of a degree that your body temp rises during ovulation). I wasn't ovulating at the "standard" time in my cycle which is why it had taken so long! I knew I was pregnant from about 3.5 weeks. I got these weird sort of crampy feelings, but I just knew they were different to my normal period paid, it felt like a strange tugging sensation down really low... weird but happened with both my pregnancies!
  8. I am 146cm & 46kgs. I wore a 32b but only needed the b for width, my actual boobs didn't even fill an A cup. I went 325cc high profile dual plane and am now a 10e. Any bigger would have been too big for me I think. Even with the high profiles I have plenty of side boob :-)
  9. I am yet to meet a man who prefers scrawny rat over luscious curves...
  10. I am 7 weeks post op. I went for my first run since surgery on Monday. I wore a high support underwire sports bra with a sports crop over the top. It felt a little weird at first but overall was ok. I have been doing low impact cardio (walking, bike & x-trainer) from 1 week post op, was doing leg weights sessions from 3 weeks post op & did my first upper body weights session on Thursday. I did bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, dips, lat pulldowns, machine rows, overhead press & lateral raises. I just increased the weight a little on each set to work out my limits. As soon as I got to a weight that felt any sort of pulling or pain I decreased the weight. So now I have my baseline to start building from again.
  11. I was on permanent high beam for at least the first 4 weeks lol! My hubby loved it ;-) The past 3 weeks it seems to come and go randomly, definitely still more on than off, but it seems to be getting better. I have seen heaps of other people mention it too, I think it's just part of the whole process.
  12. Personally I think as long as there is some sort of communication beforehand (whether it be in a thread or via private message) it is fine. There have been issues previously with some trolls on here :-)
  13. I caved and bought the lacy one this arvo lol!! It's really pretty & fits very nicely.
  14. I started getting a really sore back from sleeping elevated, so from somewhere around the 7-10 day post op mark I started sleeping flat on my back (was previously mostly a tummy/side sleeper). Sleeping flat on my back was WAY better than propped up! I never really suffered from morning boob though. Somewhere around 3 weeks I started sleeping on my side, which was awesome! I am 6 weeks now, last night at one point I woke up & was on my tummy, it wasn't particularly comfortable though (probably why I woke up) so I rolled back on to my side.
  15. Very happy tw2506! I just wish they would hurry up & d&f lol. I know it can be a long process, but patience is not one of my virtues :-) They are still pretty firm too, which is what makes me think they haven't fluffed, I assume that part of the fluffing process is them getting softer/squishier. My husband is still scared to touch them haha (can't blame him though, they still get a bit tender by the end of the day).
  16. Which ones did you get tw2506?? I think they all look nice, lucky my sister gave me a BnT voucher as a new boobie gift lol!
  17. I was 6 weeks last Thursday, I have just uploaded some 6 week pics in to a new album. They have started to drop a little bit but I don't think they have really fluffed yet. Once they drop I am pretty sure that the crease from my natural breast tissue on my leftie will fill out. It definitely seems less noticeable now than it did a week ago, which is good :-) I think I will very slowly start easing myself back in to upper body training this week, no direct chest work though. I don't even want to think about that until they have dropped & fluffed, I don't want to slow the process down any further haha!
  18. Hi ladies Just thought I would share, I am a member at Bras N Things & got an email from them last night about a new range of bras specifically for augmented boobies! I haven't seen any of them in real life yet, but thought I would share. If anyone sees them & tries them on, let me know what they are like. http://media.edmgateway.net/track?t=v&enid=ZWFzPTEmbXNpZD0xJmF1aWQ9Jm1pZD0xOTQ1NDc4Jm1zZ2lkPTcxMDMzNiZkaWQ9MTE4NzIzMyZlZGlkPTExODcyMzMmc249MTcwMDYwMTQmZWlkPWprc3RldmlzQGJpZ3BvbmQuY29tJmVlaWQ9amtzdGV2aXNAYmlncG9uZC5jb20mdWlkPTQ3Mjc2MTsyMDY5MDEwMDE3Nzk7NDcyNzYxJnJpZD00NDc1ODImZXJpZD00NDc1ODImZmw9Jm12aWQ9JnRnaWQ9JmV4dHJhPQ==&&&2000&eu=11001&&& It's called the Unreal collection, but I couldn't search for it on their website, but the link above is for the online version of the email I received, and you can click on the pics to direct link to their website.
  19. Haha love it! They are basically expensive new toys... You should be playing with them constantly!!!
  20. Hi ladies Please share with me your drop & fluff stories... as in how long did it take, did you feel any stretching etc when it was happening?? I am almost 6 weeks post op & have dropped quite a bit (no longer up near my collar bones, sitting just below my armpits) but don't have any lower pole yet, and my pecs are still pretty tight so I don't think I have fluffed yet. I love being strong & fit but really, just hurry up & fluff already lol. Overall I am loving the size & shape, they look great, but I know they will look bloody fantastic once they drop & fluff haha.
  21. Good to hear it was nothing serious and everything is going well :-)
  22. Hi BoobNoob How soon post-op are you? I am 1 month and will also be buying the Panache, but given its price I am going to wait until at least the 3 month mark just in case my girls get bigger when they drop & fluff. My sister is a natural DD/E cup, and she swears by the Bras N Things Action It sports bra (it's not a crop, it's an actual bra like the Panache). I bought one last week (less than $50) and it has been great. It will definitely get me through the next couple of months.
  23. I am 4 weeks post op today (some new pics up in my albums). My next post op appointment with Dr Lim wasn't supposed to be until next week, but I rang his nurse yesterday to ask about the spitting stitch, and she asked me to come in first thing this morning before they opened so I didn't have to wait. There was no redness & it didn't hurt, I could just feel it poking out when I rubbed bio oil in. At first it wasn't through the skin, but for the past couple of days it has been. Dr Lim pulled it out a little further with tweezers then cut it off, I didn't feel a thing as I'm still numb around the incisions. He decided to do my full post op appointment so that I don't have to go again next week which is great! He was very happy with how they are looking. He agreed that my muscle is still holding on to them & that everything should relax over the next 2 months & my lower pole will fill out. I was also cleared to wear any bra, including underwires. So I decided to go to Bras N Things and get a high impact underwire sports bra (I think it was called action it) with convertible straps. I have found that my old Lorna Jane sports crops in XS are the perfect ban size but they are so tight around my boobs I can't breathe, whereas the S are perfect over my boobs but way too big in the band. I looked at the Panache sports bras as I have heard they are great, but I don't want to spend that much money on a bra/sports bra yet just in case they change size when they fluff.
  24. FR accepted :-) i was a 10a/aa pre-op. i am happy with my size, I wasn't expecting them to be so big, but am glad I went the size I did. They look huge naked but are very easy to conceal in clothes if I choose something not too tight. The boob pics in my album are very early post op days & they look like bolted on torpedoes haha. There is a shot from a few days ago though in a sports bra.
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