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    BA in Thailand. 325cc high profile, under the muscle
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    Dr witoon. 16/17 may 2013
  1. I also had dr witoon and I regret that decision. Everything always looks good on paper. I had to have surgery twice, two days in a row without being given an explanation only to be told later he wasn't happy with the placement. To me, that explanation wasn't good enough... I wanted to know why and how this happened. I'm now 4 months post op and my right side still doesn't feel right. I don't think it's how I'm healing, I feel it might be the placement as its sitting slightly lower, it feels heavier. If I could go back I would've had to piyapas. I'm contemplating whether or not to return to Thailand to have them redone and possibly go bigger or see someone in Perth. Also, my armpit incisions aren't symmetrical which has really annoyed me.
  2. I was out of my surgical bra for about and hour a day. I wore a bandeau type bikini. No underwires
  3. I've worn my bra from the day after surgery. Initially with my bandages underneath and then when they were taken off. I wear mine all the time. I feel lost without it! It's super comfortable for me
  4. I'm at week 3 and they're starting to feel normal for me..although I can't say I've had a great deal of pain, it was more just annoying and uncomfortable. Everyone is different, give it time. They will feel apart of your body in no time!
  5. I just got back from Thailand. Unfortunately, the exchange rate is crap at the moment so I ended up paying $600 extra instead of 4300 it came to 4900. My flights and accom came to 2200. The only thing I could fault is the consult, it was very brief. If I could do it over again, I'd have a consult in Perth so I had a better idea of what I wanted or what would suit. I can't fault the hospital or nurses, quality of care is very high. The doctors are great. Everyone has always got an opinion. I had soon many people have a go about me going to Thailand. At the end of the day, I looked into it enough to know it was safe. There are no guarantees with any surgery...in Australia or abroad.
  6. I was a lot like you. I never wanted the fake look. I always said I wanted to be a c or small d. I was soooo terrified of them being too big for me and looking fake. A few friends told me to go bigger but I didn't listen. I've got more than I had to start with, coming from a/b cup but now I wish I had gone bigger. If mine go any smaller ill be so upset!! I never thought I'd get boob greed but I've got and I don't like it haha. Everyone is different, you get what you think is right...you can always go bigger later. I know I'm not overly thrilled and I'm already contemplating revision. Good luck!
  7. I had mine done under the armpit and I probably should've researched more. I'm dreading going back to the gym as two out of my 5 days I'm lifting my arms right up so my scar will be visible. In saying that, if I didn't train, it would probably be fine. I had it done in Thailand and I feel my surgeon or someone should've discussed the pros and cons of both crease and armpit incisions. I still can't wear deodorant or shave and I imagine it will feel awkward when I can. I do have a friend that went under the arm 8 years ago and her scar is barely visible now but that's a while to wait
  8. Well, you would think so, considering all of the lady boys that miraculously grew breasts :/ they were just saying things like.. Ohhh, you make boobs? Boobs too small, boobs too big etc...things like that. i don't know how lucky you will get with the exchange I ended up paying an extra $600:( i saw dr witoon. The only thing I can fault is lack of communication. I found the consult to be very rushed and it was the only point I felt uneasy. If I could do it again, I would see a surgeon in Perth for a proper consult to have a better idea of what would be suited. I would've tried different sizes instead of only trying one. Unfortunately, I had to have surgery twice and again, wasn't given a reason. I don't doubt their skills but communication was really lacking. I don't think any of the other girls had any issues hi Rosie, we mustn't have met. I think it was the biggest group they had ever had! I hope you're happy with your results x
  9. The exchange rate is really crap at the moment I just got back from there. I travelled in a group and most of the ladies travelled with Aussie $ and exchanged it there. There are soooooo many currency exchange places in Phuket, I'm not sure if Bangkok is the same? I'd assume it would be as its still a hit with tourists. I took $6000 with me. My surgery was 140,000 bht so I exchanged enough to pay for the surgery and have a bit extra for food etc. I wouldn't bother with bank travel cards. They seem to charge a fee for everything and their exchange rate isn't as good. I didn't get charged a exchange fee at any of the booths I went to during my time there. :)I think the most you can take is $10,000.
  10. I was on a group tour but probably could've done it alone...if I was more organised I did meet a girl who was on her own and she was fine, just bored. The doctor will give you painkillers and to be honest, I didn't find it painful, it was more just soreness. Staying overnight in hospital is good, the nurses are lovely and check on you through the night and bring you anything you need, although, I did feel there was a slight communication barrier at times as their English isn't great. Just be sure to have all your transport organised so you don't need to stress about that. Best of luck!!
  11. I think it was only 28.44.. The best was 28.9 or something but pretty much the same across the board, I think the exchange is usually in the 30's? I ended up paying an extra $600 on top of the quoted price I know, to be honest I didn't expect it, I'm not usually one to feel uncomfortable. Moral of the story is to cover up if you have the incision under your arm :/
  12. I just got back from Thailand I took cash with me and exchanged it at the currency exchange booth opposite my hotel. I was travelling in a group with 27 other girls and I think most payed with cash. You can exchange it at the hospital but its more expensive. I wouldn't bother with travel cards as there are more fees and banks aren't as generous with the exchange, just keep your money safe. Unfortunately the exchange rate is terrible at the moment for me, I had my incision under the armpit...I should've packed more t shirts as opposed to singlets, the locals there made really rude and inappropriate comments as my bandages were visible just be sure to take a lot of stretchy tanks, dresses...things that you can slide on, if you need to. I also took only one post surgery bra...ideally, I would've had two. Main thing...don't forget your passport or your cash or your bra...everything else you can get there xx
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