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    163cm 57kg 12B
  1. I rocked a onsie and my uggies lol. Surgery wasn't until 4pm so was out around 7:30pm home and straight to bed
  2. Hi. We have pretty much the same stats. I have 395cc dual plane tear drops. Will be putting up some 6+ week photos later on tonight as they have changed so much. Feel free to send fr
  3. I have phone issues to. This website doesn't appear in a search engine. I have to go into my emails and access the site from there.
  4. Hi Katee. After I had mine done I noticed my incision had moved up also. Now I am 5 weeks post op my incision has gone back to where it should be and they've gotten a couple of centre metres bigger. Try not to stress you might just have to wait till everything settles to see the final result
  5. Hi Dutchy. I'm 163cm 57kg. I went with Dr Scarlett in Brisbane. They specialize in brazilians and do the rapid recovery technique. I am soo happy with what I have now and would most certainly recommend gim to anyone. Good luck with the search
  6. I was in the same situation bookedin. As it was a new relationship I didn't even know how approach this topic. Was he into fake boobs or was he one of those guys who hates fake boobs. It wasn't until he had to arrange a bucks party and we were talking about the topless waitresses that were going and he mentioned one of them had fakies or bolt ons as he calls them. So that was my in told him I was "thinking" about doing it to see the reaction. He loved the idea lol. Nearly 3 weeks post op and he's amazed at how soft they are already At the end of the day though I was doing it anyway with or without his blessing
  7. Good luck today!!!!! Hope all goes well and you love your new boobies :)

  8. Hooe everything went well for you. How are you feeling today? I have teardrop but brazilians and was told no massaging so atm there just to look at lol
  9. Very glad to say I don't I never got frankenboob maybe because they're brazilians. How are you feeling today katems22 with only a day to go?
  10. Hi beenew. I'm from brisbane so if you do get stuck I'd also be more then happy to help you out.
  11. Hi toasty. At my first consult I ask my ps this very question. On my to do list is learn to ride a trail bike and I love things like water skiing and was worried about hard impacts to the implant aswell. He assured me that I could live a normal life after wards. I did get brazilians so I don't whether it is the extra coating they have or implants in general. As indie did say there is the initial 6 week period you are are really restrictated in what you can do. But in saying all of that still check with your ps on what he would advise though
  12. My incision is on the crease and for the first 9 days I had absolutely no feeling what so ever in any part of both boobs. Then my nipples started vibrating severly and for the past 3 days my nipples have been painfully sensitive. All it takes is for something to slightly brush over them and it hurts. Not at all a sook when it comes to pain but I REALLY hope it settles down and soon. With a crop top on though they're perfectly fine. Still early days though :-)
  13. That's ok :) Feeling great. Had a last minute change and went down to 395cc. So glad I did. For my shape and size I'm feeling like they make me look a bit shorter and tubbyer could just be the tummy bloating though. Hope you catch up on everything and youyou're doing well

  14. Hi :) I'm so sorry if I didn't reply to your message!!! I haven't been on here much lately and trying to catch up on everything! How are you feeling now? Are you loving your size so far? Hope everythings well x

  15. Hi katems 22. Accepted :) Hope the next 2 weeks goes really quick for you. So far so good and loving them :)

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