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    Lift and augmentation to correct tuberous breast asymmetrical
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    Dr Hanh Nguyen Sculpt Surgery- bilateral tuberous breast correction
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    163cm, 54 Kg, 380cc round overs, 8DD/10D
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  1. well I had it near my tear troughs not lips and I'm only 31. So definitely didn't need that much (yet) lol. I just wanted to look refreshed and not tired a all the time. My doctor said he can always add more if needed! I only had it done a couple of months ago, so will have to update you. Although Juvederm voluma can last up to 2 years.
  2. $245- I had .3 mls I think..for the juvederm vuloma. He's a bit of a less is more kind of Dr, as in her rather do less and tweak it then too much if that makes sense?).
  3. Dr Raj Patel at Medivive does both of those products and services ☺️, I had both from him not long ago!
  4. Thanks for the advice!! I greatly appreciate it. I will definitely be asking some more questions of my surgeon/ injector first
  5. I know there are a few members who get these procedures regularly and even some injectors on the site, so I am hoping they might comment with some info/ thoughts/ opinions. I don't know why but this stuff freaks me out more then my breast recon/augmentation.
  6. oh thanks for the feedback! That's my concern, I don't want to be left with little lumps under my eyes 😁 I will check out the cream (thanks for the tip) 😊.
  7. Hey ladies (and gents), I went and had my first lot of botox for frown lines and in between the eyebrow areas last weekend and so far I am liking the result. My injector suggested fillers for under the eye area (I must admit, two kids and a full time job later and I do look permanently tired lol). I'm in my early 30's and he said I wouldn't need very much. But before I bite the bullet and do it I'm keen to hear any other experiences with it, good and bad. So please, hit me with your stories, please
  8. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been to Medivive clinic in Cockburn for non cosmetic procedures? Has anyone had botox there? Thanks in advance
  9. I literally just looked into hypnotherapy for my anxiety on the weekend. I get bad night terrors (which is related to anxiety) that I'm hoping it will help with. I've read in conjunction with councelling it can be really beneficial. Let us know how you get on
  10. Would love to see your revision, FR. sent . Hope you're recovering well. I'm only 380cc so I'm interested in seeing how 615cc looks.
  11. I am exactly the same Leigh2856, I get boob greed until I remember what I started with and then I get a reality check lol. I can't wait to wear a bikini
  12. Hahaha I'm kind of used the sports bras now- it will be weird wearing normal bras again
  13. Thanks love! Glad to hear you're recovering well too . I can't wait to buy my underwire bras- I'm just waiting to get the go ahead from my surgeon.
  14. I'm so sorry for the loss of your mum. I lost mine 3 years ago (August 2011) and I find I get the exact same way around the time of her passing. I have two little ones who were only 2 and 7 months old at the time... So I understand how hard it is to find some time. I agree, if you can afford daycare for even 1 day a week, do it. It helped me. Try and make some time for yourself- even if it's 20 min a day to go for a walk and be alone. If someone can watch the kids (I know that can be hard) treat yourself to the hairdresser, or a movie or even a glass of wine with friends. Be kind to yourself... Your grief is still fresh.. Allow yourself to be mad, sad, frustrated etc. I saw a councillor, it really helped (I got free sessions through $20 membership to a local women's health clinic) but the mental health plan through your GP is a great option too. It really does help. If you need to chat feel free to FR me xx
  15. Mine gets itchy occasionally . I wear a crop to bed. I'm close to 7 weeks post op... Maybe check in with your PS? I'm sure it would be fine . Sent you a friend request.
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