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  1. People are far more likely to tell you about their bad experiences than their good ones. You won't ever hear about a great surgery but ppl go out of their WAY to tell you horror stories! For every botched surgery there is 1000 successful stories. I worked there for a month & saw 3 - 4 surgeries a day, 0% were unsuccessful.
  2. Hey ladies (& guys too)! I've been to Thailand 4 times, twice for various surgeries (i've had eye bags, nasal reduction, breast lift & augmentation). I worked for a medical tourism company in 2011 & i'm heading to live in Thailand in August! If anyone is coming over for surgery and needs help with booking appointments, talking to doctors, accommodation, booking flights, hospital advice, just anything related to surgery IN BANGKOK, i can totally help you out and even meet you while you're over there (it's really very daunting and i totally understand that). I don't run a business but i hope to one day, at the moment i'm just looking to gain more experience and just help out at this stage Look forward to meeting you guys! Sonja
  3. I had Dr Suthat for my eye-bag surgery AND nose surgery, he was fantastic. Gave me great advice in the consult beforehand regarding what i had planned to do with my nose, like he really does care. He won't do a surgery if he thinks it's unnecessary AND then when he actually did the surgery, it was perfect & symmetrical & everything, i'm super happy with my result. I would highly recommend Dr Suthat. HINT: don't rely on the airport pick-up. I found my way to my hotel myself & they actually told me after the surgery they would organize for someone to take me home. They did not. But it wasn't an issue because i had maps prepared & business cards of all the places i was staying. In order to avoid disappointment, i suggest you do the same. It's not expensive to catch cabs everywhere anyway. I also recommend you stay around the touristy areas pre & post surgery so when you're ok enough to go out (i was after like 2 recovery days), you aren't as isolated as you would be staying near the hospitals & you can shop or go out to awesome restaurants or even sit at bars & chill out/meet other people! Message me if you need help, i've been 4 times & i'm heading back over to live in August, i can recommend heaps of accommodation for you.
  4. Ohhhh thats cute. I've had 4 surgeries at Yanhee and all 4 have turned out flawless.. Yanhee is an amazing hospital with a fantastic range of services with great doctors. Would never ever go anywhere else, seriously. Planning my third trip this year for my 5th & 6th surgery. You don't need luck when you have skilled surgeons.
  5. Holler ladiessss (and gents)! I am currently recovering from 365cc brest aug ($3400), nostril reduction ($480) and lower eyelid surgery ($560) done at Yanhee hospital, Bangkok with Dr Suthat. I tell ya, that man doesn't say much but he has magical hands. My nostrils are dead even, my eyes are still swollen so can't tell and my boobs are amazing, i've already taken way too many poolside bikini photos, they are so perf. Briefly, as soon as you come out of recovery, you'll be in agony. Day 2 is ok, day 3 i went on a motorbike shopping (wearing glasses obvi). I got cohesive, over the muscle, high profile. My friend went under and she's in waaaaay more pain than me. ANY QUESTIONS get at me! But i'm telling you, DR SUTHAT! He's your guy!!!
  6. The morphing tool is brilliant!!! Getting my nose done this year, this is a huge help!!! xxx
  7. Hey there! I used to work for an Australian cosmetic surgery booking agency, i was their Bangkok person (so i looked after clients when they flew over to get their surgery). Yanhee have their own assistants to help you with the checking in, the waiting to speak to the doctor, they show you to the rooms and check on you after your surgery. For the main part you are by yourself but the hospital is VERY accommodating and in my opinion, if you are brave enough to go to a foreign country to get surgery in the first place, it's not necessary to have someone hold your hand 24/7. I recommend going through the hospital, most people speak English anyway. There's no booking fees or sign up fees (like with the company i worked for) and you just know you won't be paying any extra, only the price for the actual surgery. Good luck! I'll be over this year for rhinoplasty also!
  8. I actually think your nose looks awesome and the thingy hanging down is awesome. I'm looking at getting rhinoplasty and would take your nose over mine any day! I know stuff like that doesn't help to hear, but what i mean to say is it's a great nose hahaha
  9. I really don't think you do need one but i understand that you wanna, my nose is similar(ish), it could be shorter if anything, but it seems to suit your face really well!!!
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