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  1. OH WOW! Thank you. I will be in touch with her ASAP.
  2. 23rd works well for me too. I am easy on time as long as I have 1 week notice.
  3. It depends on how much breast tissue you started with. I had next to none and mine will never feel natural.
  4. @liz_irvine I have not yet had rhinoplasty but am looking to have it done this year. Hardest part for me is finding the right facial surgeon. It's a scary choice, especially because my nose only needs minor changes.
  5. Hi @NotHappyJan lots of girls have BA done overseas and fly soon after. I flew 10 days post op with no issues.
  6. I haven't personally been there, but I have heard very good things about the Taylor Clinic.
  7. Tell me about it! My struggle to find a contraception I didn't react terribly with was awful. I just had the copper IUD placed 3 weeks ago, after yet another unsuccessful attempt to get approved for a tubal. I have bleed nonstop since having it put in so who knows how long I will keep it. The only answer I have got regarding why no one will do them is that too many women change their minds, even the ones that have already have children... Um I wouldn't be able to continue the pregnancy anyway! I'm trying to be responsible and avoid a bad situation. It drives my fricken crazy!
  8. Hi @BA-finally. Honestly the biggest hurdle here is finding a DR that will do a tubal. If you can find one please PM me with details! I have been looking unsuccessfully for years for a Dr wiling to do one and may eventual look at getting it done in the US. I am 29 and do not want children, I also have medical issues that mean a horrible and dangerous pregnancy if I were to try. I am married to a man that does not want children and we are happy to undergo X amount of counselling before the procedure. Nope not good enough. Every specialist I have seen still refuses to do a tubal or Essure. I have been told that I have to keep my copper IUD (cant use hormonal contraception) until I am 35 before they will consider.
  9. Hi @Cupcake85. I'm glad to hear you have been going well with your new vegan diet. I have been vegetarian for ~17 years now and love it. I feel fantastic and over the last few years have noticed a lot more places offering vegetarian food on their menus. Have you felt sharper in the mind since you stopped eating animal products? I guess I cant remember ever feeling different then I do now, but many friends that have gone vegan rave about how much sharper their minds are. One thing to keep an eye on is your iron levels. I'm not saying you should start taking iron tablets, as it is important not to take them unless advised by your Dr. but do get tested regularly. I was tested for the first time since 2005 late last year and my ferritin was at 5 which is very low. Luckily I didn't have any of the negative side effects of the anemia but most people feel very unwell with low iron. To answer your original questions. t was easy to stop eating meat. Even though I don't remember what it taste like anymore, and I don't want to eat it at all, occasionally I crave chicken haha. My body must be craving protein.
  10. I am 165cm dress size 6-8. I have a lot of pics in my profile send a FR and you will be able to see them
  11. Hi ladies I saw Dr V for my BA, transaxillary incision. If you look back in my post history I wrote a bit about my experience.
  12. Hi and welcome. I had my BA with Dr V in July 13. Back then I had to stay 9 days post op, but looks like that has changed. Do try to fit in some fun prior to surgery as it will be a little less fun post op.
  13. Hi @Gold.KC you know you best. If you want small boobs, get small boob. I originally wanted 200cc just enough to be a b cup. I love the look of little boobs. My surgeon talked me up to 300cc which has me fitting C - DD depending on the bra. They look great and are a good size on my body, but for me in my mind and what I like, they are too big. I wish I stuck to my guns and will be looking into a revision to down size in the next couple of years. Just keep in mind your motivation for wanting them small. Is it just cause you don't want people to know, or because that's the look you like?
  14. @love and glitter xo do you know if the use juvederm ultra plus?
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