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  1. Hey glad to hear it went well. I know the unhappy feeling. My 10 year old implants were a great fit for a long time but unfortunately due to losing over 60kgs they ended up a full cup size smaller, I had excess skin as well as lateral displacement and slight double bubble of the left. Also cc. Then I ended up with double capsule allowing the left breast to fill with fluid. It was drained twice and still came back. The only option was replacing my implants quicker than what I had planned to. I’ve had 4 x surgeries and this is my 3rd set of implants. I absolutely love my results and I really hope you love yours too. Oh and I understand the not being able to sleep. I’ve been up since 3.40am thanks to my son. I could hear a toy singing so went to check on him and he was fast asleep with it in his arms. I went to take it away being worried all that sound would wake him but nope me taking the toy away woke him and he had a tantrum refusing to go back to bed. Happy healing. Rest up and look after yourself.
  2. I’m not an expert but to me it looks as if your left (when looking at your photo the one on the right) may have bottomed out. What does Eddy say? I’ve had 4 lots of breast surgeries now. First one terrible results and complications and the ps who did them denied anything was wrong telling me I looked great. My redo surgeon who is awesome did a full anchor lift with replacement of implants and change of placement from overs to partial unders. Unfortunately my left refused to drop and my right didn’t quite lift up enough. We went back in and did some adjustments and I got a 10 year run out of those implants. Unfortunately recently my left breast kept filling up with fluid which was drained out twice via ultrasound guided aspiration. The only option was to replace my implants sooner rather than wait (I was planning a revision anyway due to massive weight loss). I absolutely loved my old set and I love this new set even more. If Eddy has a plan for revision that you are comfortable with and if you are happy returning to him I would go see what he says before deciding if you want to go ahead with a revision. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. It’s rare for an implant to not drop yet it happened to me 10 years ago with the left. It doesn’t necessarily mean surgeon error. If you are not happy with his plan for you then I would get a second or even third opinion. Sorry im half asleep and I’ve just reread your post about the surgical plan. Can a lift on one breast not be done at the same time to make the nipple position more symmetrical?
  3. Hi again MrsPeaches, I replied to your pm with a detailed summary of pregnancy, weight gain/loss and my experience. Also wanted to add because you have breastfed and your milk has likely dried up you likely do need to wait a certain amount of time before having surgery. It’s either 3 or 6 months after stopping breastfeeding from memory however every surgeon will have their own recommendations and rules.
  4. 360cc anatomical implants to 525cc uhp rounds. Corrected lateral displacement and cc
  5. I’m curious as to why cosmetic surgeons are responsible for such a high number of cases? If that was mentioned I’m half asleep I really didn’t sleep well and woke up super early. Very interesting.
  6. My wounds have formed scabs and are healing nicely. I’m so relieved.
  7. Omg. That’s not what I was told. Great. Yet another worry.
  8. The original hole from the spitting stitch is drying out trying to form a scab and the bigger one in the crease is improving but not quite there yet.
  9. I’m changing the dressing daily now as instructed with a fresh seaweed dressing.
  10. Yes. Everything looking good it should heal up in 2 weeks
  11. So yesterday morning I went to change my dressing where I have a small hole from the spitting stitch/staph/Acinetobacter baumannii infections and was shocked to see my crease incision on that breast had opened up by about 2cm long. I had my surgeon paged who phoned me and I sent him a photo. He said it didn’t look infected keep dressing it and he will see me Monday. Slightly freaking out. Hopefully he will pop more stitches in or steri strips, I don’t know what happens next. Update you all tomorrow.
  12. My surgeon saw me today along with his nurse and they were both happy with how I’m looking. Keep on top of taking my antibiotics and a follow up in another week. Basically because I had a spitting stitch (dissolvable) the bacteria was able to get in.
  13. I’ve been back to the walk in clinic and still have a temperature. I’ve been prescribed even more antibiotics.
  14. It’s underneath the actual incision and it’s not too long. Maybe the length of a grain of raw rice. I should have stayed off google. I googled because I’ve never heard of Acinetobacter baumannii and I’ve read that plus staph are superbugs resistant to many antibiotics. I’m so glad that I called health direct for advice who told me to go see a gp immediately.
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