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  1. So today I made my goal weight! 55.1kgs so 100 grams off. Total loss of 63kgs which is an entire person. Just wanted to share as I'm so happy and proud of myself.
  2. I will be doing the body lift and boobs at the same time. If same to also do thighs I will but if not they will have to wait for another time. No it's not with him. The surgeon I had a bad experience with is now retired.
  3. Dr Robert Love for the 360 body lift, thighs and possibly arms. Dr Tony Connell for boobs - he did my revision after another Perth plastic surgeon gave me terrible results, I suffered complications and he denied anything was wrong. I don't think I trust anyone else to do my lift or replacement of implants especially since I've experienced how it can go wrong even with a plastic surgeon.
  4. I just wanted to report that I have now lost 61kgs and am only 2.1kgs off the goal weight I set myself. Having weight loss surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I just couldn't Lose the weight without help or worse would yoyo the exact same 2kgs. I have 2 x consults the first in late February and the other early March. I'm wanting 360 body lift, thigh lift with lipo, breast lift and replacement of implants. While happy now having the plastic surgery part of it done will really complete my transformation. It feels amazing to be able to do things I couldn't do before such as spend a day walking around the zoo and I absolutely love that I can not only walk into any shop I want but can wear clothes I want to actually wear and not just wear something because it's the least ugly thing big enough to fit me.
  5. I had mine done before kids as having children wasn't on the cards but I did tell my surgeon I may change my mind one day. I've got sagging but that happened during pregnancy. I struggled to breastfeed and had to top up due to supply issues and my son having upper lip and tongue ties. I'm having a revision hopefully this year with other work as I've lost over 50kgs. Keep in mind also just because you can breastfeed one baby doesn't mean you will be successful with others. My mum who is all natural exclusively breastfeed me for 18 months. She fed my brother for 5 months but had to top up as he had bad reflux and would power chuck. With my sister she struggled to breastfeed but don't remember exactly how many months she did. So many factors. When are you planning to have kids? My surgeon said if it's within 12 months of the surgery to wait.
  6. Where is the excess weight? If it's all over lipo won't help and you would be better off trying to lose weight. If it's stubborn areas then lipo may be the answer. I can't help with info as it's not something I've looked into personally. I had weight loss surgery in May this year and have lost 54.1kgs and am so close to my goal weight now with 9kgs left to lose. Not saying you need weight loss surgery just sharing what has worked for me but I had a lot to lose. Agree with Pinkbutterfly about checking thyroid, etc. Mine being out of whack due to Hashimoto's Disease was the start of my weight issues. Also where are you located? That would help others to recommend a surgeon 😄
  7. Just wanted to update as it's been awhile. 52.1kgs gone and only 11kgs to get to my goal weight. I'm now a size 10 - 12 depending on the make of the clothes. I weigh less than what I did before I had my first child which is exciting. Im 6kgs off weighing what I did when I first met my husband. Life is good. I'm wearing things and shopping at places I never thought were possible and I'm full of confidence. I can't wait to see how I feel about myself after the 360 body lift and breast revision. It will complete my transformation.
  8. March was the earliest I could get in. They close next week so I'd ring asap before they close for the year.
  9. Dr Tony Connell is amazing. He did my revision 8 years ago. Stemschicky I was actually booked in with your surgeon but think I will cancel my consult. I'm booked with Tony for March (consult) for boobs and with Dr Robert Love for February for 360 body lift. They can work together to do a combined procedure I was told. After your experience I don't think I can trust anyone else with my boobs apart from Tony.
  10. I can have the same problem. Some bras are worse than others. I've tried on bras where the underwire literally sat on my actual boobs it was like the wire was not a good shape 🤷🏼‍♀️ Some bras are ok.
  11. Is he a plastic or cosmetic surgeon? If plastic you will get a rebate from Medicare.
  12. I have damage to my right nipple, it's either hyper sensitive to the point of pain or numb. I expected it to be unbearable but surprisingly it wasn't very painful. I felt the needle it was uncomfortable but not horrible. All good the left will be easy. Nope! The left was way more painful. Yesterday I had them stretched to the correct gauge (14 gauge) as they were pierced at 16 gauge which is incorrect (I should have researched more). The right was more painful being stretched than what it was being pierced with the needle. The left was painful too. I've been told they take 1 year to be fully healed. I'm wearing nursing pads in my bras in case I get some bleeding and to stop rubbing. I'm going braless at night which I never do so they aren't squished in a bra 24/7. I have my consult Wednesday and the ps isn't going to be happy. I asked about nipple piercings and was told he prefers I not have them done pre revision However was told I may not be able to get them pierced post surgery. I've wanted them done for ages and after losing over 40kgs and having less than 20kgs left to lose I feel a lot more body positive even though I feel I'm a bit saggy. I'm also impatient so thought bugger it I'm having them done. Yes I still want a revision but the piercings has changed how I feel about my boobs.
  13. Not sure yet @TheFox as they're still healing so strictly hands off and no saliva or other bodily fluids. I've got barbells but in a few weeks time I'd love to switch them for nipple clickers. Think similar to a septum clicker but unlike septums where the jewellery that goes through the hole can either be curved or straight, nipple clickers are all straight from what I've seen. Yes they do correct inverted nips unless they are grade 3 inverted in which case surgery is the only option.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has their nipples pierced and if so what type of jewellery do you wear eg barbell, clicker, etc? Do you find your jewellery type comfortable, do bras rub or catch certain styles and can you see it through bras? If you don't want to answer here feel free to send me a pm. Thanks
  15. Booked in for early November with Dr Sam Cunneen for my consult. I'm having - 360 body lift, breast lift with replacement of implants, arm lift, thigh lift with lipo. It will have to be 2 lots of surgery. I know he does the vectra scan which will be good to see the excess skin gone. Very excited!
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