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  1. I had my boobs done by craig and I wouldn't recommend him. ... my advice, go with mark Ashton
  2. Well I'm now about 15months post up and I can confidently say that I'm not completely happy with my results or Craigs patient care. like so many of his other patients he placed my implants too high so that they still look fake. Hence, I can't wear strapless dresses. He's hopeless and he doesn't really care about making sure he's patients are happy. He's completely fake and avoids answering qstns with jokes. My boobs look good but as I said, they are 2cms too high. So if ur happy to have boobs that sit a little high and therefor look a bit fake choose him. If not, seek a second opinion or better yet a better surgeon!
  3. 3 weeks is not long at all. Trust me, they will drop and improve over time
  4. I don't think 18yrs is too long! As long as ur boobs have stopped growing, which most likely they have, then go for it!! Dont spend 1 second worrying about what other people think- its ur body and ur life!!
  5. Mine took a very long time. Mine took about 7months. Who is ur surgeon?
  6. I have velashape treatments on my legs and I find it very effective In reducing size + cellulite. I would never get cool sculpting as its kind of like liposuction in the way that it doesn't allow fat to go back to the area that was treated which means it will go some where else!!
  7. I said I was going to qld for a holiday! Came back wearing scarves , jackets...No one knew. If ur vague.... And don't wear tight tops people won't think too much about wat u did on ur holiday.
  8. We are friends but I have no idea how to view ur pics!
  9. 3months is still early. .. They will definitely drop and look normal. But I've said this b4, and I will say it again, craig rubenstein places his implants high so the dropping time for u will be much longer. And as ive said in the past, I feel mine are still sitting too high 12mnths post op.i got mine done by Craig too. Mine do however look very good but I can't wear strapless dresses or low cut tops bcos he placed then so high. Its annoying
  10. I used ice packs and would have felt more pain with out them.
  11. I got 350cc and mine are a natural looking D cup. Not a big D cup though. I might even be a C cup in some bras, I'm not sure
  12. Go The bigger Size. They may initially seem big, but over time u will get used to them. I think it's better to go a little too big than too small. Also, mayb trust ur surgeon
  13. Mine ferl more natural than b4 I had my BA as note I don't have to pad up my bras.i honestly feel like I was born this way!! U will love them
  14. They are sitting very high but again, u are only 6 wks post op so maybe too early to start panicking?!
  15. I got cereform implants which are a softer implant and I would say mine took about 3minths to soften up. So don't stress, I'm sure it will happen soon!!
  16. I might be the only one, but I actually like the womans breasts in the picture "u don't like". To me, they look nice and natural. The only bad thing I would say is her nipples are quite large.... but who cares!!!!
  17. My friend had boobs similar to this. She stated as a natural c cup and got 290cc put in.
  18. U could hide them i u wanted to. On 10mths post op and hardly anyone knows
  19. Omg he sounds amazing. Where did u meet him? How old is he? Wish I had some one like that!!
  20. Mine haven't Stretched at all. They are however, always on high beam. So I always have to wear nipple coverings
  21. I didn't wear normal wired bras until I was about 7mths post op as mine were sitting so high. U can get some beautiful wirefree bras-a bit harder to find , but they are out there!
  22. If that's u in ur profile pic- ur boobs look amazing!!
  23. A lot of what ur friends had to say is complete crap! *Can't go in the water- doesn't make sense. *foreign object in the body causing problems- have they forgotten that people get foreign objects put into them every day during surgery to improve their lives? For ex. Valves in the heart, hip replacements, Stents in arteries etc etc *implants placed under the muscle allow u to have mammograms *I have no difficulty in running. It's great ur friends care about u,but u need to question where they are getting their info from. Most women who haven't had breast implants and have no intention of getting them will generally be quite negativ about it. It's best for u to make ur own decision and way up the REAL risks vs rewards. Personally, I think u and ur husband will love them !!
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