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    BA- November 2010
    BA- May 2013
    Lipo- May 2013
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    Dr Phil Richardson- 24th May 2013, Dr Mark Doyle- November 2010
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  1. I didn't ask the cost. I'm seeing him again in jan so I have then to decide. It is sometimes noticeable for me to when I wear loose tops with no bra. I guess the thing that worries me is if the scar doesn't heal nicely and I have one nipple with a scar that really stands out. Thanks for your replies
  2. I got my first BA in November 2010 an then decided I wanted bigger so I got them redone in May this year. When I first got them done you could notice that my right nipple was lower then my left. Then when I got them bigger (I went from 375 to 620) it has been much more noticeable, especially when I take a photo of my boobs. The difference is probably 1.5-2cms. I really don't like it. But then when I look in the mirror it doesn't seem as noticeable. So I was wondering has anyone had something similar to this. To get a nipple lift would mean I would have a scar around my right nipple, but if it heals well it shouldn't be too noticeable.
  3. I got my period right after i was admitted to hospital and like 30mins before i went in for my BA and lipo....i just stuck a tampon in and everything was fine.
  4. Yeah, deep down i know thats what i should do lol but im just impatient and pmsing bad at the moment so am feeling horrible about myself. But i am considering going for a consultation with Dr James Chen (I think thats his name)
  5. So im now 3.5 weeks PO of having my inner and outer thighs done and am starting to see a different....but i still feel as though my thighs are big.....can you get the back of your thighs done? I want to get my tummy and hips done to but am worried that i will make my mid section look small again and my legs bigger. I know it takes a while for the full effects of lipo...maybe im just being impatient....
  6. So im about 3.5 weeks post op and am so so happy with my new boobs!! They are starting to drop (one more then the other) and the swelling has gone right down, still a little more to go though. I have gone back to the gym and slow building up from a 20min slow walk to now 50minutes fast pace walk on the treadmill (i also got lipo on my legs). Im dying to start back with weights though, I want to do light arms but im worried is it too early? I go a BA in 2010 so this is my second one and is much easier the second time around but im worried that i might pull the sutures of do something i shouldn't.....but im also going crazy without the gym. What were thers doing at this point??
  7. Im 168cm and 65kg but usually sit around 60kg and i started out as a 10A barely even and got 375 put in 3 years ago and then 13 days ago had 620cc put in. Im not petite, more muscular. But if you want big then go as big as you can, with all the money you spend you want the results you desire....I have spent over $20,000 all because i wanted to go bigger.
  8. My mum and i had a BA with Dr Doyle, i have mine 3 years ago and my mum had her i think 17 or more years ago and has just recently had a revision because one ruptured. He is great, so friendly and honest. His staff are all really friendly as well. I know a few girls that have gone with him and have been really happy! Cant speak for the rhinoplasty though. I have seen a lot of good reviews though where people have been really happy with him.
  9. Would love to see them when you figure out how to put them up....i shoudl get some to...just had a shower and praise the friggin lord im starting to see some results.
  10. I am actually thinking the same thing although on my inner and outer thighs. Im currently 11 days post op and although i noticed a slight difference for the first few days after, now they seem to be swollen and it wont friggin budge no matter what i do....maybe im being too impatient, but im considereing more lipo and to get my tummy and flanks done to.....
  11. Oh ok 350ml from upper and lower abdo? Well Im going to give it a few weeks,its so getting to me!! Maybe i should talk to the surgeon about it. Are you quite athletic? being 65kg i couldnt imagine you having too much fat on you. Do you have before and after photos?
  12. hmm i might book a consult with Dr Chen in a few weeks time...
  13. Yeah i bought arnica today and i have a water bottle with me constantly making sure i drink at least 3 litres a day of water, most of that having fresh lemon juices squeezed in it. Im elevating my legs as i write and try to do it through out the day. Im going to keep up with the walking daily and all the other stuff. I bought the arnica cream today, ill go and get the spray tomorrow. I got 300mls out of each outer thigh and 200mls out of each inner thigh...do you think that sounds like nothing? I'm quite muscular...but still. Everywhere i have looked online no one seems to get less then 2litres taken out.....ahhhhh im so devo'ed at the moment. I hope things improve soon. The fact that you had swelling and still noticed a difference is what makes me think i havent had enough taken out. But i did notice a difference the first couple of days after surgery
  14. Thats amazing! You must feel great what made you go for the second round so quickly?
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