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    Breast augmentation and tummy tuck.
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    Dr. Miroshnik - 16th October 2013
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    170cms, 65kgs, 12B... soon to be 12 D-DD
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    Registered Nurse
  1. Hey girls, im 4 weeks post op from BA/abdominoplasty. Feeling awesome! Onli two more weeks in my abdominal binder :-)
  2. When it comes to taking them out here's the best trick - take three DEEP breaths then inhale and hold your breathe... Works every time when I take out my patients drains. If you are anxious, make sure you take some painkillers about 15-30 mins before they are due to come out and RELAX!
  3. My TT and BA cost $28k out of pocket with Dr Mirishnik, seeing as though you are also having full lower body lift, BL and arms I would say that's fair. I never would have gone to Thailand or similar for anything other than a straight BA. It's definitely something you want the comfort of knowing you can be seen by your doctor at any time if you have concerns after. Best of luck, you'll be a new woman ;-)
  4. It's a tough call, too much choice and hard to know what the right decision is!!!!!!
  5. My PS told me that they always look 10-15% bigger with the rice sizers, so expect that it will be close, but a little smaller than they look with the ricers. Having mine now, I would say that is pretty accurate, as mine look slightly smaller than my try-on pair at my appointments.
  6. I got 420cc anatomicals. I was a 12c to begin, they really don't look that big to be honest. I could have carried bigger and still look natural (I'm 169cm and 64 kg).
  7. I haven't had any squelching or bubbling noises that everyone is mentioning. What type of implants did you guys get? I got mentor 420cc anatomical, textured, subfascial placement... They fe rock hard at the moment from swelling. Anyone else's feel firmer than they expected??
  8. I have the same thing still, and I am day 7. Don't stress - it will be a few weeks until you start to feel normal!
  9. I am day 7 following a TT and BA with Dr Miroshnik. His rooms are in bondi junction. He has an amazing reputation, which he and his staff lived up to 100%. Mine was quite a complex case, with extensive abdominal muscle damage and a hernia but the result is fantastic. Even with swelling etc and only being day 7, I am already so happy with the results and he is overall a very genuine caring doctor. I am a nurse so have met a lot of doctors, and by far he is one of the kindest and most attentive surgeons I have met. FR me if you have any questions x
  10. Also completely with you TT girls on the humiliating nature of your first consult re: TT. I hated my stomach for 5 years, since my first child, but now I cannot believe it took me this long to have it fixed. I cannot wait to buy a smoking hot sea folly bikini this summer now (size 10 bottoms, size 12 DD cup top thank to my new girls!!!!!)
  11. I would definitely recommend seeing Dr Miroshnik. I was convinced I would need a lift as well as implant, but tool his advice to go with 420cc anatomicals and they look fantastic. He is slightly more expensive than some others, but his work is impeccable. Cannot recommend highly enough. Any questions FR me x
  12. Hey girls! Wish I had have seen this thread earlier! I had my extended TT and BA (420cc anatomical overs) on 16th Oct, with Dr Miroshnik. The guy is fantastic!!! Cannot speak highly enough!!! Hope everyone's recovery is progressing well and good luck to those October girls still to go. Any questions about my procedure or progress or surgeon just ask or FR me. Pics to come in a few weeks once I have all stitches/dressings etc removed!
  13. To answer your question about twilight anaesthesia - they use a combination of sedatives and local anaesthetics to avoid general anaesthesia. They will likely use an amnesiac medication like midazolam, which means you won't be asleep but won't remember what had happened whilst the medication is in effect.
  14. I have gone through Dr Miroshnik. He was fantastic! I am day 7, they look great and very little pain. Service from his practice staff is excellent. Firm believer in you get what you pay for, he was worth every cent.
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