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  1. Hi, I've just accepted your friend request. Sorry I'm so late in responding. I haven't been on the forum much lately as it was becoming very addictive lol I'm just over 4 months post op now and doing really well. Sometimes I wish I had gone bigger and had a closer cleavage but then I kick myself for being so picky. Good luck! :)

  2. I haven't heard of Wong or Mayson. I didn't think dr hardwood would as I remember being questioned on the ph about sagging. Dr Richardson and Dr Belt are both plastic surgeons who have good reputations. If your a north side girl dr Richardson works at the peninsula private (redcliffe) as well as the valley. I saw both these surgeons as well as Harwood and Dr Fleming. I have heard of Dr Ces too. Just wanted to give you a few names to look into ;) See as many as you need and I'm sure you'll find someone who can help :) I honestly had a hard time deciding between all these surgeons

  3. Hey Bonni! Which surgeons have you seen or looking at seeing? Noticed your a brissie girl. :)

  4. Hey chicky, how r u? Was just wondering how long it took your boobies to fluff both times? Just thought to ask u as you've had the revision with brazilians and you look similar to me in that our nips turn slightly outwards and we have a wider cleavage. Did you achieve a better cleavage second time round? I'm loving my results but was hoping to have a closer cleavage. X thanks luv

  5. Great to hear luv. I found the first couple of days a bit unexpected due to the fluid. My ribs/tummy were so sore! All good now though. I actually keep forgetting I have them ;) x

  6. Hi! Stalking your profile hehe Hope your recovering well lovely! X can't wait to see

  7. Hi :) No worries lovely! I'm just over 1 wk post op and recovering well. I think I'm coping really well due to having breast fed ect. Eg My skin had all ready been stretched, size wise I knew what to expect as I too got as large as a ff lol my pain at its worst has been no different to having engorged milk boobies or mastitis and only lasted a couple of days. I'm stoked with my results as I have a nice comfortable size that resembles in between my natural and breast feeding boobs ;) happy to help

  8. Hi Fox, I was wondering if I could send you a friend request as I'm having my ba in a few days and looking for ladies that have had moderate/ mod + implants. Hope you don't mind :)

  9. Thanks Missbuzz, I have no idea what size to get? It's been ages since I've brought a bra as I haven't been able to bring myself to do it LOL I googled how to measure up and going by this my band size is 14? I only remember wearing that size pregnant so i'm confused now. The bra I live in is a padded 10c?! I would love to buy yours off you but I think I need bigger :( Might just go and buy some cheapies for now ;) xx

  10. Hey luv, I just wondering what you wore for post op.(crop top/bra) I have no idea what size to get? Thanks x

  11. Hey lovely! Hope your feeling better and loving your boobies. Just posted some pre op pics :o (so embarrassed) so you can see the sholder to nipple distance on me.. I was feeling really unsure about going ahead with my ba until I posted these pics bahaha!

  12. Both haha if that's even possible. Fleming thinks the mods will be more believable on my frame. They give more side boob hey and projection is more sticky outness? Gosh it's so hard...

  13. That's great Aimz. I'm worried about boob greed too lol I've read a lot of ladies saying the same thing.. It's hard to know hey! But I think yours are amazing. I'm really hoping for the same results as they look really natural ;) Yeah Fleming said the mods would be better and he explained that in comparison to other brands they are like a hp? I think mods will be better for me as I don't want to feel to bottom heavy. ;) thanks chic

  14. I'm pretty sure..They are the Brazilian Silimed brand. I guess I was a little put off at the fact that it was my sizing appointment and he still seemed unorganised. He was at my 1st appointment but I understood as it's a rare implant and he doesn't readily have them, but I just would have thought second time around (with hubby) he might have had atleast the same size (cc) for me to try on... At the 1st appointment he said 430cc hp and now he's saying somewhere between 400-430 cc and moderates? It kind of makes me wonder what implant is going to be there on the day of the surgery lol I trust him as a surgeon and he seem s to know what is going to suit my body. I was just expecting a little more I think...Thanks for listening luv. x

  15. Hey, have had my sizing appointment and it looks like I'm having moderate teardrops around 400-430cc. He's not sure of there exact size as i'm having a rare implant (yikes) It's longer than it is wide. I'm 22cm from my sholder to my nipples lol So I look like I have sagging boobs but they are infact low. This is why I need teardrops instead of rounds :( He seems to know his stuff..Your new pics look boobyful! ;D

  16. Hi Aimz, How's your recovery going? I went for my sizing appointment this wk with Dr Flemming. I too am having moderates now so I just wanted to check in with you. I was going hp at first but Fleming thinks the mods will be more believable lol I remember you wanted a natural result. Are you still happy with your decision? :)

  17. I've seen 4 surgeons and all but 1 suggested teardrops. I guess that's saying something hey lol I'm going with Dr Fleming. I might just run through it all with him again tomorrow ;)

  18. Oh 1 more Q. Have both your ba's been Brazilian? x

  19. I'm 176cm, 64kgs and wear a 10c bra. I'm just long between the sholders-nipples So I think rather than have a flat chest then this upper poll (Victoria Beckham) look, my surgeon thinks I need the slope of the tear drops. Such a hard decision but I guess they know best hey. Could you still achieve cleavage with your tear drops or push up?

  20. Great to hear! That's what I'm worried about. I've been recommended tear drops but I like the upper pole fullness of the rounds too. I think I'm a bit to thin for rounds :( I have my sizing appointment tomorrow eeek then it's count down for me. Surgery is the 31st! I look very similar to you as far as nipple size ect and the way they slightly turn outwards but obviously I'm a pan cake version LOL Hmmm might have to make a big list of Q for tomorrow.. x Hope your doing well

  21. Sorry to hear you were in hospital :( Hope your well now. I'm a 10/12 c now but I don't quite fill them out lol I'd be happy with a D. Got my sizing appointment tomorrow eeek My surgery is the end of the month! Time has flown. Glad your happy with your results ;)

  22. Hi, Your results look great! Are you happy with them? Not sure about my size now as I'm taller and heavier than you and getting 430cc hp. Got my sizing appointment nxt wk... :)

  23. Hey, I'm similar stats to you and getting Brazilian 430cc teardrops nxt month. I've sent you a fr request hoping to see your results as I'm torn between the tear drops/rounds. :) Thanks

  24. Hey Inde12, how's your recovery going? They look great you must be stoked! You had tear drops with your 1st ba hey? How do you like the rounds?

  25. Literally laughed out loud! Frankenboobish haha :D Love it! Glad your doing well. My partner is really supportive but he would prefer them to look as natural as possible. So I'm freaking out caus I can't really guarantee that.. I'm sure he'll still love me if they don't though ;)

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