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    430cc Anatomical Mod+ Brazilian implants
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    Dr Fleming 31/08/2013
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    176cms/64kgs/Deflated 10c after breast feeding 3 babies
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  1. hello hun I am a little nervous, more because this week seems to be dragging and I just want it to be tomorrow arvo so we can fly to syd already!! I am pretty excited, I thought I would be crapping myself right about now but no, im just really looking forward to this next part in my life. What surgeon are you going with? I will be posting photos when I return to canberra Are you going tear drops? What projection are you going and have you been recommended a size? I am currently a 12C, size 8 in clothes (thats about to change for the top half!!). My surgeon choose 470cc XHP tear drops for me, as you can see from my pics I need a bit of a lift. I went in with no real expectations other than wanting to be a DD. I will be a DD-E with the implants im getting.It depends what size you want, if the 430cc are going to get you to the size you want I wouldnt worry about it.

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