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    430cc Anatomical Mod+ Brazilian implants
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    Dr Fleming 31/08/2013
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    176cms/64kgs/Deflated 10c after breast feeding 3 babies
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  1. Thanks heaps JustineJames. They do look fine considering you've had them for 3 pregnancies Did you breast feed? I wonder if under the muscle would be different? I must say though after tonight's efforts of putting my 3 little monkeys to bed I might stick to that and my new boobies LOL
  2. Hey Libby1, He was my surgeon and I've had a brilliant recovery and stoked with my results. I can't fault him and highly recommend him I'm a mum of 3 too I'll add you so you can see my pics. I'm 6 wks post op.
  3. Ok... I never thought I would ask this Q because I honestly thought I was/am finished my family. I'm a mummy of 3 and have always wanted four children. The thing is around the time we would have liked to fall pregnant with our 4th I was quite run down ect (hubby travels with work) and we decided maybe 3 was enough lol ...I'm also a weirdo and because our 3 are exactly 2 yrs apart I was worried about the last one having a big age gap. (My kids are almost 3,5 and 7) So I thought I had come to terms with our family being complete and my husband is quite content but I just can't shake the maternal feeling! I think I was hoping my ba would help the situation lol Without meaning to offend anyone, I personally never understood ba's prior to having children or having a ba and falling pregnant soon after. But now I'm might be in this situation lol and I'm feeling a bit ridiculous for making such a big investment. Has anybody had children soon after their ba and not needed a revision? I've heard the implants themselves won't be affected just your own breast tissue. Sigh...I'm such a dag!
  4. Omg Indi! I too have been offline for bit and the 1st thing I needed to do was check on your surgery. Speechless babe.... Totally agree with all the comments made. Crap I think I just want to cry with you!! What an emotional roller coaster alright! But I am thrilled your ok. How the hell do they get this so wrong? X hugs
  5. Congrats! Gosh I remember my countdown from 15 days and now I'm 6 wks post op! Just keep busy and you'll have new boobies in no time Good luck!!
  6. Yep I was worried about this too lol The pillows definitely do the trick Especially when your elevated the 1st few days. I've got 3 littles too that like to sneak in our bed for cuddles but the worst was the blimmin cat! She would jump up out of now where and without fail walk across the boobs :-O Lol. If I was to do it again I think a recliner chair would be awesome!
  7. Yeah it's pain hey! I ended up getting a spare protector to slide under when she wet the 1st lol But we'd still have nights where she would tangle herself in all the blankets and wet everything. Do what ever works best for you Hun. Don't stress. If all the changing/wetting is disrupting everyone's sleep just let her stay in dry nights. Our little girl was up and down all night driving everyone bonkas. If your daughter still sleeps well. I'd say she'll be ready in her own time x
  8. Hi Kristy, I went through this with my almost 7yr old at the same age. We had dreadful problems with her sleeping and I honestly believe it was due to her bladder. I too got to the point where all the changing was exhausting! But then I felt the pull ups were pro longing the problem too. I ended up getting an umbrella sheet (smaller version of a mattress protector) which basically goes over 'top' of the bottom sheet so when she wet I could just pull this off rather than change the whole bed. It's true that they will be dry in their own time. My daughter still wakes to pee at least once every night where as I haven't had any worries with my younger 2 kids. Actually the youngest hasn't wet her bed since she was 2 but she refuses to poop in the toilet at almost 3 lol Good luck. It will happen
  9. Hi, I'm almost 4 weeks post op and mine are slowly getting softer. Still can't squish them together yet lol The girls have pretty well summed up the Brazilian process I'm impatient to see the changes too but couldn't be happier. What I have now beats my old pancakes haha and anything more will be a bonus! Yay for being able to side sleep again!! That was the killer for me...
  10. Hi, I have 3 children 2,4 and 6 and would recommend at least 1 weeks help otherwise closer to 10 days. I'm 4 wks post op and back to normal now. I'm still taking it easy as I get sore if I over do it though. all the best!
  11. Hi, I'm 3 wks post op and mine have a 2-3 finger gap too I'm stoked with my results but I was hoping for a closer cleavage. I even had mods to help with this. It must really depend on what we were like pre op. I was quite bony with a prominent sternum and my natural breast liked to sit too the side. I think I would have needed a huge implant to achieve cleavage. 430's seemed big enough too me lol
  12. Hi , feel free to add me too. I'm almost 3 wks post op and think they suit my frame. It really comes down to your own body as to what will look best. Some women could have an anatomical on one side and a round on the other and you wouldn't know the difference. Once upon a time the anatomicals were mainly used for reconstruction. Rounds were just the surgeons choice due to reduced complications with rotation ect But these days with better techniques and ba's becoming so common it's recognised that rounds don't suit everybody. I personally wasn't left with any breast tissue after breast feeding and I'm quite tall and lean. So rounds would have given me a Victoria Beckem look. (Bolt ons lol) Also Brazilian implants reduced a lot of complications especially rotation of anatomicals hope this helps x
  13. Hi Yep your pretty spot on. It just cames down to more qualifications. I went with a cs and I'm stoked with my results. He did a wonderful job. I think if your procedure is straight forward then cs are fine but if you need more reconstruction as in lifts ect ps are the way to go. That's how I look at it lol.
  14. Hi, I'm 176cm and 64 kgs. I got 430cc anatomical unders with a moderate plus profile. I had to have unders as I didn't have much breast tissue left and I'm thin. One thing I will mention is us taller girls can pull off larger implants. I'm really happy with my results as I wanted a natural look but could have gone bigger. Feel free to add me if you like
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