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    ( . )( . ) BA - Dr. Nond via Global Health Travel - 29/08/13 ( . )( . )
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    Dr. Nond 29/08/13
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  1. Finally its my turn. Yayayayayayaay wahòooooooo Consult today with dr nond woot
  2. I have surgery in three days I would like to know this also
  3. I am flying to Thailand in my 10 days for my augmentation .. but in the last 24 hours I have come down with a cold (hoping it doesnt turn into the flu) Ive managed to steer clear from the cold and flu ALL winter and now I get sick?.. What should I do ?
  4. Ive got a vertical hood peircing. Love it. Scared of the pain ?.. numb it up... I did and I dont regret it in the slightest
  5. Thanks love & your welcome! I can't wait for them to drop and fluff!

  6. I am overwhelmed with responses at the moment. ? FR sent, be back soon after I have stalked you all hahaha
  7. Hey Blondiex, Wow. You must be stoked with your initial result. They look amazing. Thanks for allowing me to browse thru your photos. Cant wait to watch them drop and fluff..

  8. Hi Ladies, I am in search of women who have high profile or extra high profile dual plane or unders in the 300 - 500cc range. I cant find many pictures of this and I want to see what XHP looks like
  9. Im going thru a facilitator.. Global Health Travel.. theyve been awesome so far I paid for the surgery today so I am sooooo excited now
  10. I am having surgery with Dr Nond in 29 days .. his correspondance has been good, has answered all my questions and very thorough
  11. I dont understand. I have been quoted the breast augmentation package 1.1 inclusive of textured implants for 151000. When I emailed bumrungrad to send me an invoice for this amount so I could wire transfer the funds I was told the amount would be 181000bht (151000 for 1.1 package anf 30000 extra for an ? Areola reduction ? ) which was NOT discussed ?......... Wtf
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